Migrate cPanel Email to Google Gmail/ G Suite Directly – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are one of the many organizations presently facing an issue to perform cPanel emails to Gmail migration. Then, don’t worry as you are not alone. Mr. David has some advice for you.

Here is no doubt about it; Gmail is one of the most common webmail service available has been used by almost all web users since its existence. To make it friendlier for business users or domain users G Suite is there that also comes with Gmail.

Alongside all the brands are searching to export data from cPanel Webmail to Gmail account. I know, you are also in a need to perform this migration, I feel your pain. As a business manager of an agency, once I also faced the same problem of data migration from cPanel to G Suite account.

I found that the interface of cPanel Webmail was not much user-friendly as compared to Google Gmail. And even the email signature feature was not there. Due to which, whenever I have to send emails, I had to add email signature on each and every mail. I found more features on Gmail and even manage my other official accounts on Gmail. Therefore, I planned to import all my cPanel emails to G Suite account.

But I was totally puzzled as I was having some confidential and important emails on cPanel Webmail that I wanted to be saved on G Suite. But How? As data loss was one of the biggest fear that was moving in my mind.

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The War for Solution

The demand side for this equation was easy enough to understand. Almost every kind of organization need migration from cPanel to Gmail mailbox. And when you get the precise solution to save all your cPanel emails to G Suite account, it gives you a big edge.

While searching for the solution, I got a way to manually migrate from cPanel emails to Gmail mailbox. But I was having a fear of data loss. As data is crucial for me.

Therefore, I started exploring for the direct solution to migrate my data from cPanel Webmail to G Suite mailbox. After searching more on the internet, I got a solution Email Backup Software by BitRecover. Then, I directly contacted to them and discussed all my problem with them. The person on their support guided me in the best way and helped me throughout the process. She told me that there is free demo of software that I can try before investing over the application. I found it sounds like wow that I didn’t need to pay directly.

So What’s Next?

After using the free demo of the software, I purchased the full version of tool and easily performed data migration from cPanel Webmail to G Suite mailbox directly. So, let us check out the process to use the software to migrate emails to Gmail account directly.

  • Download and run BitRecover cPanel to Gmail Software on your system.


  • Choose an option of IMAP from the given list of emails sources.

list of emails sources

  • Enter the credentials of your IMAP account to perform data migration. Click on the Login button.

Enter the credentials

  • The tool will list all the folders along with its message count on the left side of the software. Check the desired folder accordingly.

desired folder

  • Select Gmail/G suite option accordingly to save cPanel emails

Gmail G suite option

  • If you want to save all emails in default folder then, simply check an option of “save in default folder.”

Save in default folder

  • Enter the credentials of your Gmail/G Suite mailbox.

Enter the credentials

  • The software gives an option to perform selective emails migration only. For this check an option of “Use Advance Settings” and enter the date range accordingly to migrate particular date range emails. Click on the Backup button to start the process.

Use Advance Settings

  • Once the process is done, you will get a pop-up message of completion on screen.

Let us have a quick look at the software to perform

One Solution Many Purposes

cPanel to Gmail Software is designed to support all the editions of Microsoft Windows reliably. This is the most convenient tool available to convert cPanel emails to Gmail quickly without harming the integrity of data. This advance tool is upgraded by the developers of the software so that user can accurately convert their cPanel Webmail data into Gmail; creating the backup for cPanel mails.

With this tool, user can create unlimited migration of email files. The simple user interface helps user download the application even after being a complete novice on the technical end. So, this tool is prepared to benefit both types of user in creating backup files by converting the emails into Gmail account directly. With this tool, user can easily convert their email data into Google Gmail/G Suite mailbox.

Eye-Catching Features of cPanel to Gmail Software

  • With this tool, the user can maintain the folder hierarchy. When user starts working with the tool, resultant files are in the same form as it was in cPanel Webmail.
  • With this extraordinary application, user can convert cPanel email to Gmail account. Simply by installing and investing on the tool user can successfully convert unlimited data.
  • This authentic tool provides the option of selecting the desired folder to be migrated from cPanel Webmail to G Suite.
  • 100% safe, secure, and trouble-free way to migrate all data from cPanel emails to Gmail/G Suite directly.
  • The tool gives a feature to perform particular date range emails to G Suite account easily.

But I will tell you one thing that I know is true.

Using the third party solution is the best way to perform data migration from cPanel Webmail to Gmail/G Suite account directly. The best and worthy thing that I found is that all data is migrated without any data loss.

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