How to Download Gmail Emails to PC with Attachments ?

How to, June 23, 2021

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Summary: Are you a Gmail user who wants to download Gmail emails with attachments? Learn how to download all Gmail emails in one fell swoop with a finite solution.

Gmail is a free email service, used by millions of people for personal and professional environments. Its simple interface and user-friendly nature make it a reliable option for users. It also offers search capability to find old messages. With a large amount of important data saved in the cloud, there are many situations in which users need to back up their Gmail emails, so they never lose them.

On our recent visit to the forums sites, we have noticed that many users want to know the method to download Gmail emails to different formats. However, some have a non-technical background and others have problems downloading it through IMAP or POP3. Simply go through this blog to solve any problem while downloading Gmail emails. This blog covers all queries related to “How to download Gmail emails with attachments?

How to Download Gmail Emails ?

In the upcoming section, you will see steps to download all Gmail emails to computer hard drive in bulk.

1. Download Gmail Email Messages to Microsoft Outlook (PST)

The process to export Gmail to PST file format is very useful to users. Outlook is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Users can import PST files on both the platform and view their contents. In addition, the PST file is portable in nature. This means that the users can easily transfer the data from a system and copy it to the external storage device. Later, one can import PST file into an Outlook account and get your data.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Follow Steps to Download Gmail Emails to Outlook PST

Step1: Download, run and install the mentioned Gmail Email Backup tool on the Windows machine.

Step 2: Enter Google Gmail account credentials in specific fields and click on Login.

Step 3: Select PST as the Saving option and enter the Destination path. Click on the Backup option.
Select PST

Step 4: The migration process is completed successfully. Check the resultant data at the destination path.
resultant data
Step 5:
At last, run the Outlook application and select the Open Data File option to import the resultant PST file.
Open Data File

2. Download Gmail Emails in Adobe Documents

Gmail has many flexible options. However, it lacks the functionality to simultaneously store multiple Gmail emails as PDF. A Gmail to PDF conversion would be useful for saving backup copies of messages. However, there are other ways to perform bulk export Gmail emails to PDF format.

Follow Steps to Download Gmail Emails as PDF

Step 1: Enter Gmail account credentials in specific fields and click on the Login button.
Gmail account credentials

Step 2: Select PDF as the Saving option, choose the file naming option and enter the destination path. Click the Backup button.
Select PDF

3. Download Gmail Emails to Excel File Format

There are many situations where users need to download Gmail emails to Excel. It can be for analyzing complete data in tabular form. Maybe you want to see who are your all-time customers. Or maybe you’re creating visualizations for better understanding on who all emails you. There are many Gmail users who are searching for the solution to save Gmail emails in Excel sheet. If you are also the one, follow the steps mentioned below to easily export emails from Gmail to Excel.

Follow Steps to Download Gmail Emails in Excel Sheet

  1. Download the tool and select Gmail from the source list,
    Enter credentials, and click on the Login button.
  2. Choose CSV as the File Saving option. Enter the Destination Path.
  3. Click on the Backup button. The tool starts converting Gmail emails to Excel sheet.

4. Download Gmail Emails to Computer / PC

Backing up data is always important since it creates a copy that you can later restore. In the case of Gmail, updating Gmail backups allows you to restore your emails in case something happens to your Gmail account. So, let’s see how you can back up / download Gmail emails on the Computer/PC.

Follow Steps to Download Gmail Emails as PDF

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Choose and open the email message you need to save in .eml file.
  3. Click on the More option with the three-dot icon.
    More option
  4. Now click on Show original option in the drop-down menu to see the message in a new window.
    Show original
  5. Click on the Download Original.
    Download Original
  6. Once the download is complete, you can import the email files to the email client or store the files in hard drive for later use.

5. Save Gmail Email to PC Hard Drive

The use of Gmail email service is finite and the maximum amount of data it can contain is 10GB. If the user tries to set more than this limit, the Gmail services will be corrupt and data loss will occur. This is the reason user stores their data on secondary storage devices such as hard drives. So, if you also wish to save Gmail email messages to hard drive, follow the procedure.

Follow Steps to Download Gmail Emails in Hard Drive

  1. Open the official page of Google Takeout Service. You can also search on Google as Google Takeout.
  2. Enter the login credentials of your Gmail account.
  3. Now, you will see a complete list of the Google products that you can choose and backup. Click on the Deselect tab and now, select Mail option. Click on the Next step.
  4. Select the Delivery method from the list of options. Select the file type as .zip and archive size.
  5. Hit on the linked account and create an archive.
  6. A message box pops up which reads as “An archive of your Mail data is currently being prepared“.
  7. The process to generate your data archive will take some time.  A download link will be sent to the chosen delivery Mail account. Once the message is received, open it and click Download Archive to save it securely on a local computer or on an external hard drive.

Limitations of the Manual Process

1. As we can see, there are many steps involved in the manual process. It is also time-consuming.
2. If you lost the internet connection during the process, you have to try again the same step for the download process.
3. It does not guarantee the complete download of data on the local machine.

To overcome the above situations, use impeccable software to protect your Gmail account data by saving them in the local file format PST, EML, PDF, Excel, and many more. In fact, the software comes with superior features that only require a check and uncheck and the rest of the task will be done automatically.

What is unique about using this software

There are a number of beneficial properties owned by software to take Gmail email backup, here is a look at some:

  1. Batch Conversion: You can transfer multiple Gmail emails to the desired format at once without causing any delays.
  2. Desired Saving Location: The tool has been specially designed to export Gmail mailbox to multiple file formats. This tool allows you to save the migrated emails at the desired location on your local system.
  3. Completely Safe & Secure: The application is completely safe as well as secure to execute migration of email folders from Gmail to the required file format.
  4. Supports all Outlook & Windows Versions: The software is designed in such a way that it supports all MS Outlook as well as Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit.
  5. Save Gmail emails with attachments –With this tool, the user can download Gmail emails with attachments safely. It also maintains the complete formatting of email attachments during the migration process.
Demo Version’s Benefit

The licensed version of the tool is a reasonably priced version of the tool that does not disturb the budget of its users. However, if you have doubts, testing the trial version, you contact tech-support team. Through this demo version, users will learn about the tool’s working and features.

In Summation

In this way, the user can easily save Gmail emails to the desired email file format accordingly. The tool mentioned in the blog provides the best way to download emails with attachments from Gmail to PST, PDF, Excel, and more. The utility maintains the integrity of data and the formatting of Gmail emails attachment during the complete procedure.

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