How to Export Yahoo Contacts to vCard Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

In this blog post learn how to export Yahoo contacts to vCard format due to several reasons. Yahoo Mail by Yahoo, Inc is one of the best email services, with a user base of 225 million users. Many Yahoo users wish to export their contacts on their computers for backup, and they can export them in an Excel CSV file. But they can’t export their contacts in a portable format like vCard. If you want to know the reasons and solutions to export Yahoo contacts to VCF format, keep reading this blog!

Reasons to Backup Yahoo Contacts to VCF Format

There are many reasons to export Yahoo contacts as vCard format, and some of these are:

  • vCard files are easily accessible on almost every platform, whereas CSV files are compatible with only Excel or other spreadsheet software.
  • vCard files take less space on your devices, whereas CSV files require more space.
  • vCard files are easily shareable, whereas CSV files take time to get exported.

These reasons highlight the necessity to save Yahoo contacts to VCF files, so let’s read the solutions mentioned in the blog!

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Solutions to Export Yahoo Contacts as vCard File

We will now discuss the best way to export Yahoo contacts to vCard format. Keep reading! Here we will discuss the 2 best techniques to save Yahoo contacts to VCF contacts.

#1 Manual Method to Save Yahoo Contacts to VCF (vCard)

Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct method for manually exporting Yahoo contacts to vCard since Yahoo has only CSV as the export format. However, you can complete the multiple phases to download Yahoo contacts to vCard VCF format. We will use Google (Gmail) Contacts as a mediator to export Yahoo contacts as vCard file.

1st Phase: Export Yahoo Contacts to CSV File

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Select Contacts from the upper right-side menu and click the Three Dots on the extreme right.
  3. Click Export to CSV file, select a desired location, and click Save.
    export option
  4. The CSV contacts file will get downloaded to the selected location.
  5. Open the folder to access the CSV file.

2nd Phase: Import CSV Contacts to Google Contacts

  1. Login to your Gmail account and choose Contacts.
    gmail contacts option
  2. Select the Import option from Google Contacts.
    import option
  3. Choose the Select File button to browse CSV files from your pc.
    select file
  4. Select the CSV file and press the Open button.
    choose open
  5. Now hit the Import button to continue.
    import button
  6. Importing contacts process is running, please wait.
    importing contacts
  7. See CSV contacts are imported successfully in Google.
    all done

3rd Phase: Export Google Contacts to vCard Format

  1. Login to Google Contacts and choose the Export button.
    export contacts
  2. Choose vCard (for iOS Contacts) as a saving option and press Export.
    how to export yahoo contacts to vcard
  3. The process to export contacts from Gmail to VCF is running.
    how to export yahoo contacts as vcard
  4. Get exported contacts under the Download folder of your pc.
    resultant vcf contacts
Note: As we have seen, the manual method can save Yahoo contacts to VCF file within 3 phases. Even this is mandatory to use Gmail or another mediator application to backup Yahoo contacts to vCard format so this seems a lengthy and time-consuming process. Since there isn’t any effective manual method to export Yahoo contacts to vCard, an automated tool is the best way to export Yahoo contacts to VCF contacts.

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#2 Automated Method to Download Yahoo Contacts to vCard

Since there isn’t any method for the manual export of Yahoo contacts to vCard, an automated tool is the perfect way to export the contact list to vCard. We will discuss one tool compatible with Yahoo Mail exported CSV files as we have mentioned above in phase 1. This tool is BitRecover CSV to vCard Converter.

Features of the Tool

This tool has many features, and some of these are:

  • An easy-to-access graphic interface helps users use it without difficulties.
  • Compatible with Yahoo Mail exported and other CSV contact files.
  • The tool offers multiple encoding options according to specific devices and email clients.

How to Export Yahoo Contacts to vCard Format?

  1. Download and install the tool on your local computer.
  2. Use the Select button and add the CSV contact file.
    add yahoo exported csv
  3. The tool automatically selects the location where the CSV file resides. Click the Save As box to change the location of the resultant vCard file(s) according to your preference.
    set destination folder
  4. Check the Save all contacts in one VCF file box to save all CSV Yahoo contacts in a single vCard file.
    save all contacts in one vcf
  5. The tool will automatically scan the CSV file for available contact fields.
    contact field mapping
  6. Use the Select button for mapping and editing the contact fields according to your preference. The tool also provides many options to map empty fields.
    set contact field
  7. Confirm the mapped fields and check the Set vCard Encoding box for setting encoding for the resultant vCard file(s).
    set vcard encoding
  8. Click Convert, and the tool begins the file conversion process, which only takes a few minutes.
    backup yahoo contacts to vcf
  9. The destination folder will open with the converted vCard file(s).
    save yahoo contacts to vcf


This blog discussed the methods to export Yahoo contacts to vCard. The reasons discussed in the blog highlight the urgent conversion of Yahoo contacts into vCard. There isn’t any direct method to manually export your Yahoo contacts to vCard, but you can backup Yahoo contacts to VCF format using Gmail as a mediator application.

On the other hand, the automated tool described in the blog converts your Yahoo Mail exported (CSV) contacts to vCard in a few minutes, ensuring data integrity and secured file conversion.

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