How to Download Juno Email Safely? Step-by-Step Guide

Mark Regan
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you a Juno Webmail user and looking for the methods to download Juno email in easy ways? If this is the concern, here we are going to elaborate the best method for an instant Juno email backup by following just a few steps. So if you are unable to download your Juno mail emails, start reading this guide.

Before you download Juno email, let’s first know what Juno is: Juno Webmail is an email service that helps users to send, receive and manage emails through web browsers. It offers a wide range of features like customizable folders, spam filters, and address book management. A Juno Webmail user can easily access their emails though any device just by having an internet connection. Juno mail has a user-friendly user interface which allows users to collaborate through emails. Moreover, apart from being an advanced email service, Juno is also safe and secured.

Quick Way to Download Juno Email in bulk

  1. Download the Juno email backup tool.
  2. Enter Juno Webmail login info and IMAP server details.
  3. Select required Juno mail folders.
  4. Choose any saving option.
  5. Click the backup button to start.

Importance of Juno Email Backup

  • Backup Juno webmail emails help to store important emails, contacts and attachments securely and protect from accidental data loss.
  • Downloading Juno emails allows restoring the email data back to the Juno Webmail account incase of computer crash or malware attack.
  • Backup copies of Juno emails serve as evidence in legal matters.
  • If you download Juno emails, you can archive older messages.
  • With the Juno email backup, users can access their email without having an internet connection.

Manual Way to Download Juno Email

  1. Simply click on the Read tab and choose the email message that you want to download.
  2. Now go to the File tab and select the option Export message to text file.
  3. Next, a window will pop-up on the screen, enter your name, choose a path and click the Save button.
  4. That’s it! After this, your Juno emails will be downloaded in a TEXT file.

Note: This method will backup Juno emails only in a TEXT file. If you need Juno email backup in another format, then use the TEXT converter to change its format.


  • This method only allows you to download Juno email in TEXT format.
  • The manual process of selecting and downloading individual Juno emails one-by-one, can be time consuming.
  • Too technical and prone to human error for Juno email download manually.

Advanced Way to Download Juno Email

For a quick and instantly Juno email Backup, install the BitRecover Email Backup software. This modern Juno Backup application provides the easiest way to export Juno Webmail emails in bulk without needing any additional application. The software has a very easy user interface that anyone can use without knowing technicalities. Users can effortlessly download Juno emails in bulk in just a few simple steps.

How to Backup Juno Emails in Bulk?

  1. Download the Juno Backup Tool only on your computer and launch it. download Juno email
  2. Select IMAP in the email source option, enter your Juno Webmail email, password and IMAP server details. enter Juno login info and IMAP details
  3. Choose specific email folders to initiate required Juno email backup. select folders
  4. Go to the saving option, and select any format or saving option as per your choice. select a saving option
  5. Click the backup button and Juno emails will be downloaded in bulk. Juno email backup

Why Choose Juno Email Backup Tool?

  • Choose specific messages to download Juno email quickly.
  • Use advanced settings for precise Juno email backup.
  • It’s completely safe and doesn’t alter your original data.
  • Download Juno emails without any connection or installation required.
  • Users get various saving options using which they can export Juno email to Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and several email services.
  • Your email folder structure remains intact during the migration to Google Suite.
  • Works on all Microsoft Windows & Server Operating Systems, including Win-11.
  • Compatible with all versions of Apple Mac OS X operating system.
  • The licensed version has no restrictions on exporting Juno Webmail messages.
  • Round-the-clock technical support available for any issues during the process.


This article explained 2 methods to download Juno email which include a manual way and direct way. We have explained a complete and step-by-step guidance for Juno email backup. The manual method is quite time consuming and reliable to Juno email download in bulk, moreover it will only export the Juno Webmail emails in TEXT file. Hence the advanced solution Juno Backup Tool has a simple interface, and no one is required to know any computing skills in order to use it with ease and see its utility.

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