How to Migrate Rad Web Hosting Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: August 2nd, 2023 • 5 Min Read

This blog will focus on the process to migrate Rad Web Hosting email to Office 365 account. We request users to read this post properly because they are going to explore a smooth, accessible, and quick solution that would help them to migrate emails from Rad Web Hosting to Office 365. We bet you that once you finish reading, you will be able to do this task without needing anyone’s help.

Brief Steps to Migrate Rad Web Hosting to Office 365

  1. Start BitRecover Tool on Windows & Mac PC.
  2. Add Rad Web Hosting emails using IMAP details.
  3. Enable specific folders for migration.
  4. Select Office 365 and enter its credentials.
  5. Hit Backup to migrate Rad Web Hosting to O365.

A Quick Discussion on Rad Web Hosting

Before we start exploring the solution of Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 migration, it is important to know how Rad Web Hosting works and why its users are willing to migrate from here to Office 365. Formerly, Rad Web Hosting, a US-based company, offers diverse hosting solutions and includes email accounts in its SSD Shared Hosting packages.

Depending on the chosen plan, customers can avail themselves of up to 250 email accounts and up to 60 GB of SSD storage. The company provides cPanel, an easy-to-use tool enabling users to add, manage, and remove email messages from accounts effortlessly. Additionally, a free SSL certificate and various other features are also offered.

Despite providing fast and affordable email hosting services, some users tend to migrate to other email hosting providers due to concerns related to reliability and scalability.

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Why Migrate Emails from Rad Web Hosting to Office 365?

We already introduced Rad Web Hosting and what services it is providing to users. Overall, the company is the heaven of services so what are the reasons to migrate from here? Look at the numerous advantages that come with migrating from Rad Web Hosting to Microsoft 365, including:

  • Productivity Suite: Office 365 includes a comprehensive suite of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and collaborative tools such as Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
  • Data Control and Protection: Office 365 empowers users with complete control over data management and protection against both internal and external threats. It also facilitates compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS, among others, ensuring data security.
  • Increased Storage: Unlike Rad Web Hosting’s 60 GB storage limit, some Microsoft 365 plans provide unlimited storage options, catering to users with higher data storage requirements.
  • Integrated Management Dashboard: Microsoft 365 offers an integrated dashboard allowing users to efficiently manage multiple user accounts within a unified interface. This streamlines administrative tasks and enhances user management convenience.

Although, there is no direct manual method to migrate Rad Web Hosting to Office 365. However, you would need to utilize a professional way. Below we have provided a most effective solution that will easily migrate Rad Web Hosting email to Office 365 with no time and effort.

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Best Tool to Migrate Rad Web Hosting to Office 365

If you want a stress and headache-free migration, you should definitely take the help of the Best IMAP Mail Backup Software. This Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 Migrator will help you to migrate data within minutes on a single platform. The best thing is that you get to migrate only the selective email folders. It does not only save your storage but also makes it easy to reach the required email when needed.

Presenting the Noteworthy Functions of Tool

  • Effortlessly migrate Rad Web Hosting email to Microsoft 365 account in bulk for Peace of mind.
  • Choose from over 30 saving options to preserve your emails in multiple file formats.
  • Batch mode option available for swift migration of emails from multiple Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 accounts.
  • Avail of a free demo version to transfer the initial 25 emails without any cost.
  • In addition to emails, seamlessly migrate attachments and attributes from your inbox.

Steps to Utilize Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 Migrator

To initiate the migration from Rad Web Hosting to Office 365, ensure you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Upon launching the Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 Migrator, enter your Rad Web Hosting email address, password, and IMAP Server details.
    start rad web hosting to office 365 migrator
  2. Once logged in, the software will automatically start adding the email folders from your Rad Web Hosting account.
    adding folders
  3. You can select the folders you wish to transfer from inbox, trash, drafts, sent, spam, and all. You can select the folders you wish to transfer.
    select required folders
  4. Proceed to the backup option in the upper tab and choose Office 365 from the list of saving options.
    select office 365 as saving option
  5. Apply specific filters using the Filter option in the upper tab to streamline your migration process.
    advance filters
  6. After completing the above steps, enter your Microsoft 365 email address, and click on the Backup button.
    migrate rad web hosting email to office 365
  7. A prompt will appear, asking for your Office 365 password. Enter the password and click Sign In to begin the migration process.
    microsoft 365 credentials
  8. The software will now initiate the migration of all your Rad Web Hosting emails to Office 365.
    migrate rad web hosting to office 365
  9. Once the migration is complete, click on the Ok button.
    migrate email from rad web hosting to office 365
  10. To verify the migrated data, access your Office 365 account.
    login to office 365


The above article provides a simplified guide to migrate Rad Web Hosting email to Office 365. The solution we mentioned in the post will help you to seamlessly Rad Web Hosting to Office 365 migration process by maintaining the actual folder structure.

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