3 Steps Solution to Migrate MailEnable MAI Files to Gmail Account

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 30th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

How one can import MailEnable MAI files to Google Mail account? The question is quite complicated but essential too to migrate MailEnable to Gmail. Isn’t it? I also found it a bit tricky task, when I got jammed where I decided to perform MailEnable to Gmail migration.

When we talk about email migration from server to cloud, Gmail is the very first name that comes in our mind. It is because of its provided useful features by Google

I have a small organization in which we use MaileEnable Server to manage our data. With the passing of time, I decided to move all the server data to the cloud. But I was not aware with the way to perform data migration from server to cloud.

I was madly finding direct solution for it. But I did not find anything. After that, I got manual way but there was a fear of data loss. Then, a day I was just going through various blogs and luckily I got MailEnable File Converter from BitRecover.

How to Migrate MailEnable to Gmail – Watch Live Video

It gave me a hope that I can manage my data easily. After going through it, I contacted the support team of BitRecover to help me out. They recommended me the 3 step solution to export MailEnable to Google Gmail account directly as stated below:

  • Download MailEnable to Gmail Software and upload MAI files/folders
  • Choose Gmail and enter its credentials
  • Click on the convert button to begin the procedure

Let us check out 3-step solution in complete details to implement MailEnable MAI emails to Gmail migration.

  1. Download and upload MAI files/folders

These days, it is important to manage all emails in a proper way to avoid any misshaping. Therefore, I decided to move all my MailEnable data to Gmail account. As, Google Gmail is easy operable and be opened on any device. Therefore, to manage all the emails on Google mail, follow the given steps to perform data migration.


  • Download, and run MailEnable to Gmail Software on your Windows system.
  • The tool gives dual options to upload MailEnable MAI files as:
  • Select Files: To upload MAI files one-by-one on tool’s panel.
  • Select Folder: To upload multiple MailEnable files at once by saving it in one folder.
  • After loading the files, click on the Next button.
  • The application will preview all the MAI files, choose the desired folder to migrate to Gmail accordingly.

MailEnable to Gmail Software

The tool is simply a direct solution to export all emails from one server to cloud. The application supports to simply download on all Windows editions to implement data migration procedure. Software only requires credentials to execute the process. Along with this, the tool gives plenty of features that makes the data migration simple, easy, and bug-free to execute. After uploading all MAI files, you can choose the desired file to be migrated.

  1. Select Desired Saving Option and Advance Option

Choosing the desired option is much required in a way to store all data accordingly. Follow the steps to save MailEnable MAI files in Gmail account as stated:

  • Choose Gmail from the list of file saving options
  • Check an option of “Use Advance Mode” in a way to perform selected data migration.
  • From the given options of advance mode, select the date range to execute particular email migration. After that enter the other required details.

Advance Options

The tool gives an advance option to make the data migration easy. Using the advance mode options helps a lot by migrating only the selective data migration instead of whole data conversion. Not only this, tool also gives an option to directly export the whole folder from MailEnable to Google Mailbox directly. In the Use Advance Mode option, one can simply choose a specific date range. Also, one can enter mail range from “To”  “From”, and “subject” accordingly.

  1. Enter Credentials and Start Conversion

After this, an important step comes up. Follow the given instructions to execute the data migration:

  • Enter the credentials of your Gmail account.
  • After that click on the Convert button to start the procedure.
  • The tool will show you the live progress report of data migration
  • After completion of the process, you will get a message of completion on screen.

Import MAI Files to Google Mail

The utility is designed with all advanced functionalities, which directly migrate MailEnable to Gmail mailbox directly. The program comes up with an interface, which is user-friendly to implement the process of conversion. The application is operable on all Windows OS easily. By simply clicking on the backup button, the procedure starts without any hang-up problem. You will get a pop-up message after completion of the procedure. You can open your Gmail mailbox to check your resultant data files on it.

Executing the aforesaid steps helps to simply export all MailEnable MAI files to Google mailbox. Even, you can test this software by using its free demo version to understand the working process of the tool. After utilizing the whole software, I found it worthy and one time investment utility.

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