How to Import Email to Gmail & G Suite Automatically?

Mark Regan | December 16th, 2020 | Convert Your Data

Summary:  Follow this quick and simple guide to migrate to Gmail & G Suite accounts directly. After reading this blog, you can import email to Gmail with attachments in a few steps. So let’s start.

I have my years of emails in the account. Now, I am planning to migrate emails from to Google Mail. I do not want to lose any of information when forwarding emails from to Gmail. Is there a direct solution for mail to Gmail transfer process? Please help!

– Mark Cruise

Quick solution to migrate to Gmail

Users can follow these simple steps to forward Gmail or G Suite cloud-based account.

  1. Launch to Gmail Converter and enter credentials.
  2. Press Login button to upload online Outlook email folders in software interface.
  3. Choose folders and choose Gmail or G Suite from saving options.
  4. Fill Google Mail login details in specific fields and click on Backup button.
  5. to Gmail migration process is running, please wait for a while.
  6. At last, login to your Gmail account and preview imported email messages.

Download the Email Backup Wizard program. It’s the easiest way to migrate to G Suite account. It is effective in migrating bulk emails from to Google Mail with full information. The migration speed is high and 100% safe.

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Now, learn the step-by-step process to directly import email to Gmail with all the elements. This process is only applicable on Windows Operating System.

Move emails from to G Suite & Gmail – Step-by-Step

We recommend that you use to Gmail Converter to successfully complete the process. There are a few simple steps for importing folders to Gmail, follow one by one.

  • Download and start the program on a Windows machine.

  • Enter account credentials to sign in – email address and password. Then click on the login button.

  • Now, the program analyzes and to continue the migration process.

  • Now, select Gmail in the list of save options offered by the program. Then, add your login credentials of your Gmail account.

  • Click on “Advance Settings for selective backup” if required and lastly, click the Backup tab to process migrate emails from to Gmail.

Now, you will see the direct conversion to transfer Outlook emails to your Gmail account. Now, be patient while the migration is running. Once the backup process is complete, a full conversion message appears on the screen.

You’re done. This is how you can migrate to Gmail account.

Interactive Features of to Gmail Migration Software

The utility offers very advanced functions to facilitate the process of migrating bulk emails from to Gmail account. Let’s take a look at all the advantages of using the tool.

  1. It is one of the best ways to import emails into Gmail account without losing any part of the information.
  2. The program offers a direct and safe process to get to Gmail migration done with attachments.
  3. The program is easy to use and comes with simplified interface that does not require any technical skills to use.
  4. Users can download this toolkit to migrate to Gmail personal with all information.
  5. Data integrity is preserved after migration from Office 365 to Gmail mailbox.
  6. The tool maintains a full folder hierarchy while transferring email to Gmail action.
  7. It supports all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, etc.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Que 1 – Can I migrate selective folders from an account to Gmail mailbox using the tool?

Answer – Yes, the utility allows user to easily migrate to Gmail account with all information and properties.

Que 2 – Does the Pro version of the program have any restrictions on to Gmail migration?

Answer – No, the licensed version of the program has no restrictions when importing mailboxes in Gmail account.

Que 3 – Can I use the program on a Windows Server 2019 computer?

Answer – Yes, the program supports all versions of Windows including Windows Server 2019.

Get a Free Trial of to Gmail Converter

Users can download a trial version of the program that offers users to transfer 25 emails from each folder to a Gmail account. The migration process is the same as mentioned in the above steps. Moreover, it is a good way to understand how the tool works for free. After you are satisfied, purchase the licensed version of the application that has no limitations to migrate to Gmail with email attachments.

Bringing it All Together

So, you now know the process of migrating to Gmail with attachments. It’s easy and safe to transfer mail account folders to a personal Gmail account with a professional tool. The blog above explains the full steps to migrate from to Gmail. You can also try the solution for free. If you have doubt when transferring mailbox to Google Mail, do contact us our active support team, available 24*7.