How to Locate MDaemon Storage Folder on Windows 10? Easy Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are curious about where MDaemon email files are stored in computer hard drive. It keeps all its data files in deep directories of local folders. In today’s workaround, users will get a step-by-step workaround to locate MDaemon storage folder on Windows OS.


MDaemon is a reliable email server the business has trusted for over 20 years. It offers simple communication control and simplifies messaging needs by providing enterprise-level features. Additionally, the MDaemon supports the POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocol to conduct the mailing communication.

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Why is There a Need to Find MDaemon Profile Data location?

Last week our technical team revived two queries from users. They want to know where MDaemon email files are stored in Windows OS, and we have shared the best results with them. Let’s look at both queries, and then we will head towards the solution section.

Danny Kocher,

Hi, my team is using the MDaemon Server to conduct business communication. We have been running out of space for the last month and lost some critical emails due to storage errors. Please suggest a way to locate MDaemon Storage Folder on Windows machine. So, that I can free up-on disc space.

Rick Harrison,

Our company is using an on-premises MDaemon server. Last week we ran into an unwanted error. Our Server crashed down, and we could not access any data files. We contacted the support team and said covering it would take a few days. I need an immediate solution to find MDaemon profile data location in Windows OS, and how I can access those emails in my Outlook profile. Please Help!

These are the queries that our technical team receives from the end-user. They wanted to Locate MDaemon data storage folder on Windows OS, and we provided a precise solution to them. So, it’s time to explore the solution section.

Where MDaemon Email Files are Stored in Windows OS? Let’s Find!

To Locate MDaemon storage folder on Windows 7, 10. Users need to download the BitRecover MDaemon Converter Wizard. This automated solution automatically detects the configured folder location from the source.

Download Software From Here:

Download for Windows

Once you download and install the wizard on your system, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Run the utility on the first screen users will get two options “Add Files” or “Add Folders”. Select the “Add Folder” option from here to continue.
    upload MDaemon files or folders
  2. In the next window, check the Radio button “I am converting multiple users” option. Users will get the default location of MDaemon files in the following pop-up.
    Default Location to Mdaemon

    Note: If you are here to know where MDaemon email files are stored in Windows OS, then you end this blog here. If you wish to move MDaemon emails to another server or another format, you can continue with the blog.

  3. In the next step, the software will generate a directory of email files. Users can select the required folders from the list as per requirement.
    MDaemon folder tree
  4. Afterward, users must select the “Saving Options” from the list. Also, it offers multiple advanced data filers that apply to sort the data as needed.
    saving formats
  5. Now, select the designation path and click the Next button, and the software will start the conversion process.
    browse location to save output
  6. Once the conversion process gets completed, the software will display a pop-up, and you will be re-directed to the designation path for good.

Detailed Overview of Automated Solution

The mentioned utility is a prime choice for users who want to locate MDaemon storage folder on Windows OS. The advanced algorithms of the solution automatically detect configured data file location from the source.

Additionally, if you want to export your MDaemon files to another platform, the software offers you complete migration of the MDaemon mailbox, including contacts and calendars, to over 30 platforms. Here are some of the widespread conversions made by software.

Users who want to locate MDaemon profile data manually can follow the blog’s next section.

Manual Way to Locate MDaemon data storage folder

Follow this string to find MDaemon profile data location on Windows OS:


At this path, you will get the location for MDaemon folders. Users must sort the data folder to find emails, contacts, and calendars. So, let’s explore some of the essential directors of MDaemon.

  • MDaemon/Public Folders/: The public folder contains all the necessary data files, including (contacts, calendars, tasks, mail, and documents)
  • MDaemon/Users/: This is the folder where all emails are located. Additionally, this folder consumes a large portion of your disk space.
  • MDaemon/Logs/: This folder contains all log files for MDaemon, depending on your MDaemon settings. Also, it compresses older log files into a Zip file and paces the file in sub folders of old logs.

Now users probably have the solution to this query: Where MDaemon email files are stored in Windows? Users can opt for the manual or automated solution as per need.

So There You Have It

In this article, users will learn how to locate MDaemon storage folder on Windows 10 using the manual and automated approach. We take the help of an automated toolkit as it automatically detects the source path and offers complete conversion of MDaemon emails, contacts, and calendars to popular platforms without failure.