How to Export Tutanota Emails ? Easy Methods

Mark Regan
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Do you want to export Tutanota emails? If yes then feel lucky for landing on the right page. Here we have discussed easy ways to instantly download or backup Tutanota emails and store them wherever you want in just a few simple steps. So let’s not waste time and let’s start reading to find out the best ways to instantly export emails from Tutanota account along with attachments.

Quick Solution to Export Tutanota Emails

  1. Download the tool to backup Tutanota emails.
  2. Select IMAP in source and enter login details.
  3. Enter IMAP Server details and click login.
  4. Select folders and choose a saving option.
  5. Lastly click Backup button to start downloading.

What is Tutanota Email?

Tutanota is an encrypted and highly secure email service based in Germany. This secure email service offers its users end-to-end encryption, which means that only sender and receiver can read the content of the email. Moreover, Tuta Mail provides several useful features such as calendars, contacts, and cloud storage options. This email service is highly popular among businessmen and professionals for privacy and protecting users from unauthorized access.

Reasons to Backup Tutanota Emails

  • Backup: We generally export Tutanota emails to maintain a backup of our important emails locally.
  • Migration: Another reason to download Tutanota emails can be moving its data to another platform or device.
  • Legal Compliance: It is important to backup Tutanota emails for compliance with legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Organization: Exporting emails to organize and categorize them more efficiently outside of Tutanota.
  • Sharing: Sharing specific emails or information with friends or colleagues who do not use Tutanota.
  • Analysis: Extracting data from emails for analysis, reporting, or research purposes.

Download Tutanota Emails Manually

  1. Open the Tuta Mail and login to your account.
  2. Go to your mailbox and select the emails you want to export.
  3. If you have to backup all the Tutanota emails, then press CTRL + A to select all.
  4. Now click on More icon then select Export option.
  5. After clicking the Export button to export Tutanota emails.


  • There are chances of failure in the process due to some error.
  • It can be frustrating for users who have bulk of Tutanota emails to export.
  • To download selective Tutanota emails, you need to select them from the entire mailbox one by one.
  • You need to repeat the steps for each email folder.

Reliable Solution to Export Tutanota Emails in Bulk

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard offers the most convenient solution to instantly export multiple Tutanota emails at once along with attachments and all email attributes. The software suits best for the professionals who want to backup Tutnota emails safely, effortlessly and as per their need. With this tool, users can easily export tutanota to Gmail, Thexyz, Juno and 90 more email platforms.

It successfully overcomes the frustration of downloading Tuta Mail emails and provides peace of mind. Moreover, the software is rich with advanced features which you should definitely read about. But first learn how to use it.

How to Backup Tutanota Emails with Tool?

  1. Download and launch the tool to export Tutanota emails in bulk. Export Tutanota Emails
  2. Go to Select Email Source option and choose IMAP from the available options. select IMAP
  3. Enter your Tutanota account login credentials such as your email address and password and also IMAP server details. You don’t know your Tutanota IMAP login details then check IMAP settings here. imap details
  4. To export the selective emails, check the required boxes. check folders
  5. Select the saving option in which you need to backup Tutanota emails. saving options
  6. Finally hit the backup button and Tuta Mail emails will be exported. backup Tutanota emails in bulk

Features of the Tool:

  • Allows to download only the selective Tutanota emails.
  • The tool can backup emails from Juno, Thexyz and 90+ email service provider.
  • It can also save Tutanota emails in multiple formats such as PDF, MSG, PST, etc.
  • Maintains all the email properties while exporting.
  • export Tutanota emails with all attributes.
  • Batch Mode option to download emails from multiple Tuta Mail accounts.
  • Filter options for more advanced backup of Tuta Mail emails.


Finally, exporting Tutanota emails is an important task to create backup of important emails, migrate, archive, organize, share, and process. The manual method to export Tutanota emails required a lot of time and effort, but on the other hand the Email Backup tool provides a great solution to backup Tutanota emails easily, since its innovative features and user-friendly interface ensure efficiency and peace of mind.

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FAQs Related to Export Tutanota Emails

1. Why is it important to backup Tutanota emails?

It is important to backup your valuable Tutanota emails to safeguard them for the long term from future data loss and corruption.

2. What is Tutanota email?

Tutanota is a German based email service that accommodates End-To-End encryption. It means security and privacy assuring the user and addition of functions such as calendars, contacts, and cloud storage.

3. What are the drawbacks of Manual method to download Tutanota emails?

Manual export can accompany mistakes, boring for bulk emails, cumbersome for selective exports, and consecutively overwhelming for each email folder.

4. Why do I Use BitRecover tool to export Tutanota emails?

BitRecover provides a convenient alternative for the bulk backup, which is an ideal choice for the users who need worry-free and smoothly download Tutanota emails. The main benefits of it include easy arrangement of the messages, secure storage, and fast search.

5. How to use the tool to backup Tuta Mail emails?

Simply download and launch the software> choose IMAP as email source> enter your credentials> select a saving option> click the backup button and you get your Tutanota emails saved in a few minutes.