How to Backup Thexyz Emails in Bulk? Easy Steps for Instant and Effective Result

Mark Regan
Published: March 26th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you Thexyz webmail user and looking to backup Thexyz emails ? If this is your concern then this article is for you. Read this article to find out step-by-step procedure to easily download Thexyz emails quickly and easily.

Before we backup Thexyz emails, let’s learn a few things about it. Thexyz is a email service provided by Thexyz Inc., which allows you to send, receive and manage emails just by using web browsers and having an internet connection. It offers several ultimate features using which users can easily manage their emails, organize email folders, and manage contacts.

In this article, To simplify the backup of Thexyz emails we have provided two methods from which you can choose whichever you want. Start following the simple steps to easily download Thexzy emails.

Quick Way to Backup Thexyz Emails in Bulk

  1. Download Thexyz backup Tool.
  2. Choose IMAP in Email source option.
  3. Type Thexyz login information.
  4. Enter IMAP Server details.
  5. Choose Saving option and click backup.

Important of Donwloading Thexyz Emails

  • Backup: Since we are not completely sure about the safety of our Thexyz account, so it’s better to backup Thexyz emails to keep copies.
  • Offline Access: if you download Thexyz emails you can access their data through mobile and other devices even without the internet.
  • Security: Keeping emails on local drives introduces another security step that makes them firewall from online hazards.
  • Organization: You can save Thexyz emails on the computer in order to organize and streamline them.
  • Privacy: Keeping Thexyz emails offline will increase your privacy because it limits the possibility to be watched online by the different online surveillance services.
  • Ease of Access: It is easier to locate relevant emails among a larger number of them with a slower internet connection when they are stored locally, not relying on the internet speed.
  • Compliance: Saving emails can be done to fulfill the law or regulatory mechanisms that demand archives of data.

Manual Method to Backup Thexyz Emails

  1. Start by accessing Thexyz webmail, then locate and click on the Import/Export button.
  2. Within the Exporting section, pick the email application where you intend to import your contact list.
  3. Proceed by clicking on the Export button to initiate the export process.
  4. Choose the desired location on your device to save the .csv export file.
  5. Finally, confirm your selection by clicking the Save button to backup Thexyz emails.

Direct Method to Download Thexyz Emails in Bulk

Downloading emails from webmail accounts such as Thexyz can be a challenging task, that is why today we are introducing the software that allows you to download, export and download emails from multiple Webmail accounts in seconds.

Use BitRecover Email Backup Tool to instantly backup Thexyz emails in bulk along with all the email messages, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals. This tool can backup emails from Juno, Tuta Mail and 90+ email service providers. Download the tool to quickly download Thexyz emails in no time.

How to Backup Thexyz Email with the Tool?

  1. First, download and install the Thexyz Backup Tool onto your computer, then open it. Backup Thexyz Emails
  2. Within the tool, choose the IMAP option as your email source. Enter your Thexyz Webmail email credentials, including your password and IMAP server details. Imap details and Thexyz account info
  3. Next, select the specific email folders from which you want to backup Thexyz emails. select thexyz folders
  4. Navigate to the saving options section and choose the format or method in which you’d like to save your backed-up emails. select saving option
  5. Once you’ve configured your preferences, hit the Backup button to download Thexyz messages in bulk. Backup Thexyz Emails

Thexyz Backup Tool’s Features:

  • It offers a direct way to save and download Thexyz emails in bulk.
  • Thexyz backup tool has a simple interface that can be used by anyone.
  • It allows downloading specific Thexyz email data.
  • You can select the saving option according to your need to get the final result.
  • This universal tool can download emails from Tutanota, Juno and multiple webmail accounts.
  • It saves time and allows you to backup Thexyz emails in batch at once.
  • Preserves the original structure of all the Thexyz emails files and folders.
  • Give an instant result at your desired location.


We hope the above article was helpful for you. We explore two ways to backup Thexyz emails including manual and direct methods. Manual methods offer a challenging and frustrating way to save Thexyz emails, and it may also fail if you make a mistake. However professionals recommend using the automated tool to instantly download Thexyz emails in bulk.


Can I backup Thexyz emails in bulk?

Yes, the mentioned Thexyz backup tools allows you to download and export multiple Thexyz messages  at once.

Is it safe to use the Tool to download Thexyz emails?

Yes, the tool is 100% safe and secure and you can backup Thexyz emails while safeguarding each and every data.