Know-How to Migrate Emails from Gmail to ProtonMail Right Now!

Mark Regan | September 22nd, 2021 | Migrate Data

Summary:- Find out here the most reliable and powerful solution to migrate emails from Gmail to ProtonMail with complete details. It’s a matter of a few clicks that are simple-to-perform and easy-to-understand. So, let’s get started.

As you all know ProtonMail is an email service that lets you communicate privately and online securely. It follows an end-to-end encryption policy. ProtonMail is developed in Switzerland but it has active users all around the globe. It has some really helpful and exciting features, such as Swiss Privacy, Anonymous email, Modern Inbox Design, and many others. It is useful for an employee as well as for the common user.

So, if you are a Gmail user and planning to migrate emails into ProtonMail due to any reason, keep reading this guide. Here, we will help you import Gmail to ProtonMail easily using a professional solution.

Read A Fact: – The manual method to migrate Gmail emails to ProtonMail is tiresome and complicated. This is why we are going to help you with an automated solution. It can migrate emails from Google mail to ProtonMail easily without any loss.

A Lucid Introduction of Best Gmail to ProtonMail Migration Tool {Must Read}

The BitRecover Gmail Backup Wizard is a final solution to import Gmail files and folders into ProtonMail attachments. It is a quick and simple task. Whether you want to perform a batch migration or import a selective file, this tool can do everything. It has a consistent and intuitive interface that helps users migrate Gmail emails to ProtonMail in a trouble-free manner. It is efficient to import Gmail emails, contacts, calendars, email attachments, and other information in ProtonMail.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

The Gmail to ProtonMail Migration utility can use with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

Migrate Emails from Gmail to ProtonMail Following Step-by-Step Instructions

Step1:- Download and Install Gmail to ProtonMail Import Tool

Firstly, download and launch the mentioned tool on any of the Windows supportive machine. Then, read the instructions mentioned one-by-one.

Step2:- Enter Gmail Account Credentials to Proceed

Now, as you can see in the screenshot, fill your Gmail account details like email address and password in the software window.

For Administrator: – If you want to migrate multiple Gmail accounts data into ProtonMail, please check Use Batch Mode. Upload a .csv file containing all the usernames and passwords and hit the Login button.

Step3:- Check Required Folder

The software automatically extracts files and folders from your Gmail account and list in the software panel as shown. Now, check the required folder to migrate from Gmail to ProtonMail.

Step4:- Select IMAP as saving option

Now, scroll down the saving option list and choose IMAP as the required option.

Step5:- Then, fill the credentials like email address and password. Then, for ProtonMail IMAP Host No., fill as and Port No. as 1043.

 Know about Useful Advanced Function

The software gives you many beneficial functions such as save messages in the Default folder that helps you import Gmail inbox emails to the ProtonMail inbox folder, and more. If you check advance setting for selective backup, you can Filter Gmail emails from specific time intervals, sender, and more.

Step6:- Finally, hit the Backup button

After all, click on the Backup button to quickly start Gmail to ProtonMail migration process. You can see the live process in the software window.

At the End:-

The software will provide a Saving Log report containing all your information. Therefore, it can be said that it is very easy to migrate emails from Gmail to ProtonMail with attachments. There is no file limitation for the import process from Gmail emails to ProtonMail. No information will be lost during the entire migration process.

Add Gmail to Protonmail for 100% Successful Results

ProtonMail is a reasonable product for customer accounts; its functionality is still a long way from satisfying large corporate accounts. If you are using Gmail and are looking for a more trustworthy solution, then the above-mentioned solution is the right choice. It is the simplest to work and trustworthiness. You can do the complete task on your own without any technical assistance.

See a Complete Features List of Gmail to ProtonMail Import Tool to Learn More

  • The easy-to-use graphical user interface helps all novices access the application.
  • Import Gmail emails ProtonMail account with all attachments and other elements.
  • Even after exporting Gmail to ProtonMail, the internal folder hierarchy of the mailbox is still retained.
  • The software supports all versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Provide 100% accurate and fast email migration from Gmail emails to ProtonMail without storing information.
  • A free demo version to check software features for email migration.
  • Allows migration of selective email from Gmail account to ProtonMail application.
  • It is a complete and user-friendly solution that is used to successfully complete the migration from Gmail mailbox to ProtonMail.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How can I add Gmail email to ProtonMail account?

Ans. With the help of the mentioned utility, you can easily add Gmail emails to ProtonMail in a few steps.

Q2- Can I also export Gmail emails to ProtonMail of all subfolders ?

Ans. Yes, you can migrate Gmail data to ProtonMail also allows importing subfolders emails from Gmail to ProtonMail.

Q3- Whether personal information is protected during the migration from Gmail account to ProtonMail?

Ans. Yes, it preserves the integrity of the data during the entire process of migrating Gmail mailboxes to ProtonMail account.

The Conclusion

Nowadays, it is very common to migrate data from one platform to another. In the article discussed above, we provided the final solution for migrating emails from Gmail to ProtonMail. Using the recommended application, you can easily batch or selectively migrate data to ProtonMail accounts.

Need Help? Talk to Expert Anytime

In general, BitRecover software is very easy to use due to its simple graphical user interface. If you encounter any trouble, please feel free to contact us when migrating data from Gmail account to ProtonMail.