How to Migrate & Export Winmail.dat to Office 365 Account in Bulk ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Do you Want to convert Winmail.dat to Office 365 ? Finding it difficult ?

Here is the best possible solution that will allow you to understand how to prevent Winmail.dat in Office 365. Let’s clear more with the help of real user’s queries:

Queries to Fix Winmail.dat to Office 365

I need to migrate Winmail.dat TNEF files into Office 365 account so I can access them from anyplace. But I could not do the same thing for lack of technical skills. Can anyone suggest me a reliable and trustworthy solution to convert Winmail.dat to Office 365 suite? Any help or track will be highly appreciated!

To familiarize myself with all the interesting features of Office 365, I decided to export to Office 365 from Winmail.dat. Because, in this era, advanced technology is increasing day by day and Winmail.dat is becoming obsolete compared to other web applications such as O365. However, I am looking for a technique to perform Winmail.dat TNEF to Office 365 mailbox without any kind of trouble.

Free Download Winmail.dat to Office 365 Converter Tool

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Before investing on Winmail.dat Converter application, users can try this free DEMO version to understand how the software works and the features to convert from Winmail.dat to Office 365.

How to Convert Winmail.dat to Office 365 Account ?

Follow the direct way to migrate data from Winmail.dat to Outlook 365. This is a quick and easy process. All your information is completely safe and there is no risk of data loss.

winmail.dat to office 365 migration tool

  • Browse Winmail.dat Files / Folders into the software panel and click on Next tab.

browse folders

  • Mark Winmail.dat mailboxes which you want to transfer in Office 365 account.

mark winmail.dat mailboxes

winmail.dat to office 365

  • Add login credentials for the O365 account. You can also change language of imported data, i.e., Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, or more.

winmail.dat to office 365 fix

  • Winmail.dat to Office 365 converter software also provides “I am Admin option” that is useful for migrating TNEF files into the specific O365 account. The TNEF to O365 migration procedure runs by displaying the live conversion progress report.

winmail.dat to exchange

  • Winmail.dat files were successfully imported into an Office 365 account.

winmail.dat to exchange settings

  • Log in to your O365 account for the last time and check the resulting Office 365 items.

 imported Winmail.dat files into Office 365

Why Choose Office 365 ?

winmail.dat to Office 365

Office 365 provides more flexible and useful environment for business-related activities. After reviewing Office 365 and its useful features such as security, large number of users decided to switch from Winmail.dat to Office 365 suite. Hence, here mention some of the more highlighted benefits of Office 365.

  • It provides an access option anytime from everywhere.
  • Offers good integration with Microsoft Office and other applications.
  • Provides strong security.

Prime Features of Winmail.dat to Office 365 Software

BitRecover Winmail.dat to Office 365 Migrator is one of the most prominent choice. This utility makes it easy and effortless to transfer Winmail.dat mailboxes to Office 365 account without losing any single bit of information. It is a professional third-party solution that can also use by non-technical person easily. It is a user-friendly tool with advanced features to migrate Winmail.dat TNEF files to Office 365, as well as attachments.

  • It is a fully automatic toolkit that is fully capable to fix Winmail.dat in Office 365 directly.
  • The tool comes with easiest GUI with advanced features because it only asks for the O365 credentials to complete the task.
  • Winmail.dat in Office 365 Wizard is fully licensed to convert unlimited TNEF files into O365 files, without any size limitation.
  • This application allows you to change language of the resulting data into Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, or more.
  • This TNEF to Outlook 365 product offers the option “I am an administrator” so that the O365 admin can choose specific user account to migrate or convert Winmail.dat to Office 365.
  • This product displays the progress report of the conversion in real time and also creates a log report automatically.
  • The Winmail.dat to Office 365 migration tool is supported all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system editions.


In closing my presentation of the day, I would like to say that choosing an appropriate way to perform the winmail.dat to Office 365 conversion with attachments. Therefore, in the above section, we provide the perfect and fast way to migrate or convert Winmail.dat to Office 0365 mailbox securely. Users can also try the free trial version of this tool to check its effectiveness.