How to Import More Than 50 GB Data in Microsoft 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Many Microsoft 365 users are asking for technical help to import more than 50 GB data in Office 365. Recently, the BitRecover technical support staff received some inquiries on the same subject. First, you need to read actual user queries. After that continue read this blog post to get an expert-recommended solution.

What Office 365 Users Want?

I’ve been using Microsoft Office 365 for a few years now. I used approximately 20 GB of cloud storage capacity. Now I’m in a bind because I have a 40 GB archived PST file. I wish to use third-party software to open an archived PST file into Office 365. However, I don’t want to spend extra money on obtaining additional O365 cloud storage space. Do you have a solution for me? Could you kindly provide your essential feedback?

– Ashton, Virginia

I recently began utilizing Microsoft 365 email service to meet my work demands. Previously, I used Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client and exported Thunderbird mailbox folders in MBOX format. Now I want to import MBOX files into Office 365, however, the problem is that I have approximately 60 GB of MBOX emails. While Office 365 only provides 50 GB of cloud space, I don’t want to use all 50 GB of Office 365 space because I want to conserve some storage space for future emails.

– Beckett, Scotland

Import Data Larger Than 50 GB into Office 365 – Expert Suggestion

You have obtained an Office 365 license in order to meet your corporate email requirements. Then, by default, you’ll only have 50 GB of cloud storage space to keep your emails and other files. However, Microsoft allows users to purchase more storage capacity according to need.

However, after reading, the user’s queries I confirmed that customers do not wish to pay for additional storage space. In fact, they are looking for a way to integrate more than 50 GB of data into Office 365 without paying additional cloud space.

BitRecover, as a computer specialist, recommends a totally professional solution to this query. Mailbox Archive (In-Place Archive) can be enabled. Users who enable this option will gain an additional 50 GB of storage space for preserved material. Let’s keep reading…

Enable Mailbox Archive Option in O365

Follow given instructions to enable mailbox archive option in Office 365.

  1. Login to your Microsoft Office 365 account and select the Admin tab.
  2. After that, select the Exchange option from the Admin Centers menu.
    Exchange option
  3. Choose the Mailboxes option as shown in the respective screenshot.
  4. Then, select Office 365 user account (your account).
    Office 365 user account
  5. Now, you need to choose the Manage Mailbox archive option from More Action.
    Manage Mailbox archive
  6. You can see that the Manage mailbox archive option is presently disabled; you must enable it.
    Enable Manage mailbox archive
  7. After enabling the In-Place Archive option, you will notice an additional 50 GB of mailbox archive space.
Note That – Following the procedures outlined above, you now have a total of 100 GB of cloud storage space in Office 365. You now have 50 GB of space to store default mailboxes, as well as an additional 50 GB of capacity to store archived mailboxes.

Import More Than 50 GB Data in Office 365 – Steps

First and foremost, you must download BitRecoover Software based on the extension of your source file. You can choose best software from given products to import data larger than 50 GB.

You can also choose a different required solution from BitRecover products catalog –

All BitRecover Tools provide dual options for uploading your source files in the software panel. After that, choose required files and folders and click on Next button. Thereafter, choose Office 365 as a saving option and check “Export to Primary Mailbox” option.

Export to Primary Mailbox

BitRecover products provide advanced filter options to import selected data. Here, experts recommend to use filter as “Date Range” and choose emails by latest date range to import them in Office 365 primary emails. At last, click on Convert button to start importing mailboxes.

Import More Than 50 GB Data in Office 365

After getting the latest emails in your O365 account, you will need to use same product for importing old data as…

Upload data in software interface, choose Office 365 as saving option, and enter account credentials. Check “Export to In-Place Archive Mailbox” option as we are going to use secondary space of Microsoft 365.

Export to In-Place Archive Mailbox

Now again use “Date Range” option and set old emails for importing In-Place Archive storage space.

Import Data Larger Than 50 GB into Office 365

Anyone can simply import more than 50 GB data in Office 365 by following the procedures outlined above.

Wrap Up

After reading this informative article till the end. All computer users can easily import data larger than 50 GB into Office 365. The most important thing while completing this task is that you need to enable Mailbox archive space in Microsoft 365 admin panel.