How to Export Calendar to Excel Spreadsheet?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you looking for solutions to export calendar to Excel? If yes, then you have landed at the perfect blog post! We will explore the best methods to help you export calendar from Outlook Web App to Excel, besides the reasons for the transfer!

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email client with features like mailbox rules and email categorizing. Outlook users who prefer to spend their days on a web browser will like Outlook’s web-based email service known as (formerly Hotmail).

On the other hand, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software developed for data calculation, computation, and analysis purposes.

Reasons to Export Calendar from Outlook Web App to Excel

We will now explore the reasons to export Outlook Web calendar to Excel Spreadsheet:

Data Archive & Backup: The first reason to export calendar to Excel is to have a scheduled backup. Creating a calendar data backup in Excel format helps you retain your crucial schedule in case of Outlook backend issues & unintentional data loss or deletion. Moreover, you can even have an archive of your yearly schedule in Excel format, which will help you with future reference or schedule reviewing purposes.

Data Analysis: Another reason to export calendar from Outlook Web App to Excel format helps OWA users with seamless data analysis and envision it according to their requirements. users can use Excel’s robust data evaluation tools to review their schedule patterns and time commitments, or filter events based on specific criteria.

Schedule Sharing: The third reason to get calendar to Excel Sheet is you can easily collaborate with your colleagues or family without having constant access to your account. Moreover, this calendar data conversion will help non-Outlook users collaborate with you immensely on your schedule without requiring an Outlook account creation.

These reasons necessitate an urgent transfer of your Outlook webmail calendar to Excel Spreadsheet, and the following sections describe the solutions for the data transfer.

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Solutions to Export Calendar to Excel

This section will mention the methods for calendar export to Excel Sheet, beginning with the manual approaches, followed by the professional one.

Manual Way to Export Outlook Web Calendar to Excel

  1. Sign In to your and choose Calendar.
  2. Select a specific calendar and choose the Edit option.
  3. Copy calendar title, attendees, event dates, and description.
  4. Paste copied event details in Excel rows and columns.
  5. Copy other information and paste it into Excel Sheet.

Manual Method Limitations

This method is the only manual solution to export calendar to Excel Sheet. It has many limitations, like being time-consuming and no direct data transfer. You can’t copy and paste complete OWA calendar information into Excel Sheet at once. You need to copy and paste specific details one by one. Hence, we will mention the best method in the next section.

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Pro Way to Export Calendar to Excel Sheet

The manual workaround to export calendar to Excel won’t help you because it is not a reliable method. Hence, automated software becomes the perfect solution to export Outlook web calendar to Excel.

BitRecover Backup Tool is an excellent solution for the completion of this task with complete data retention, besides folder structure intactness. You can rely on this automated utility to comfortably convert your Outlook Webmail calendar to Excel format without data loss.

How to Export Outlook Webmail to Excel Spreadsheet?

  1. Download and start the software on your computer.
    Launch software
  2. Log in using your credentials (email address and password).
    Outlook live credentials
  3. Next, select the main Calendar folder and subfolders from the preview pane.
    Select calendar folders
  4. Click the Select Saving Option dropdown list and choose the CSV format.
    Select CSV
  5. Next, click Change to pick a desired destination folder for the resultant file.
    Destination path
  6. Click the Backup button to export calendar from Outlook Web App to Excel Sheet.
    Export calendar to Excel Sheet
  7. Exporting Outlook Web calendar to Excel, please wait for completion.
    Export Outlook web calendar to Excel
  8. Finally, get the exported calendar in Excel format from a selected destination.
    Resultant Excel


This blog post discussed the reasons and solutions to export calendar to Excel. The reasons explored in this post highlight the necessity to convert Outlook webmail calendar events to Excel files. The manual workaround involves copying the entire calendar data to Excel file, which makes it unusable due to the limitations. Hence, the automated software mentioned in this blog becomes the perfect solution for resolving this query with complete data retention.