How to Export Google Takeout Archive to Multiple File Types ?


Being an IT engineer, my prime job is to ensure that the internal IT infrastructure remains up-to-date.

For business continuity, I have been using multiple Gmail accounts. Just a while ago, I planned to retire from my existing account so I downloaded my Gmail messages archive using the native Google Takeout option.

The Google downloaded Takeout files are available as zip files in the form of MBOX messages. Now, my secondary email account is on Outlook. So, I thought to export Google downloaded Gmail Takeout files to my Outlook account.

On various forums, I searched for a solution to migrate Google Takeout downloaded emails to Outlook. Fortunate I am that I found this video by BitRecover Software team.

Google Archive MBOX Converter – This all-in-one product won my trust within few moments; so immediately bought it. With the help of this software, I easily exported Google downloaded Takeout files to Outlook PST format.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This was my experience about how I cope up from the problem of how to import Google Takeout emails to Outlook.

This valuable user’s review is one single example. But, you can also import Google Takeout archive to various other email services or standard file formats.

Here, in this user’s guide, we will take you through a simple and effective method of this software to save Google downloaded Takeout files into multiple formats. So, let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

1. What is all about Google archive Converter ?

2. How to Convert Google Takeout Downloaded Files ?

3. Export Google Archive Emails into Standard File Formats on Computer

(i) PST format

(ii) MSG format

(iii) EML format

4. Why to Trust this Software for Converting Google Mail Archives ?

Google Archive Converter – Quick Conversion of Google Downloaded Takeout Files

If you are still exploring for a solution to save the downloaded Google data archive into other formats. Then, we will ask you to wait! Download the free demo version of Google Archive converter. It permits to convert first 25 data items from Google downloaded Takeout emails to supported file formats. Once you are pacified with the tool’s performance, we will suggest you to activate the licensed keys. With this, you will able to export boundless Google archive emails into popular email formats.

Let’s now talk about how to convert downloaded Google data archive into standard file formats.

How to Convert Google Takeout Downloaded Files ?

Follow these steps to convert Google Takeout Downloaded files:

  1. Download Google Archive Converter.
  2. Choose Google downloaded MBOX emails.
  3. Enable required mail folders from Google archive.
  4. Select a saving format from tool for conversion.
  5. Enter destination and start to convert Google downloaded Takeout files.

Export Google Archive Emails into Standard File Formats on Computer

In this section of blog, we are explaining the most popular file formats supported by top email applications. Hence, you just require to download Google Takeout files on computer and import the same into desirable email clients.

(i) PST Format

PST which stands for personal storage table is a file extension of MS Outlook. One can save all kind of data like emails, contacts, notes, appointments, meetings, journals, etc in PST file.

So, if you have downloaded Google data archive to your computer and want to transfer Google downloaded Takeout messages to Outlook. Then, we suggest you to go this solution that we have described below:

Step1: Download and launch the Google archive converter on Windows machine.

Step2: Choose Google downloaded Takeout files from the database. You can select both the files or folders at once.


choose google takeout archive mbox emails

Step3: Now, preview required Google mail downloaded archive. Enable the required ones that you want to move into Outlook.


preview emails

This ends the first phase to convert Google downloaded Takeout emails into PST format.

Step4: Thereafter, go to the saving options list and select PST from the tool.


choose pst saving option

Step5: Select the advance settings option for creating separate PST per MBOX data file.


select advance setting options

Step6: Save the converted data at a target place with the “Destination Path” option. The conversion of Google Downloaded Takeout emails into PST format is taking place. It will end in some time and gives a conversion report also.


enter destination path and start conversion

Step7: Open the resultant folder containing all Google archive MBOX emails into .pst format.


open resultant folder

(ii) MSG Format – Export Google Archive Data in .msg Format

MSG format is created in MS Outlook application. It basically shows a single message file containing information such as sender and receiver details, subject, message body. Apart from this, a .msg file also supports other applications which utilizes MAPI.

Thus, with the Google archive conversion tool you can also migrate Google downloaded Takeout files into MSG format. But, how to do this, let’ s see here.

Repeat from Steps 1-3 as explained above and then proceed further as explained here:

Now, order to convert Google downloaded Gmail archive to MSG format. Navigate towards the savings options list and select MSG file format.


choose msg saving format

Give a file naming option for arranging the resultant downloaded Google Takeout converted files.


select file naming option

Browse a location for saving the output at a path of your choice.

google downloaded takeout files

enter a saving location

Here, Google archive emails to MSG conversion starts.


conversion ends

Now, you can view the Google downloaded Takeout files into .msg format in your resultant folder.


open output folder

(iii) EML Format – Convert Google Archive as .eml

EML file format stores a single email message with the corresponding attachments. If you are willing to export only few Google Takeout downloaded emails then, use this file format. This file type is compatible in various email programs like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, etc.

Again repeat the steps 1-3 and move further with the given steps:

Take your mouse to the saving options list and choose EML as saving format.


choose eml saving option

Here, also, you can select a desired file naming option for arranging the data.


choose file name

The Google Takeout archive to EML conversion is running successfully. Please wait.


conversion starts

After the conversion, open the folder comprising your .eml files.


open resultant files

See with this software you can export Google archive downloaded data into so many formats.

Now, let’s see some of the striking features of tool. This multifaceted utility can be used to convert Google downloaded Takeout email messages to desired file formats without any hassle.

Why to Trust this Software for Converting Google Mail Archives ?

Batch Conversion – The application software is meant to perform bulk conversion too. You can migrate Google downloaded Takeout files into supportable formats in batch mode. In this way, the users can convert hundreds of Google archive emails to a desired file type in a single shot.

Better email management – Now, if you have already performed to import Google Takeout archive to webmails, email clients. Then, arrange the output with multiple file naming options offered by this software.

Option to Choose both MBOX files or folders – No matter how many files or folders you have of Google archive. This utility will do the conversion is few seconds. It offers dual options for you to save single or multiple Google Takeout MBOX archives for migration.

Assures 100% data integrity – This utility preserves the data integrity of complete data. It maintains the email components like sender / receiver details, subject, time, attachments, images, hyperlinks, etc.

Compatible with Windows OS – You can download the software on any Windows machine. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc.

Move Google archive downloaded data into webmails – One can import Gmail archive to Gmail, export Google Takeout files to Yahoo, The users can also import Google Takeout MBOX files to Office 365.


Now, it would be clear in your mind about the exact procedure to export Google downloaded Gmail Takeout files to other formats. The suggested Google archive converter is specifically programmed to convert all Google archive files to so many file formats. So, now download the software and do the migration of Google Takeout downloaded emails hassle-free.