Importing MBOX file Is Disabled in Thunderbird – Know Reasons and Solution

Mark Regan | November 17th, 2020 | Thunderbird Error

Mozilla Thunderbird is a broadly used email client. It stores its emails in MBOX format. Despite being a reliable email client so many users face some issues in Thunderbird MBOX files. One of the frequent errors is the “import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird”. It is one of the prominent desktop email client application.

If you are also facing the same issue in Thunderbird, now it is time to get some solution. Read this blog where the “import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird” issue is discussed.

What users say about this issue ?

Hello, everyone! I am using Mozilla Thunderbird for the past couple of years. From some days I am trying to import MBOX to Thunderbird, but all of a sudden, I got an error message.

I have checked all the possible things like internet connection and tried to import the files again but the result is still the same. Please suggest how to resolve this import MBOX file is disabled Thunderbird issue effectively?

Reasons behind import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird

There are various possibilities which can be responsible for this issue. Users have to find out the actual reason for their issue. Some major issues are mentioned here. Have a look at them:

  1. It is possible that the user’s Mozilla Thunderbird is not up to date due to which it is not able to meet the basic requirements.
  2. There are some cases in which the MBOX file gets corrupted or damaged due to which Thunderbird does not detects it and after that, it disables the Import option and does not allow to import the MBOX file.
  3. Thunderbird may get some bug due to which it does not respond to the imported MBOX file.
  4. Conflict with anti-virus software or any other application might also cause this.

How to fix the problem?

Users can solve the issue by both Manual solution and Automated solution. First, we will discuss manual methods.

Manual solution to fix “Import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird”

  1. Updating also solves the issues sometimes. Update to the latest version of the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  2. Close the Mozilla Thunderbird. Launch the application again and try to import the MBOX file then.
  3. Users can also check the MBOX file structure, especially the header.
  4. If an anti-virus software installed on the system, check if it is conflicting with the add-on.

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work for you, then the users have to go for some third-party application.

Automated solution to fix “Import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird”

Now users are left with only one solution and i.e. using Thunderbird Import Wizard. It imports all types of MBOX, MBX files into the Thunderbird application. It has a direct option to import MBOX file into Thunderbird by saving MBOX emails and other mailbox items at the default Thunderbird Profile location. Thunderbird installation is necessary to export MBOX to Thunderbird.

The tool has dual ways to import MBOX file to Thunderbird Windows. Users just have to follow some steps to start using this application.

Download New Purchase New

1 – Firstly, install and run the mentioned software on your Windows platform.

2 – Then select the MBOX  files or folders to load in the application panel.

select the MBOX files or folders

3 – After that, select MBOX files from the software panel and click on the Next button.

select MBOX files

4 – The tool automatically chooses the default Thunderbird profile path to import.

default Thunderbird profile path

5 – Thereafter, click on the “Next” button to start the conversion process.

conversion process

6 – After completion, a pop-up box will appear. Click on OK.

Import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird

7 – At last, run Mozilla Thunderbird email client to view imported mailbox files.

Run Mozilla Thunderbird

Benefits of using this software

Migrate MBOX files to Thunderbird profile path

One of the major advantages of this application is that it uploads MBOX file data Straight to Thunderbird Profile without requiring any other mechanism. It automatically detects the default Thunderbird Profile location in its panel. The software will directly export MBOX files into Thunderbird in its default profile path.

Direct option to import MBOX file into Thunderbird

One of the most common problems that are faced by users is to Import the MBOX file into the Mozilla Thunderbird. To do so manually, a user needs to download the Import/Export Add-on. Through recommended software, users can directly import MBOX file emails into the Thunderbird mailbox location.

Thunderbird installation is necessary for Data migration

As the tool provides a direct option to import an MBOX file inside the Thunderbird application. To complete its working the software will require Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client in users system in which he can export data. Once user loads the data in the application panel the software will quickly start the migration of MBOX files into the Thunderbird email client.

Import MBOX file into Thunderbird including attachments

The tool enables the users to import MBOX files into the Thunderbird email client along with all the attachments. When it is done manually there are various problems that occurred with the users for the migration of MBOX Mail to Thunderbird Mail client. Hence users should use this professional tool that deals with all these issues & perform migrations of emails along with attachments.

Free download of tool

A free trial edition is available which will make the user understand the software. It works completely similar to the licensed version but it has some limitations as well. The trial edition is capable to convert only 25 emails without any trouble. After satisfaction users can purchase the licensed version as well for more features.


Here in this blog, we have explained the method to import MBOX file is disabled in Thunderbird. By following the above steps user can do this easily without facing any issue. With the help of the above-mentioned software, users can easily import the MBOX file without losing any crucial data. It is a 100% safe and secure tool.