How to Import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail App ? – Solve your Email Hassles with Migration to Windows 10 Mail

How to, April 4, 2020

Scenario: You are using Windows 7  OS and accessing Mailbird for emails. Your PC is getting very old, so you buy a new computer running Windows 10. Now, you want to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail App.

A fresh installation of Windows 10 Mail offers plethora of software solutions – consisting one for email and calendar. Windows 10 Mail is the official built-in mail app bundled with OS that too without any cost. It has evolved from Windows 8 app and comes with an intuitive as well as well-interactive interface for new users.

Windows 10 Mail app is meant to cater to those people who check their emails on a daily basis. Mailbird which is also a desktop email client, permits you to access you emails from the comfort of your desktop. Our technical team frequently receives queries related to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail.

I have just switched to Windows 10 Mail and want to try this Mail app. I was using Mailbird on my old computer. Now, I want to know how can I import recent emails, contacts that are stored in my Mailbird account to Windows 10 Mail? Please help!

The best and effective solution to do this processing is to use an automated solution. One such software is Mailbird Converter, that can resolve your worries related to importing Maibird into Windows 10 Mail app. Even if your Mailbird account crashes and you wish to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail, the suggested software can easily do this process. In order to upload Mailbird emails to Windows 10 Mail app, you need to follow two basic steps:

  1. Convert Mailbird to
  2. Configure same email account in Windows 10 Mail

How to Import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail App ?

Follow these steps to migrate Mailbird emails to Windows 10 Mail:

  1. Launch Mailbird to Windows 10 Mail conversion tool.
  2. Choose Mailbird data and preview all required emails.
  3. Select as saving option and enter its account credentials.
  4. Start conversion and open your Outlook. Com account to view migrated messages.
  5. Go to Mail>> Settings>>Manage Accounts>>Add account>>

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1. Convert Mailbird Emails to

Firstly, download, install and launch Mailbird to Windows 10 Mail migration software.


Now, the application provides two options to import data into GUI:

  • Convert configured Mailbird mailbox data – Auto-import Mailbird emails from default location.
  • Let me Select my Mailbird mailbox data – Select Mailbird Files/ Folders manually.


Then, enable the checkbox whose data you want to upload into account.


Thereafter, go to Savings options and select


Then, fill all account credentials such as Email ID and password. Press on the Next tab.


Mailbird to conversion starts here. You can analyse the conversion process with the live conversion report as shown in the screenshot.


Now, Mailbird to Outlook. com conversion finished successfully with a completion message at the end.


Thereafter, open your account to view the Mailbird converted emails. Now, it’s time to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail app.


2. Import Mailbird Emails to Windows 10 Mail App

To get started with the app, you must connect email service using these steps.

Go to Start on your Windows and locate Mail , and click on the top result shown. Now, click on the Add account button.


Then, choose from the multiple email services and continue with the on-screen directions as shown in the screenshot. Press on the Done tab.


Enter your account credentials such as Email ID and password. Once done, click on the Done tab.


Configuration process is running. Now, click on the Go to inbox button.


Then, once you have completed with all steps, you can start using the Mail app to view all Mailbird emails.

That’s it, in this way by following these few steps one can efficiently import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail app.

Prominent Features of Software

Batch conversion: The software provides option to transfer multiple Mailbird emails into Windows 10 Mail. In this way, one can convert emails from Mailbird in batch mode.

Selective email migration: Once you have uploaded email data into the GUI, now it is your choice to select only required emails for the email conversion.

Dual options to choose data: The software offers two options to import data into the interface. The users can choose single as well as multiple emails from the database to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail.

Safe file conversion: The software ensures to maintain the integrity of data by not saving the account credentials of your chosen email account.

Preserves email attributes: It guarantees to maintain the email components like sender and receiver information, subject, inline images, hyperlinks, attachments, formatting, etc.

Why to Switch from Mailbird to Windows 10 Mail App ? –Reasons Explained

There are fairly vast amount of home computer users who are operating with Mailbird, and want to migrate emails, contacts, calendars to Windows 10 Mail app. From Mailbird, you won’t have the trouble for logging onto a web browser again and again to check your mails. Reason being it is a desktop-based email client for Windows 7, 8, 10. It offers you unified inbox for managing multiple email accounts.

On the other hand, Windows 10 Mail app comes across as a lightweight app designed to manage multiple accounts. It accompanies calendar app, subscriptions to cloud-based calendars. It has a neat design language that perfectly fits in with the Windows 10. Moreover, you can add numerous accounts to 10 Mail such as, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, POP and IMAP accounts.

It you are adding, the app will ensure everything is configured and synchronized properly. In other mail clients, this may require additional steps. Also, Windows 10 Mail app is developed to utilize the benefits of touch support on tablets and laptops. Thus, it is fair enough decision to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail app.


Windows 10 Mail app has clean interface that feels right for the business and professionals who rely on emails. So, continue using the experience of Windows 10 Mail. In this blog, we have explained how to import Mailbird into Windows 10 Mail app. If you are stuck somewhere while following these steps or using the software, feel free to contact to our technical support team.

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