Know How to Transfer Juno Email to Gmail Account – A Complete User Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

There are multiple scenarios wherein the customer’s Juno webmail service gets interrupted. The reasons could be many such as the email account freezing, signing in problems, configuration settings trouble, etc. But don’t need to panic. This write-up explains the user simple steps to follow so as to access Juno email in another webmail service like Gmail. Learn the complete method to transfer Juno email to Gmail account.

Learn about Juno Mail-

Juno is the greatest network on the web for accessing free webmail service. The Juno group is a subsidiary of United Online & is situated in New Jersey (United States). Juno started to facilitate its webmail services in 1996 and has since procured an extraordinary service provider. Clients can send and get 35KB messages through webmail, which was a lot of information at that point. By 1998, Juno had set up itself as an exceptional webmail provider because of its expanding user base.

However, even after offering so many years of service, Juno webmail has disappeared from the chief webmail services. Due to the arrival of of another variant of browsers in the online market, Juno confronted a major drop of its users and lost large number of clients because of incompatibility with other webmail like Gmail.

Effective Method to Transfer Juno Email to Gmail Account

Like many other users have done it before – sending messages from one email service to the next. You can likewise forward Juno email to Gmail account. In case you are thinking about the strategies for transferring emails from Juno webmail to Gmail then you will be delighted to know that we have got the best solution for you. Our proficient and experienced experts have done broad research and have sorted out the all-in-one technique to import Juno email into Gmail account successfully.

If you use both Gmail and Juno webmail service and prefer the Gmail service, then you can effectively bulk export Juno email in Gmail. Heres’ the amazing method to do this- BitRecover IMAP Mail Backup Tool. It’s an automated software that gives facility to transfer emails from Juno email to another email accounts like Gmail.

Hit on the download button below to use this software. (Available for both Windows and Mac OS)

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Import Juno Email into Gmail Service ?

The following step-by-step method will immediately transfer Juno email to Gmail account.

After downloading, just install the Juno to Gmail backup software on your machine.

Now, this process will not work properly until you don’t provide the accurate IMAP incoming mail server details of Juno webmail. So, please enter the correct information:


After putting these details in the respective fields, the software starts analyzing all mailboxes from your email account. Within few seconds, it will load all emails into the toolkit. Enable the required Juno webmail folders which you wish to transfer to Gmail.

Key Note- If you are running more than one Juno email account and wish to import all Juno webmail emails to Gmail, make sure to enable the ‘use batch mode’ feature.

Thereafter, navigate to the saving options list. From here, choose the Gmail service.

Note- For selectively transferring email messages from Juno webmail to Gmail, enable the ‘advanced settings for selective backup’ option.

Enter the email address and password of your Gmail account. Last but not the least, click on the backup button. This will start the process to transfer Juno email to Gmail account.

Top Features of Tool to Forward Juno Email to Gmail

  1. This software allows to bulk transfer Juno email to Gmail account in a single round of processing.
  2. During the import of Juno email into Gmail, the tool keeps intact all email properties such as images, hyperlinks, text formatting, mail headers, etc.
  3. The utility also helps to forward multiple Juno webmail account messages into Gmail account by offering the batch mode feature.
  4. There are no limitations to import Juno email into Gmail with the licensed version of this software.
  5. It executes a rapid and accurate conversion of Juno mailboxes to Google mail account.
  6. Along with emails, the tool is proficient to export Juno attachments to Gmail also.
  7. The application can be installed on any edition of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  8. It preserves the internal folder structure during the process to forward Juno email to Gmail account.

Over to you

In this blog, we have explained the complete ways to transfer Juno email to Gmail account. The Juno to Gmail converter wizard is very helpful for achieving maximum conversion results in a minimum time. If you want to test the functions and features of this tool, then please try the free demo version. After getting fully satisfied, you can proceed to buy the license keys of the product.

Please feel free to contact our technical support team if you have any queries.

User Queries – How do I Access my Juno Email in Google Mail ?

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why users want to import Juno email into Gmail:
Q1: I have been with Juno webmail service since the starting of email, late ‘90s’. The advertisements, throughout the long years, have gotten more interrupting. Presently, I can’t type an email with it. As I am composing a message, a new ad loads, it removes the focus from the box that I am composing. This is annoying me so much. Now, I have decided to import Juno email into Gmail personal account. Have tried many ways to forward Juno email to Gmail but all in vain. Please help!!!

Q2: I have been a Juno user for a long time, I think from 1999. The last year with Juno has been a very bad experience. My PC freezes with this account and so many numbers of advertisements. Is there any way to export Juno email in Gmail account?

Q3: Browsing multiple Juno email account throughout the day is very tedious for me. So, I prefer Gmail over Juno mail and want to forward each Juno email account message to a single Gmail account. I want to know is there any solution that can help me with the process to transfer Juno email to Gmail? I don’t want to keep copies of Juno email accounts, just want to migrate all Juno mail data to Gmail at once.

Q4: I want to help my friend to migrate old Juno emails to Gmail. Though I have tried to do Gmail settings in order to forward Juno email to Gmail. But, it seems that nothing is working out for me. Can you please assist me in how can I import Juno email into Gmail account?