How to Print EML Files with Complete Information? [Sorted out]

Rollins Duke   
Published: January 3rd, 2024 • 5 Min Read

PDF is a highly recommended portable document format for printing and legal use, so various users desire to print EML files and store them in PDFs. Sometimes lawyers, advocates, forensic experts, government officials, legal firms, and home users want to print multiple EML files. This is an inevitable task because the court accepts digital evidence in PDF format.

various home and small business owners also prefer to print EML files to get a hard copy. Sometimes they receive crucial information in emails like invoices, registration details, usernames, and passwords, offer details, insurance, and banking details, hence, they prefer to take a printout to keep information safe and secure.

PDF offers some valuable benefits like users can set a strong password to open PDFs or users can restrict PDFs for printing, copying, and editing data. Even they can open PDF documents using several types of devices i.e. Windows Computer, MacBook, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablet.

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How to Print EML Files Free Using Manual Methods?

There are multiple manual approaches available to print an EML file using different applications and programs. Here we are explaining the top 3 manual techniques to get this task done.

#1 Method: Print an EML File Using Thunderbird

  1. Go to where your EML files are stored.
  2. Select an EML file and right-click on it.
  3. Next, choose Open with Thunderbird.
    Open with Thunderbird
  4. Then, select File >> Print (Ctrl+P) option.
    File Print
  5. Choose a specific printer and click Print.
    Print an EML file
  6. Type a name and tap Save to store this email in PDF.
    Print EML files to PDF
  7. See EML printing process is beginning.
    Thunderbird print EML process

#2 Method: Print EML to PDF with SeaMonkey

  1. First, select EML file and open it with SeaMonkey.
    Open with SeaMonkey
  2. Click Print drop-down and choose Print Preview.
    Print preview
  3. Then, see Print Preview and press the Print button.
    Print EML file
  4. Select a printer, advance settings, and click OK.
    Print settings
  5. Enter a name for PDF and hit the Save button.
    Print EML file to PDF
  6. Print EML process is running, see the figure.
    EML printing process

#3 Method: Print EML File Using MS Word

  1. Select an EML file and right-click on it.
  2. Then, choose Open with >> Choose another app.
    Choose another app
  3. Select Word from applications just once or always.
  4. See EML information in Word and choose File.
    File option
  5. Next, choose Print and view Print Preview.
    Print previews
  6. Use advanced settings and click Print.
    Print EML to PDF
  7. Lastly, press Save to print EML to PDF.
    Save button

Acknowledge Manual Method Restrictions

  • You can’t print EML files in bulk using these manual methods, however, you can repeat the same steps multiple times for batch printing.
  • Original EML file formatting and some items will be removed if you are using MS Word for completing this task.
  • If someone wants to print multiple EML files manually, then it seems a time-consuming process.
  • These techniques require to installation of third-party programs on your computer to perform this task i.e. Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, or Word.
  • EML file header information can’t be printed if you use MS Word to get this task done.

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Pro Method to Print Multiple EML Files

BitRecover EML to PDF Wizard gives a direct option to batch print EML files i.e. Print Document. This software can print multiple EML files with associated attachments too. Users can also convert EML files and folders in both colored as well as black & white mode. Moreover, it has a simple and interactive interface that makes it very easy for any user to access the application.

If you are looking to evaluate the tool’s performance, then go for the free demo version. It allows printing first 25 EML files free of cost. For unlimited conversion, purchase the licensed edition of the tool. The tool is suitable for both Windows and Mac OS users.

How to Batch Print .eml Files?

  1. Run software and choose Select Files or Select Folders to add EML files.
    Add EML files
  2. After that, select required EML files for printing and click Next.
    Select required files
  3. Enable Print Document option from settings to batch print EML files.
    Print document
  4. Click Browse icon if you want to change destination path accordingly.
    Select destination location
  5. Then, hit the Convert button to batch print EML files to PDF documents.
    Batch print EML files
  6. Get resultant PDFs from destination folder and hard copies from printer.
    Resultant PDFs

Salient Features of Software

  • Print multiple EML files at once and save your crucial time and effort.
  • It allows for printing EML files with attachments directly.
  • Offers multiple file naming options for better email management.
  • Black-and-white mode is available to print EML as a black-and-white document.
  • Facility to browse a specific destination path to store resultant data.
  • Compatible with all latest Windows & Mac OS computers.

Most Common Inquiries

Q 1: What is an EML file and how do I print it?

EML is a file extension to store single emails supported by various email clients and web-based services. Scroll above and read the top 4 expert suggested methods to print it.

Q 2: Why you have suggested Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey clients to print EMLs?

Both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey clients are available free of cost. Hence, we have completed this task using these email clients.

Q 3: How do you print an EML file?

I use Thunderbird Client to print an EML file most easily.

Ending Words

The above blog explains a direct method to print EML files on paper. If you also want to print EML documents in batches, then this software is highly recommendable. We have also discussed 3 manual methods to print an EML file at once using different techniques. For further doubts and queries regarding conversion, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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