Migrate IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 Account Directly – Know How?

Mark Regan | October 29th, 2018 | Move Data

Few days back, I got a project of migration, an organization wanted to perform data migration from IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 account. That organization had taken two Office 365 plans – Office 365 Business Premium, and Office 365 Enterprise. As the growing needs of business, make them force to perform IceWarp to Cloud Office 365 migration.

The task was somehow challenging for me to import IceWarp Cloud mailbox to OWA account. In the following write-up, I have summarised the solution and hitches that I faced in cloud to cloud migration.

Multiple Mail User Profiles

When I met the actual need and began my work over the same. I found that there are several users who want the usage on Microsoft Office 365. I found it a bit challenging task for me. As the organization is a recruiting firm, which recruits various employees on variant fields. Mainly the tasks that I encountered was:

Task 1:

A firm is having various employees who are having bulk of emails in their mailbox that is required to be exported from IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 mailbox. Even, there is about 10 GB of data of their ex-employees, which they also wanted to be migrated. This was my very first challenge in this migration project.

Task 2:

The organization has two different plans of Office 365. Therefore, they want the selected data to be migrated from IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 Enterprise account. I need to sort the data from a big list as well. It was another challenge in the list of my tasks.

Task 3:

The last challenge was, they wanted to export emails from the particular date from some IceWarp Cloud mailbox, which is one of the biggest task. As there is around 20 GB of data and several of emails in one user account.

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Plan for Data Migration from IceWarp Cloud to Office 365

I feel that making a plan structure is quiet important before execution of anything. Even this time, I also make a plan in a way to be cleared how me and my team will proceed to perform data migration. After understanding all the main points, I made a plan as mentioned:

  • List out the selected mail accounts to export from IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 Enterprise mailbox.
  • Find the IceWarp cloud account from which particular emails have to be imported in Office 365 from IceWarp Cloud mailbox.
  • Sort the selected mails according to the date range
  • Make a list of bulk IceWarp Cloud Accounts to be exported first in Office 365 mailbox.

With this plan, I thought to execute my data migration process. I found it quiet difficult as it has many twists and turns. After a lot of discussion with my team, one of my colleague suggested me BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. He told that it is a direct solution to migrate multiple or selected IceWarp Cloud mails to Office 365 mailbox. Along with this, tool also gives an advance feature of filtering that allows to export mails from particular date-range.

I found it good and makes me feel like wow. As, it was a ray of hope to reduce my work load and several challenges as well. I feel like migrating the data manually would be the most challenging task and be like walking in the park. Then, I contacted to support@bitrecover.com and shared my peek points with them. He guided me in a good way and even before investing over the software they told me that I can give a try to the free version of the tool. It helps me to understand the functionality of tool properly.

Migration Process

We invested and purchased the license key of BitRecover IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 Software, in a way to perform trouble-free data migration. As data integrity is the most important factor for me to perform cloud to cloud migration. But I found these specialities in this tool, that it retains the data in original form after migration.

  • Download and install Email Backup Wizard on your machine.


  • Choose IceWarp Cloud from the list of email sources to migrate IceWarp Cloud to OWA account.

Choose IceWarp Cloud

  • Enter the credentials of your IceWarp Cloud account and click on the Login button.

Enter the credentials

  • Once you login to the IceWarp Cloud account, tool will start analysing all the IceWarp folders.


  • Application will preview all the folders along with message count on the left-side of tool’s panel. Check your desired folder to be migrated from one cloud account to another cloud mailbox directly.

Preview all the folders

  • Choose Office 365 from the list of file saving options.

Choose Office 365

  • Check the option “Save to default folders” if you want to store your IceWarp Cloud emails in default folder. Even, you can also check an option of change language according to your requirement.

Save to default folders

  • Enter the credentials of your Office 365 account to save IceWarp Cloud emails in Office 365.


  • If you want to perform selective data migration then, check an option “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup.” The application gives an option to select the date range accordingly. Click on Backup button to start the process.

Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup

  • After completion of migration, you will get a message of completion.

Completion of migration

By concluding, if I did not have this application then, I think it was difficult for me to complete my project on time. But this utility makes it possible to migrate IceWarp Cloud to Office 365 account directly by overcoming all the tasks that I was allotted with. Otherwise, I must say it is not a child’s play to export IceWarp Cloud to O365 mailbox with so many challenges.

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