How to Backup MailEnable Mailboxes MAI Files ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

MailEnable is developed for the Windows platform as a focused email server hosting application. It is mainly known for flexibility, stability, and other primarily focused features. But how to backup MailEnable mailbox data?

User Voice about backup MailEnable Mailbox

Mr. Jonas finds out the way to copy MailEnable data to cloud-based applications or desktop-based applications directly.

Having the backup of data is quite important to be secure in this cyber world. The main aim of backup is to create a copy of data in a way to avoids any disastrous situation.

“Backup of data is one of the most essential things in a way to grow your business. But how to create data is always a challenging task,” said Mr. Jonas, Director of Technology of a well-reputed organization.

Along with him, Mr. Smith, Senior Technology Manager from the same firm, puts it: “The first step of managing data is to take its complete backup. After understanding, needs and way will be your data management actions.”

They both have researched and tried to resolve the user’s issues to perform MailEnable backup.

Mr. Jonas said that I found many of my own clients who were searching for a way to implement MailEnable backup. Then, I tried to understand the main peek points of MailEnable and user’s issues as well. Then, I discussed the same with Mr. Smith, he said that he had used MailEnable once in a while to manage data. He also shared that MailEnable uses its Proprietary format, i.e. MAI to save all its email messages. Even it retains single message storage in a single file.

After knowing this, I somehow got an idea about MailEnable. By putting this task on priority, I and Smith started working over the same to perform a copy of MailEnable. For this, we searched the user’s issues that they were having by reading various forums. We found some common user’s queries as shared below:

  • How to backup MailEnable on Office 365 mailbox?
  • Can I save copied files of MailEnable on a desktop-based application?
  • How to export MailEnable MAI files to the cloud-based application?
  • Is it possible to move MailEnable emails to cPanel Webmail?

Knowing the issues faced by the users gave us an idea that what actually users were searching for.

Ready to Backup  MailEnable Emails ?

We started searching for some direct solution as we know that performing the backup manually is not an easy task.

Then, Smith said that when he used MailEnable once he had also taken the backup by using MailEnable Converter Wizard.  He told me that the application is worthy and gives a range of features to execute the process.

Then, we decided to directly talk on Support to understand in detail the solution as I was having several clients.

The person on support guided me in the best way. He also recommended using the Free Demo of the MailEnable backup utility first to understand the working of the tool properly before investing in it. I found the application as one-time investment software.

How to Backup MailEnable Mailboxes MAI Files ?

I invested in the MailEnable backup utility and easily performed the data migration process and easily back up all the data. The software is a useful application to migrate all the MailEnable data directly to the desired format.

Let us check out the given steps to execute the data migration procedure:

  • Download and install MailEnable Backup Software on your machine.

Download for Windows

  • The tool gives dual options to upload MailEnable .mai files on software mentioned below:

Select Files: To upload MAI files one by one

Select Folder: To upload MailEnable files at once by storing them in one folder.
mailenable backup tool

  • If you choose an option of Select Folder then, check I am converting Multiple Users option.convert multiple mailenable user mailboxes
  • You can now see the path of the MailEnable mailboxes > click Next to proceed mailenable folder
  • Tool will list all the folders of MailEnable mailbox, check the desired folder accordingly. Click on Next button.mailenable backup
  • The software gives 20+ file saving options to save the MailEnable backup data in it.mailenable backup options
  • The software also gives a wide range of file naming options also to save the resultant file name.mailenable file naming options
  • Select the destination path and click on the Next button to proceed.mailenable to pst saving
  • Now the tool will show the live migration report.
    mailenable backup process
  • After completion of data migration, you will get a completion message immediately.backup completion process

What are the Benefits of MailEnable Backup Utility ?

If you are looking forward to backup of your MailEnable data then, you will be glad to understand about technically sound lineaments served under by the tool.

  • Provides a variety of file saving options so, we can say it is an all-in-one utility.
  • Alleviated conversion served as software demands no technical skills for being operated and even a non-technical can run the tool.
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Windows Operating systems without any limits or hang-ups experienced.
  • While you backup the tool will ensure that data remains safe as well as intact throughout processing with even Metadata kept continued as it is.
  • No external application is required to execute the data backup procedure.
  • Migrates unlimited data files without any issue or problem.

Over to you

By coming to end, I must say backup is important but creating a backup by using an appropriate solution is also important. With a precise solution like this I have used, you will get the exact way to predictive success.