Convert Horde Webmail to Thunderbird Straightforwardly – An Excellent Technique!

| March 5th, 2019 | Move Data

If you are a blogger/admin/website owner who is looking for a solution to migrate Horde Webmail to Thunderbird then you have landed a correct page. In this blog post, we are going to explain the complete steps by step knowledge for solving these types of queries.

Hi BitRecover Support Team, I am a professional blogger who works as an independent freelancer/ services provider. At present time I use open source Horde Webmail service to read email messages but I am looking for a reasonable solution for transferring emails from Horde Webmail to Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Can you help me?

– Amelia, Florida

Hello BitRecover Software, I am an owner of approx 10+ websites and I use Horde Mail service for accessing the mailboxes. I want to convert Horde Webmail to Thunderbird open source email client inclusive of email attachments and other important components. Do you have any software for solving my query in the easiest way?

– Liam, California

After getting above types of issues, we have decided to publish a complete write-up which will be definitely helpful for our respective clients.

How to Migrate Horde Webmail to Thunderbird?

Just follow steps by step process for transferring emails from Horde to Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  • Login to your Horde Webmail account and choose email folder, right click on the folder and choose the Export option as shown in the screenshot.

Horde Webmail

download emails

  • Horde Webmail data has been downloaded into MBOX format.

Horde Webmail data

  • Now download MBOX Migrator software by clicking on the Download button.


  • Run the tool and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders.

Select Files

  • Choose Horde Webmail MBOX file and press Next button.

Choose Horde Webmail

convert horde mail to thunderbird

  • Select Thunderbird as saving format.

saving format

  • Press the Next button to start the migration procedure.

convert horde webmail to thunderbird

  • Transferring emails from Horde Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Transferring emails

  • Conversion completed successfully directly, now press Ok button.

Conversion completed

  • Run Mozilla Thunderbird and check the imported folder. Problem solved now!

Problem solved now

Highlighted Features of Horde Mail to Thunderbird Wizard

  1. It is capable to convert Horde Mail to Thunderbird in bulk.
  2. It is able to migrate Horde Webmail to Thunderbird directly.
  3. It preserves emails, attachments, signature, subject, to, cc, bcc, etc.
  4. It is compatible with all 32 bit, 64 bit Windows Operating System.

Horde Webmail Vs Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Horde Webmail is an open source email service to read web-based email messages while Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client.
  2. Horde Webmail allows accessing email in web-browsers by providing account credentials, while Thunderbird is a desktop based email program.
  3. Both Horde Webmail and Mozilla Thunderbird are open source programs which are available 100% free cost for corporate and home users.
  4. Internet connectivity is mandatory to read emails from Horde Webmail, while Thunderbird users can preview emails without internet connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Can I install recommended software on Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 OS?

Ans – Yes, Horde Mail to Thunderbird Wizard supports all latest as well as previous Windows OS inclusive of Win Server editions.

Que 2 – Does it preserve email attachments, signature, and subject during transferring mailboxes from Horde Webmail to Thunderbird?

Ans – Yes, don’t worry, all emails, attachments, signature, subject, hyperlinks, sender and receiver information will be maintained.

Que 3 – I have approx 50+ Horde Webmail exported files in my computer, can I import all files into Thunderbird at once?

Ans – Yes, the tool allows to import unlimited Horde Mail files into Thunderbird at once directly without changing the structure.

Final Words

By following the above step by step procedure, anyone can easily migrate Horde Webmail to Thunderbird straightforwardly including emails, attachments, signature, subject, internet header, text formatting, hyperlinks, sender and receiver information. Suggested software comes with free demo edition so that users can get complete satisfaction before upgrading to the pro edition. Let’s enjoy now!

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