Migrate MailEnable to Zimbra – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Have you ever thought to migrate MailEnable to Zimbra desktop? Ever wondered why? What implications might be on MAI file? If so then, read on…

These questions and variations of it, I had asked myself with the rise of technology and email management over the past few years. And I am beginning to believe that it is.

The whole line of thinking started a year back at my office. While I was thinking over it, my friend was sitting with me. I discussed the whole matter with him that what I was planning to do.

He told me that before coming to this New York office, he was having all his emails in MAI format as he used MailEnable to manage his data. He said that I planned to move all his data from MailEnable to Zimbra. I said to him that it is somehow the same situation that I was going through. Then, he suggested me to MailEnable Migrator Wizard by BitRecover. He added that performing the manual data migration is more difficult than it might be.

I asked him is it safe to use this solution to migrate MAIl files to Zimbra? He said that he had used the solution and migrated his bulk of MailEnable files to Zimbra TGZ.

He said that I can use free demo version of tool before investing over it in a way to understand its whole working process in details. Then, I tried the free of cost demo edition that made me believe over the application.

The Process to Migrate MailEnable to Zimbra Desktop

The question that naturally comes in mind after hearing about migration is How? After using the demo version of tool, it is now clear that migration by using MailEnable to Zimbra Migrator is an easy task.

To execute a bug-free MailEnable to Zimbra migration follow the given steps of instructions:

  • Download and install BitRecover MailEnable to Zimbra Migrator Wizard software on your machine.


  • From the dual mode of data migration options provided by the software, choose accordingly:
  1. Select File: To upload MAI files on software panel one by one
  2. Select Folder: To upload multiple MAI files at once by saving it in one folder

start mailenable to zimbra tool

  • Select an option of Select Folder, just check I am converting multiple folder option.

Select Folder

  • Check the path of MAI files and click on the Next button to move on.

path of MAI files

  • All the folders of MailEnable account will be listed on tool’s panel, check the required one accordingly >> click on Next button.

select mailenable folder

  • From the list of file saving options choose Zimbra to migrate MailEnable to Zimbra desktop.

choose Zimbra

  • Browse the desired location to save the resultant files on your machine >> click on Next button.

mailenable to zimbra migration

  • Tool will start to process to migrate MailEnabel to Zimbra TGZ.

migrate mailenable to zimbra

  • Once the procedure is completed, you will get the completion message on the screen.

Now, you have TGZ files that can be easily imported on Zimbra account. Follow the given steps to import TGZ files in Zimbra account.

  • Open your Zimbra desktop application on your machine or Login to your Zimbra Web Client.
  • Go to the Preferences option.

import mailenable mai to zimbra

  • From the left-side panel, you can have an option of Import/Export.

Import Export

  • Now, Browse .tgz files from the saved location on your machine.

Browse .tgz files

  • Click on Add Folder option to choose the destination folder where you want to save your Zimbra data files. You can also make a New folder to save Zimbra data files.

Add Folder

New folder

  • Now, choose a suitable option to remove Duplicate as stated:
  1. Ignore– Retain both new as well as existing files.
  2. Modify– Apprise old calendar along with contacts.
  3. Replace– Support to re-add all old data items and also save new
  4. Reset– Import new data items along with eliminate old once.

remove Duplicate

  • Click on the Advance Settings >> choose data you want to import on Zimbra mailbox and uncheck that is not required.

Advance Settings

  • Now, click on the Import option.

Import option

  • The process will start and will show you Import Successfully Completed message after completion.

In this way, I effectively imported all data items from MailEnable to Zimbra without any kind of data loss. Before coming to an end, let us have a look over benefits of software also.

What are the benefits of MailEnable to Zimbra Migrator

If you are seeing forward to import MAI to Zimbra then, you will be glad to know about technically sound features aided under by the software.

  • Gives a variety of saving options so, we can say this tool as all-in-one utility.
  • Eased migration served as tool demands no any technical skills for being functioned and even non-technical can run the software.
  • Runs effortlessly on all editions of Windows OS without any limits or any kind of hang-ups experienced.
  • While you migrate data, the utility will certify that data residues safe and intact throughout treating with even Meta data kept sustained as it is.
  • No external utility is needed to implement data migration process.
  • Converts unlimited MAI files without any problem.

By concluding, I must say migration is important by utilizing a suitable solution is important. With an accurate solution like this, I have utilized, you will get the exact technique to predictive success.

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