How to Backup Horde Webmail – Free Tutorial

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Mr. Miller, Business Analyst at the well-reputed organization, searched and shared a way of Horde Webmail export emails process.

Having bulk of emails on Webmail also needs the proper management of data. As by creating a backup of data helps to avoid any worst situation.

I made a mistake of not managing the data properly. I was having my two Webmail accounts. Due to some disastrous situation, I lost all my emails from one of my Webmail mailboxes. I was not having any option to retrieve my lost data. I gave my best to get it back but nothing worked. Then, I decided to backup all my Horde emails to avoid any mishappening in future with this Webmail.

Searching for Solution to Export Horde Emails

Today, having the backup of every data is important to avoid to get in any trouble as I faced by losing all my crucial data.

It is a fact that one action teaches you a lot especially in the case of data. I started exploring for the solution to backup my Horde emails.

While searching, I found that there are various methodologies available in the online world. It is up to us how accurately you get a solution to export your Horde emails in a way to create a proper backup of data.

While searching I found a manual way also to download Horde emails directly from Horde Webmail.

Let us first check out the steps to manually backup Horde emails.

  • Open Webmail for an email address that is required to be exported.

Note: It can be executed by logging in to Webmail with email address or by going via a cPanel account, which owns an email address.

Open via cPanel

  • Login to the cPanel account with your email credentials of Webmail.
  • Click on “email accounts” button on the main cPanel page.


  • On email account page, find out an email address that you wanted to export mails for. By clicking on More button, choose Access Webmail from the list.


Open via Webmail

  • Open Webmail directly you need pull up webmail login by opening:
    http://[Server IP]:2097 or http://[Server Hostname]:2097
  • You would see Webmail login page to enter email address along with the respective password to login.

Once the login process is completed, whether via anyway – cPanel or direct login, a page for webmail selection will come up.

  • Choose Horde from the list of Webmail client application.

Note: You can select any folder you want or desired email as well.

  • Right click on the folder and choose “Export” option.


  • You will get a pop-up message, just click on Ok button. You will get exported emails in MBOX

To open and view MBOX files, one need MBOX Viewer Software.

After going through the whole solution, I found that with this process I can only backup Horde emails in one format. Actually, I was looking for something to download it in other email data file or cloud-application.

Learnings from User’s Queries

While searching for the solution that I got various user’s queries that were somehow familiar to mine as mentioned:

  • How to export Horde emails to Office 365 mailbox directly?
  • How can I backup my Horde Webmail emails?
  • How to save my Horde emails mailbox on my desktop?

I found these queries somehow related to my own situation, as I was also exploring for a backup solution.

While reading these from the forums, I got a solution Email Backup Wizard from BitRecover. Then, I started exploring for the same. I found it something the same as I was looking for.

Main Challenge

The solution is straightforward and the same that I was exploring. The biggest challenge or can say it as a concern that is it safe to invest in the application.

Then, I contacted at their support to know in detail about the application. The person suggested me to use free trial of software before purchasing the full version of the software.

It seems interesting and worthy as well. I used the free demo of tool. Using free of cost demo version of tool helped me to understand the software’s working completely.  It cleared all my doubts related to data security, integrity, formatting, etc. after migration.

Migration Process

Once I used the free demo then, I invested over the application to migrate data from Horde mail to desired email data file or cloud-application directly.

Let us check the steps to migrate emails from Horde mailbox.

  • Download and run Horde Email Backup on your system.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Choose IMAP from the list of email sources. Enter your Horde login details to implement data backup procedure. Click on the Login.

cPanel toOffice 365 migration

  • Tool will list all folders with message count on application’s left side. Check required folder accordingly, which you need to backup.


To Save on Email Data File

  • Select desired file format to save your migrated data on it. Like we select Outlook PST file format.


  • You can save the resultant files in desired language as you have your Outlook. Choose desired option accordingly.


  • Choose desired location to store your data files.


  • Application also provides an option to implement specific email migration, simply check Use Advance Option” >> click on the backup button to begin the procedure.


  • After completion of conversion, you will have a pop-up message of completion.

To Save on Cloud-Application

  • Choose Gmail/G suite option accordingly to store Horde emails


To Backup on Cloud-based Application

  • Choose Gmail from list of saving options. There are other options as well to save data files.
  • Enter your Google Gmail credentials to download Horde mails.



  • Tool provides an option to implement particular emails migration only. For this just check an option of “Use Advance Settings.” Then, enter date range to transfer specific emails. Click on Backup button to start the process.


  • Backup button to start the process.
  • Once procedure is completed, you will have message on screen.

By concluding, I must say that selection of precise solution is difficult but not impossible. Once you have it, it’s easy to perform backup.