Enable IMAP & Less Secure Apps for Gmail – Settings for Messages Import

Mark Regan ~ June 1st, 2021 ~ How to

Know correct Gmail settings for messages import.

Are you trying to use one of BitRecover products related to the Google Mail account?

Is your software ❌ fails to authenticate your Gmail account?

If your answer is Yes then you need to enable IMAP and Less Secure Apps feature.

After that, anyone can use BitRecover Software without displaying any error message.

First of all, check your Google Mail account details are correct i.e. ✉ Email Address and 🔑 Password.

If you used correct Gmail account credentials and still facing the authenticate problem then you need to enable these 2 Gmail settings for messages import in the software interface.

1. Gmail Settings to Enable IMAP

1 – Firstly, login to your Gmail account and click on the Settings Gear icon.

Gmail account

2 – After that, choose See all settings option from Google Mail.

See all settings

3 – Thereafter, you will see all Gmail settings. From here, choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP option and then enable IMAP as you can see the respective screenshot.

Gmail settings to enable IMAP

4 – No need to change other settings, just click on the Save Changes button.

Save Changes

2. Gmail Settings to Enable Less Secure Apps

1 – Go to – https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps

2 – After that, make sure the Allow less secure apps option is ON.

Gmail settings to enable less secure apps

In Conclusion

After applying above all Gmail settings for messages import, all computer users can use BitRecover Tools without reporting any error message. Now users can also configure their Gmail account with several email client and email services. If you are also facing the same issue then you can follow the mentioned steps and contact the support team.

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