How to Import EMLX to Outlook / OWA 365 / Accounts?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


If you’re uncomfortable opening or managing the EMLX files, there is no need to force yourself to do so. We suggest you the better platform to access EMLX and its Outlook. Well, this service doesn’t need any introduction as it is widely used due to the advantages it offers. So, if you like the option let us help you import EMLX to Outlook.

If you don’t want your data on the system, you can transfer it to the cloud server as well for better management and accessibility. And Outlook is the service that deals in both system-based clients and cloud computing. So, if you want to have your EMLX files in any of these, this is easy to do.

But wait; don’t think that we are going to offer you many solutions for importing EMLX. We offer you an all-in-one solution that can import EMLX to Outlook as well as plus into OLM for your added benefit, only if you wish. So, if you like the deal let’s go through the solution.

An all-in-one Solution to Convert EMLX to PST

BitRecover EMLX Converter Wizard is the all-in-one solution that will help you achieve your goal much easier than you can even guess. It is very unique and supports many platforms for migrating your EMLX files. It’s easy to work with and very reliable.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

One of the most influential aspects of this tool is that you can import EMLX to Outlook in just a few steps. So, to make you aware of these steps; First of all, we would like to offer you the complete process for Outlook or So, you go through the full guide and figure out what to do to get your job done.

Complete Procedure to Import EMLX to Outlook

  1. Download EMLX to PST Converter on your device and then install it following to the instructions and then finally run it.
  2. After launching the EMLX to PST Converter, click the Next tab to locate the next screen.
  3. Click Select File or Select Folder to choose the EMLX you want to convert
    EMLX to PST Converter
  4. Now, select all the required EMLX files and click Open on the Window to load them into the tool. Once all the data has been loaded, click Next.
  5. Click against all the folders you want to convert to PST, then click Next again.
    Select folders
  6. Select the saving option as PST.
    Saving option
  7. Specify the destination path for resultant files and finally click the Convert button.
    destination path
  8. After completion, get the resultant PST file from the selected location.
    resultant PST
  9. Run Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc., and import output file.
    Run Microsoft Outlook

Now we would like to offer you the steps to convert EMLX to or Outlook 365. So if you need to transfer your data to the cloud server, this option is best for you, and the instructions are required for you.

Complete Steps to Convert EMLX to / OWA Outlook 365 

  1. Once you’ve downloaded installed and launched the tool on your device
  2. Click Select Folder or Select Files to select the EMLX files
  3. Select EMLX files you want to convert, after loading them into the tool, click Next
  4. Click before folders to select them, then click Next
  5. Select the option to save files as or Office 365
    Import EMLX to OWA 365
  6. Enter your account’ email address and password and finally click the convert button
    Import EMLX to

Your EMLX files will now be converted to your selected account. You will be notified when the process is complete. Your task is finally done.

Well, as you can see from both processes, it is very easy to Import EMLX to Outlook or Import EMLX to The complete steps are almost the same; the difference is in the savings. Whichever account you want to choose, be it Outlook, Outlook 365, or Outlook for Mac OLM file, you can find them in one place and that makes this app very handy.

But wait, this is not the only convenience this app offers you. There are many other pleasant benefits it can give you, and we want you to know about them, too. So, take a look.

What Makes EMLX to PST Converter Even More Beneficial for You?

Easy to Use: Since you can get an idea from the processes, there is no complexity that you can face in completing your task. Well, this tool is very easy to use and that’s because of the tool’s simple interface. You can easily import EMLX to Outlook without any hassle.

Bulk Convert: Whether you want to convert EMLX to PST or convert EMLX to or 365, you can convert all of them at the same time. This tool does not restrict you from migrating a large number of files. You can convert as many files as you want at the same time in a single operation.

Preview Data: Well, this feature is a bonus point for you. With this app, you can not only import EMLX to Outlook but also preview the files. You can use this tool to preview all the emails and attachments associated with the EMLX files before converting.

Migrate Entire Data: Well, this EMLX to PST converter supports converting all data. If you think this will only convert emails, you need to know that it also converts attachments, contacts, and any other important data associated with the EMLX files.

Also Supports OLM: Well, this tool not only supports converting EMLX files to Outlook supported by Windows but also supports the files supported by Mac. If you want, you can easily convert EMLX to Outlook for Mac OLM files.

So, we hope you have an idea of the efficiency of the tool and its uniqueness. Well, we also have to mention that these features are just a glimpse; you will get a lot more once you run the tool.

In Conclusion

Converting data has become very convenient for you thanks to the EMLX to PST converter. This application is very unique and all in one. This single tool supports many platforms to save your EMLX files. Whether you want to import EMLX to Outlook or, this app is all you need. So, if you want to experience your more amazing journey, you have to try the tool.