How to Set PDF Expiry Date After a Specific Number Of Days? Know How!

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: This article is about adding and understanding how to set PDF expiry date using different techniques. Also, we have listed some user scenarios to understand better the need to add expiry date to PDF document file. So, read the post till the end.

PDF files are versatile products that can easily be encrypted to prevent external modification (copy or printing) of documents. To add an outer layer of security, users can set expiration date on PDF documents.

It is one of the handy features to lapse the PDF file over time if you are sharing sensitive information content or timely offers. There are numerous solutions available to set expiry date for PDF. Users can go through the table of content listed below to know more.

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Expert Suggested Way to Set Expiration Date on PDF File

BitRecover PDF Buddy Wizard is among the expert solutions presently available for executing the process to set PDF expiry date files with various advanced options.

This application’s operational end is smooth and user-friendly because it has been developed with a friendly graphical interface. Meanwhile, no amount of compromise has been made on the technical end of the solution.

The tool supports all editions of Windows OS (32 & 64 bit), and a trial edition of the software is available for users to access the toolkit with all prime functionality. Still, in demo editions, users are restricted to a limited number of files.

Download for Windows

How Do I Add Expiry Date to PDF File?

Download and install the toolkit mentioned above to set expiration date on PDF in a few mouse clicks.

  1. Open the software and go through the guidelines listed below.
    Software Guidelines
  2. Next, users must upload the PDF file using “Add File” and “Add Folder” per requirement.
    upload file and folder
  3. Afterward, the software will examine and list the data files in the panel.
    PDF file directories
  4. Now, select the required option to set PDF expiry date and use settings.
    Select option to set PDF expiry date
  5. Afterward, select the required date, and pick a designation location to store data files.
    Set expire date to PDF
  6. Last click the “Start” button to set the expiration date on PDF adobe.
    Live conversion process

That’s all the automated solution to add expiry date to PDF. Also, a few more tricks are available to execute this process, but before proceeding further, let’s understand the need to set an expiry date for PDF documents.

Why is there a Need to Set an Expiration Date on PDF?

Scenario 1: Imagine you are a nutritionist and share monthly diet plans with clients, and you need to ensure that the PDF file can’t easily be printed, modified, or shared with unauthorized persons.Also, you have to make sure that the diet plan has a time limit of months or weeks as per the plan. To do this, you need to set expiry date for PDF document. Through time-limited copies, you can secure your content.

Scenario 2: Let’s say you prepare a quotation for Black Friday Sale, which lasts for seven days. After completing the period, you want the PDF file to eliminate or destroy itself. In that case, users need to set PDF expiry date on PDF document. For the new price catalog, you can share the new PDF file with users.

Various scenarios exist where users need to set an expiration date on PDF document files. Also, if you are a tech expert, you can complete this process using Node script.

Script Code to Insert Expire Date in PDF

There is no native solution available from Adobe Acrobat to set expiration date on PDF. However, above, we have listed one of the precise solutions to complete the process.

To be clear, adding lapse date on PDF using the Node JS should not be considered PDF file security, as it can easily be bypassed and is not compatible with all browsers or PDF readers.

Top reasons why not to use node script to add an expiry date to PDF file:

  • PDF expiration scripts are entirely useless.
  • One can easily bypass the hand.
  • Not compatible with numerous platforms, especially with mobile phones.
  • The script code doesn’t work on Mac OS, So you can easily access the PDF content on Mac OS.
  • Users can edit the meta properties to remove all types of encryption.

If you still want to use script code to set PDF expiry date on PDF, then copy the code from here.

Questions? We Have Answer

Q) Can I Make a PDF Expire?

Yes, one can make PDF files expire using the script code or a one-stop automated solution that allows setting the expiry period to several files in a batch.

Q) How Do I Open an Expired PDF?

If a PDF file expires, there is no solution to view its content. You can contact the PDF file owner to extend the limit and share the file again.

Q) How to Fill Expiry Date on PDF Document?

Three different solutions are available in the market to add the expiry date on the PDF document.

  1. Node JS Script
  2. DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  3. Automated Software

1) Node JS: Usage of the script to set PDF expiry date is useless, as it can easily be bypassed, and one can easily remove code from meta attributes.

2) DRM (Data Rights Management): It is a third-party service to protect PDF files with expiration, but it is a costly and complex software beyond a desktop product.

3) Automated Software: The toolkit mentioned above is the expert-recommended way to set expiration date on PDF. Also, the toolkit has a self-explanatory interface with a responsible price, with tech support available 24/7.

Q) How do You Remove Expiry or Restrictions from a PDF File?

Select the PDF File, make a right-click and select “Remove Restrictions,” “Remove Restrictions,” and “Save As,” and soon you will get a PDF file free from restrictions.

So There You Have It

As you have read, the dedicated software from BitRecover offers more options and secured results to set PDF expiry date compared to DRM (Data Rights Management) and Node JS. However, the DRM software is too expensive and doesn’t offer advanced functionalists. For safe and secure results, go and download the software mentioned above to get accurate results for good.