How to Move Gmail to Yahoo Mail Including Emails, Attachments

Mark Regan | September 1st, 2021 | cloud

gmail to yahoo mail

In this blog, we will show you how to move Gmail to Yahoo Mail. We are going to cover this query because one of our clients has requested for a solution to import Gmail emails to Yahoo account.

“Dear support team, I am using Gmail for 3 Years and now I am not happy with it. Since from 4 months, I had started to work on Yahoo. Now, I like Yahoo Mail more than Gmail. So, I want to convert everything from Gmail to Yahoo account. Please suggest me a reliable solution to move Gmail to Yahoo without losing a single piece of information.”

It is just a single query, but when you search on Google, you will find that so many users are looking for a solution to move emails from Gmail, G Suite to Yahoo mail. Might be you are a user of the G Suite freeware service and not satisfied with the limitations of G Suite. Well, you are not the only one. Unlike you, many users are looking for a solution to import Gmail to Yahoo account.

How to Move Gmail to Yahoo Mail?

If you are looking for the best solution to transfer emails from Gmail folders to Yahoo Mail then, we would like to recommend Email Backup Wizard

It is the top-notch solution for all Gmail users who want to import their useful data in Yahoo mail. It’s also advantageous for those individuals who want to move old emails from Gmail to Yahoo mail. Within few mouse clicks, one can import thousands of emails from Google mail to Yahoo service.

Since it’s a technology-driven application, so it will retain all the email information during the transfer of Gmail data to Yahoo.

Steps to Import Gmail Emails to Yahoo

Please follow the simple steps mentioned below to add move all emails from Gmail to Yahoo.

Step 1: Free download Gmail to Yahoo Migration tool.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Note: This trial edition is only capable to import 25 data items. So, use this demo edition to check the software working and functionality first.

Step 2: Install and run the software and select Gmail as email source client.


Note: If you are using G Suite and want to migrate G Suite emails to Yahoo account. Then, please choose G Suite from the left panel of the screen.


Step 3: Enter the login credentials of your Gmail account and click on the Login button.


Note: If you are facing any authentication error, then please check “Less Secure App” is enable or not. If it is not, please enabled it and retry.

Step 4: Select those folders you want to migrate and choose Yahoo from the list of saving options.


Step 5: Enter Yahoo Mail email credentials and click on the Backup button. The tool quickly starts creating a backup from Gmail to Yahoo account.


Why Choose Gmail to Yahoo Migration Tool?

There are so many benefits of using this incredible software. One can easily move all emails from Gmail to Yahoo account without facing any issue. The tool supports moving all emails from Gmail to Yahoo. It is a safe solution to import Gmail emails to Yahoo without affecting any data.

Choose Required Language: Gmail to Yahoo Converter support many languages. One can choose or change the software language as per the requirements.

Forward Multiple Gmail Emails to Yahoo: The tool successfully supports to import multiple Gmail emails to Yahoo accounts at once. Using the bulk migration feature, users can easily save time and effort.

Move Gmail to Yahoo with Attachments: This application is helpful to move emails from Gmail to Yahoo along with attachments. You will get the accurate migration of Gmail emails and their attachments.

Maintains All Email Properties: During Gmail to Yahoo migration, the tool maintains all the email properties. The tool does not affect formatting of the email messages.

All Windows Supportive Software: Gmail to Yahoo Converter supports all the editions of the Windows Operating system. So, operate this software on your current Windows platform.

Watch this online tutorial to easily understand the software’s working and functionality. In this video, you will get detailed information about the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How to move old emails from Gmail to Yahoo with your software?

Ans 1: The tool supports to import old Gmail emails to Yahoo account without facing any hassle. You just have to follow the same steps mentioned above.

Ques 2: I have a large number of Gmail emails and I want to convert only specific emails into Yahoo account. Is this software supports the same?

Ans 2: Yes, with Gmail to Yahoo Migration tool, you can easily move selective Gmail emails to Yahoo account along with every stuff.


In order to move emails from Gmail to Yahoo account, so many tools are present. But we would like to personally recommend this software to import Gmail to Yahoo Mail account. It is a good option that comes up with the free demo version. So, check the working and functionality first using the trial edition.