Migrate MailEnable MAI Files to Office 365 Account – A Perfect Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 30th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Need to export your data from MailEnable to Office 365? Mr. Erik got a solution to execute bug-free data migration. He shared his complete experience.

Mr. Erik, Data Manager at some good organization, states that now data migration is an easy process with BitRecover Software. As when he planned to move all his emails from one server to a cloud application, he was not at all having any idea that it will be an easy procedure with MailEnable Migrator Wizard by BitRecover.

The Migration license of this software is suitable for Enterprise Use and supports migrating mailboxes from MailEnable to Office 365.

Now, having this solution with him, he had exported unlimited emails. Mr. Erik was ready to deliberate all his part to perform MailEnable MAI to Office 365 migration. He had discussed his whole story with us to have a taste of what’s to come.

What Enforced him to Export Emails from MailEnable to Office 365 Account ?

Mr. Erik: I purchased a new Office 365 plan. I planned to manage all my data on cloud. But I was having some important emails on my MailEnable account. I wanted to move all those emails to O365 mailbox.

Therefore, I planned to move it manually but then, I had data loss fear. One more thing was, I was having bulk of MailEnable emails that I wanted to be migrated.

Then, I planned to search for some direct solution to move multiple emails from my MailEnable account to Office 365 mailbox. After searching for more solutions, I got BitRecover MailEnable Migrator Wizard.

How to Migrate MailEnable to Office 365 ?

  • Download, and run MailEnable Migrator on your machine.

Download for Windows

  • Tool gives dual options to upload MAI files on an application as:
  1. Select Files: To upload .mai files one by one
  2. Select Folder: To upload .mai files at once by storing in one folder.

upload MAI files for mailenable to office 365 migration

  • If you choose an option Select Folder then, check on I am converting multiple folder option.

Select Folder for multiple mailenable user

  • Now, you can check path of your .mai files. After that, click on the Next button.

path of your .mai files

  • Application will list all folders of MailEnable mailbox, check required folder accordingly >> Click on Next.

list all folders

  • The software gives 20+ file saving options to save MailEnable data in it. Choose Office 365 option from list.

Select Office 365

  • You can change the language of Office 365 accordingly, as the tool gives an advance feature.

Change the language

  • You can migrate only particular date range emails as well by using Filter mode. Even one can also exclude the desired folder accordingly.

particular date range

  • Enter the credentials of your Office 365 mailbox to perform the data migration process.

mailenable to office 365 migration process

  • Once the process is completed, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

How MailEnable to Microsoft 365 a Perfect Solution ?

Better email management takes you to a better alliance in your own organization.

After having a solution, I read about the tool and even utilized its demo edition of the software. After using the free-of-cost edition of the tool, I found it as the exact solution for what I was looking for. It’s a worthy application according to me.

After making usage of this free demo, I comprehend its features as well as working. Then, I spent on the application to start the data migration procedure in a systematic way as stated.

Do you consider that MailEnable to Office 365 Tool retains data integrity ?

Why not? I had used the utility and even exported all emails to my OWA account. That’s why before investing on the tool I utilized its free-of-cost demo of the software.

MailEnable to Office 365 email migrator tool is an extraordinary solution to implement data migration.  I found the tool as a fully-featured email conversion utility for migrating emails from MailEnable to Office 365 without data loss. The application to export emails from MailEnable to Office 365 account is trustworthy, handy, and simple to execute. It is an advanced application to migrate the data by preserving data structure, or formatting of emails. The tool comprises a plethora of amazing features that are significant while performing the process. The tool comes up with a self-explanatory interface to execute the migration process. MailEnable to Office 365 emails Converter tool can be successfully executed on all Windows-based platform that covers up the latest Windows 10.

What is Specialty of Utility ?

Set of facilities marks software as an exceptional tool to perform data migration procedures.

  • The users can practice data migration from MailEnable to Office 365 in a high-tech process as the utility is instilled with the high-end technologies.
  • The handling of all emails is passed out in a speedy manner as the utility is technically sound.
  • The operational interface of the application lets all types of users execute the tool with sheer ease.
  • This tool provides users to migrate an unlimited number of MAI files in one go. This tool exports even selected folders from MailEnable to Office 365 account without any hang-ups experienced in the procedure.
  • With this application, users can preserve the integrity of the Metadata like; To, CC, Date, BCC and etc.

Watch Live Video Tutorial

By ending this, I must say selecting a suitable solution and investing over correct solution is more significant than anything else. Even, after researching a lot I chose this MailEnable Migrator software to move emails from MailEnable to Office 365 account. Dares always come in your way but we have to search a precise solution to overcome it.