How to Import Google Takeout Files to Office 365 Email Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Mr. Roy shared his experience batch import Google Takeout to Office 365 account. He had explained a complete way to perform Gmail Takeout to Office 365 migration process.

Mr. Roy is Technical Expert in an organization who always keeps on exploring new things in technology.

His words and experience: I got one thing in my mind. What if I moved all my MBOX files of Google Takeout account to O365 mailbox? I found it somewhat interesting.

Then, I searched on the internet to know if there are users like me who wanted to migrate emails from Google to Microsoft Office 365 mailbox. After going through various forum sites, I got various queries of users who wanted to import Google Takeout data to Office 365 account as mentioned:

After knowing the need of users, I started exploring for the solution to migrate Google Takeout mailbox to Office 365 mailbox.

Exploring for the solution made me puzzled as there were plenty of solutions on the web but not the actual ones that I was searching for.

Finally! I got one solution BitRecover MBOX Converter, I found the solution somehow the actual one for which I was searching.  But I was still having various questions that started coming to my mind. Then, I directly contacted the support to clear all my doubts. While having the conversion with the technical person, he told me that the Google to Office 365 migration software comes up with a free demo version that I can use to understand the software completely.

After using the demo edition, I invested in the tool as it was the exact solution for which I was looking.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Migrate Gmail Takeout to Office 365?

To perform the data migration from Google Takeout to the O365 account. The very first thing that I wanted was MBOX files.  So let us check out the steps to have the export Google Takeout data:

  • Firstly, go to the “Manage Your Google Account” option from Gmail.
  • Now click on the “Data & Privacy” option from the list.

     choose Data & Privacy

  • After that, select the “Download Your Data” option.

    import Google Takeout to Office 365

  • Now hit on the “Deselect All” and select the required data.

    select data to import Google Takeout to office 365

  • Next, apply the filter according to your needs.

    apply the filter

  • lastly, select the “Create Export” icon.

    Create Export to import Gmail Google Takeout data

Now, you have Gmail Google Takeout exported files with you, all you need to do is to import Google Takeout file to Office 365 directly.

Follow the Given Steps to Migrate Google Takeout to Office 365 Account 

  • Download and run MBOX to Office 365 Software on your machine.
  •  For multiple mailbox files, and migration choose the Select Folder option. If you want to export the selected mailbox file then, choose the Select Files option.

     select multiple mailbox files

  • Check the desired Google Takeout file that you want to be saved in your Microsoft 365 account and click on the Next button.

    desired Google Takeout file

  • Select Office 365 from the list of file saving options.

    choose Office 365 for importing

  • Enter the credentials of your Office 365 mailbox in the software panel to perform migration >> click on the Next button.

    credentials of your Office 365

  • The process to import Google Takeout mailbox to Office 365  is running.

    process to import Google Takeout mailbox to Office 365

In this way, I easily import Google Takeout mailbox data to Office 365 email account directly. It takes a few moments to execute the data migration process. There are a few things I noticed after the process:

  • The integrity of data is kept intact after migration.
  • The tool is able to identify and keep the folder structure of the Google Takeout file intact (This is surprising since other tools got all emails in one Inbox after conversion, but this one actually understood the different labels and kept them intact)
  • It even supports the Unicode folder names which are quite convenient.

By concluding my topic of discussion, I must say that keep exploring the technology to learn more and new things. Also, using a precise solution to migrate Google Takeout to Office 365 is also important to manage the data in a proper way.