How to Extract Font from PDF File? 2 Ways Disclosed

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 3rd, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Summary: PDF fonts are a tricky subject, and the procedure to extract font from PDF file is quite complicated. In today’s post, users will learn two techniques to extract embedded fonts from PDF documents. So, read the post carefully.

PDF is among the most used document formats worldwide due to its advanced functionality and security features. In our daily routine, we read PDF books, sign PDF contracts, show PDF presentations, share legal documents, and more.

The beauty of a PDF file is like laminated paper. You can view everything inside it, but you can’t easily change or copy the font to create your document file.

Well, there is a backdoor and other ways are available to export font from PDF documents. In the next section of the blog, I will outline the procedure to find font used in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat and an automated solution. For more information, users can refer to the table of contents:

Why Find Font Used in PDF Documents?

  • Consistency in Design: Sometimes users work on a project that needs to match the design of an existing PDF document. Hence, users want to know which specific font is used in PDF to maintain visual consistency across their documents.
  • Editing and Updating: There are some unavoidable situations in which users need to edit an existing PDF to add some text. So, after identifying font used in PDF, they can ensure that the new content integrates seamlessly with the old.
  • Legal Compliance: Some documents require specific fonts for legal reasons like court use. Hence, it becomes necessary to find fonts used in PDFs to ensure compliance.
  • Printing Accuracy: Correct PDF font identification is necessary for high-quality professional printing. For example, sometimes users want to print emails for court use, then they prefer to identify PDF fonts.

Extract Embedded Font from PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat allows users to extract font from PDF files, so follow below steps to download font from PDF documents:

  1. Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Now navigate to Tools >> Advance Editing.
  3. After that, select Touch Up Text Tool.
  4. Click on the file that you wish to extract the font family.
  5. Select and highlight a portion of the text.
  6. Next, right-click and open Properties.
  7. Users can find the font properties under the Text Tab.

Important Note

The above technique works with Adobe Acrobat Professional. I used version 8.1.2. The Adobe Acrobat is expensive, and their demo edition won’t help you, as shown in the image.

Download font from PDF

Adobe Acrobat application permits to extract a font from a PDF by selecting specific text. If multiple fonts are used in your PDF file, then you need to download fonts one by one.

Automated Tool to Extract Font from PDF Files

BitRecover PDF Buddy Wizard is my favorite toolkit as it provides a direct feature to extract fonts from PDF documents in bulk. Not only this, but the tool also offers multiple features that allow you to:

PDF font extractor is compatible with all editions of Windows OS (32 & 64 bit), and the availability of wizard is freeware with a paid edition. The free edition is for evaluation purposes and allows to extract embedded fonts from PDF documents with a limited number of files.

Prime Features of PDF Font Extractor:

  • It is a handy toolkit that lets you copy font from PDF file.
  • The tool can easily detect fonts of all formats OFT, TTF, FNT, PFA, WOFF, etc.
  • It offers the facility to apply Advance Data Filters to sort PDF file content.
  • Font extractor from PDF is compatible with nearly all editions of Windows and provide 24*7 Support Service.
  • It can easily optimize your PDF file with advanced security features.

These are some of the features offered by the toolkit to understand the solution. Install the free edition of the software and use it.

These are some of the features offered by the toolkit to understand the solution. Install the free edition of the software and use it.

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How to Export Font from PDF Documents?

  1. Launch the PDF font extractor and read the guidelines to move forward.
    PDF font extractor
  2. Add the PDF files using the Select Files or Select Folders option.
    Add PDF files
  3. Once you add PDF files to the software panel, the wizard will list all the files in the left directory.
    Select required PDF files
  4. Next, select the option from the list as Extract Fonts from PDF file and continue.
    Extract fonts from PDF files
  5. Lastly, browse the designation location, and click the Start button.
    Export font from PDF
  6. Once the process is done, you can check the output for good.
    Find font used in PDF

That’s how you can identify font in PDF using the automated solution. After that, you can easily find fonts used in PDF documents, and use the same specified fonts accordingly.

Why Automated Solution to Download Font from PDF?

  • Independent Solution: PDF font extractor doesn’t require the installation of an external application in order to extract embedded fonts from PDF files. Also, it supports batch conversion that lets users upload the entire PDF folder without size restrictions.
  • Detect used Font Family: The wizard has the ability to detect all font families in no time. Users can use this solution to extract font style from it. It supports all popular fonts, including OTF, TTF, VLW, PFA, WOFF, TCC, AMFC, PFM, FNT, etc.
  • Windows Compatibility & Customer Support: PDF font extractor is compatible with all editions of Windows OS to extract font from PDF files. A dedicated support team is available 24*7 to assist with your technical concerns.
  • Quick and Reliable: The software has been tried and tested thousands of times, and no other product can beat it in terms of accuracy and speed. Also, the toolkit is verified by IT admins for a smooth process.

Questions? We Have Answers

Q 1: Which solution is best, Adobe Acrobat or Automated Software?

Both Adobe Acrobat and automated solutions allow users to extract embedded fonts from a PDF file. Yet, Adobe Acrobat is more expensive and complex. To better understand, users can refer to the following table:

Key-Points Adobe Acrobat PDF Font Extractor
Availability Paid Platform Open-Source
Cost Subscription Model, 270$ Yearly One-Time Investment 29$
Technical Support Via Mail Live Chat 27*7 and Mail Support
Graphical Interface Complex Easy to Use
Ability to Set Complex Instructions. (Expiry, Optimization, etc.) No Yes

Q 2: How to Extract Font from PDF Documents?

Users can use Adobe Acrobat and an automated solution to retrieve embedded fonts from PDF documents.

  • Adobe Acrobat: In Adobe, open a single file and view its properties to see the font family. In the trial edition of Adobe, you will not be able to see all font families.
  • Smart Solution: Add the PDF files and set the option to extract font family. That’s all you need to do.

Q 3: Can I Extract a Font From a PDF?

Yes, you can extract font from all PDF files, including documents, e-books, signatures, brochures, etc.

Q 4: How to find font used in PDF?

To find the Font family used in PDF documents, one can continue with an automated solution that detects Font families across millions of Font properties.

So There You Have It

The above guide describes different strategies to extract font from PDF files. We have covered various methods to extract embedded fonts from PDFs. However, the Adobe Acrobat method is quite expensive, and we have listed an alternate solution to it that is more secure and provides accurate and precise results.