How to Import Outlook Contacts to MailChimp?

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Published: May 29th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

A lot of users in the online marketplace are finding a pertinent solution to export contacts from Outlook to MailChimp and it is not a difficult procedure because BitRecover products are playing a crucial role for solving various issues related to these types of queries.

  • How to upload Outlook contacts to MailChimp?
  • How to import contacts from Outlook to MailChimp?

In this blog post users will get the detailed information about the process to import Mac Outlook contacts to MailChimp as well as import Windows Outlook contacts to MailChimp inside few simple steps. Before starting the progression, first get basic but important information about Microsoft Outlook and MailChimp.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a desktop based email client which comes with Microsoft Office suite separately for both Windows and Mac Operating System so users can easily install, configure it on both Windows OS based or Mac OS based computers. Microsoft Outlook offers the facility to send and receive email messages, manage contacts, notes, journals, to do list, etc. Users can set up a Microsoft Outlook email client via configuring an email account using POP3 and IMAP.


MailChimp is a large sized email marketing company which provides email marketing automation facility to the users. It was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius (Rocket Science Group). Firstly MailChimp started only paid and pro email marketing services but in 2009 it also added freeware option and later in 2016 MailChimp announced that merging Mandrill transactional email service into MailChimp with the help of add-on to grow up the revenue.

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How to Upload Outlook Contacts to MailChimp?

Both Windows and Mac OS based Microsoft Outlook comes with different technical functionality so the process to upload Mac Outlook contacts to MailChimp is different from the process to upload Windows Outlook contacts to MailChimp.

  • Export Contacts from Windows Outlook to MailChimp – Outlook for Windows email client permits to store and export its database including emails, contacts, calendar, task, notes, journals, attachments, etc. into PST (Personal Storage Table) format, so first export PST file from Outlook for Windows via using Import/Export option as well as users can copy PST file from default storage location after that use PST file converter to save CSV file format which can be easily imported to MailChimp.

Export Contacts from Windows Outlook to MailChimp

  • Export Contacts from Mac Outlook to MailChimp – Outlook for Mac email client permits to export its database into OLM (Mac Outlook archived format), which has all information like email, contacts, calendar, journals, notes, so first export Mac Outlook data into OLM format and after that use OLM file converter which has separate option to save contacts in CSV (Comma-separate Values) format which can be easily imported to MailChimp email marketing service.

Export Contacts from Mac Outlook to MailChimp

  • Resultant Data – after using the above-suggested tools users can easily convert PST to CSV format as well as convert OLM to CSV format which is successfully supported by MailChimp email marketing service.

Resultant data

How to Import Contacts from Outlook to MailChimp within Simple Steps?

  • Login to your MailChimp account and hit on Lists option.


  • Click on Add contacts drop-down menu and choose Import contacts.

Import contacts

  • Where do you want to import contacts from? It is giving 3 different options, choose CSV or tab-delimited text file option and press Next button.



  • After browsing the file hit on the Next button to continue.

Next button

  • Now skip all unmatched columns and uncheck show skipped columns as shown in the screenshot.

Skip all unmatched columns and uncheck show skipped columns

  • Now contacts are showing with details, press Next button.

Press Next

  • Showing a message like “You’re all set to import”, now click on Import button.

Import button

  • Your import is complete! Refresh this page to update the table below.

Your import is complete!

  • After refreshing the page, you can view Outlook contacts into MailChimp with all columns. Queries like “how to import Outlook contacts into MailChimp?” has been solved successfully without any error message.


Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Is there any size limitation to export Outlook contacts to MailChimp email marketing service?

Ans – No, there is no size limitation to export Outlook contacts to MailChimp as suggested tools are capable to import the large sized file without showing any error message.

Que 2 – Can I import Outlook from Mac contacts to MailChimp?

Ans – Yes, we have recommended the separate product to move Mac Outlook contacts to MailChimp so that is no problem.

Que 3 – Can I import contacts from Windows Outlook to MailChimp?

Ans – Yes, there is no problem to export contacts from Outlook to MailChimp as we have separately recommended a separate software for Windows Outlook.

Client Testimonials

Thanks for sharing this simplified and great idea to import Outlook contacts to MailChimp email marketing service, it will surely help me for growing my business in the right way.

Kennyon – Hong Kong

Nunca pensé que el proceso para importar contactos de Outlook a MailChimp sería tan simple, pero después de seguir estos pasos, importé con éxito mis contactos exportados de Mac Outlook a MailChimp.

Alejandro – Spain

I want to say thank you for publishing this blog post for solving all queries like “how to upload Outlook contacts to MailChimp” as now anyone can transfer their contacts from Microsoft Outlook to MailChimp.

Elijah – United States

The Cessation

At last, we want to say only one thing that is the above-suggested tools come with free demo edition, so users can get complete satisfaction free of cost without any charges and after complete satisfaction, users can catch its license keys to export contacts from Outlook to MailChimp automation email marketing service.

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