Export Mac Mail to Windows and Convert Them into Desired Formats

Case Study, December 26, 2016

About Mac Mail – It is default email client or email service that comes with every Apple Machine using OS X10.0 or latest editions. It is helpful to send receive mailboxes for corporate, personal use. This email application comes including with many features as following.

  1. It is default email client so don’t need to purchase license keys
  2. It offers both Import and Export options for other email clients
  3. Simple to use and trustable email application
  4. Freedom to add (configure) multiple email accounts
  5. Inbuilt option to save mailboxes as PDF documents
  6. Users can easily apply rules on it

Methods to Export Mac Mail Messages with Complete Research

Our technical team is recently completed the research related to multiple techniques of export Mac Mail backup to hard drive, pen drive and Windows machine with screenshots as following.

Method 1 – This technique is related to save Apple messages to hard drive, pen drive and Windows machine.

  • Run Mac Mail email application and click on Mailbox << Export Mailbox… option

export mailbox option

  • Type any name of folder and press Create button

create folder

  • Now select desired folder and click on Choose to continue after that all mailboxes will be save on selected folder on your Mac Machine

choose folder

  • Copy desired folder and paste into Windows Machine by using external hard drive or pen drive

copy backup folder

  • This screenshot is showing the backup on Windows Computer

mac mail backup on windows machine

Method 2 – This technique is related to get Mac Mail backup on your email id by using Dropbox service.

  • Run Dropbox and select Choose files option as showing

choose files

  • Now select email messages folder from your machine and press Open button


  • After complete the upload process click on Done

upload done

  • Click on uploaded file and press Share


  • Type your email ID and click on Share to continue the process

type email id

  • Login with your email id and open email message, choose View file option

view file

  • Now download the file as showing


  • Here is Mac Mail resultant data on Windows Computer

data is here

Method 3 – This technique is related to get email backup from default store location

  • Click on Go << Go to Folder option

go to folder

  • Go to the ~/Library folder

library folder

  • Choose Library << Mail folder

mail folder

  • Select V3 (May be V1, V2 and V4) after that that choose xyz.mbox as showing in following screenshot

v1, v2, v3, v4

  • Now right click on xyz.mbox file and copy it and paste to external hard disk or pen drive

copy data

  • Save Mac Mail to Windows Machine by using pen drive or external hard disk, now open email database folder

mac to windows

  • Open All Mail.mbox folder

all mail.mbox

  • Double click on email folder to open it

open folder

  • Now open Data folder

open data folder

  • Open Message folder

open message folder

  • This screenshot is showing Mac Mailboxes in single EMLX file format

emlx files

Important Information about Exported Mac Mail Messages

We have successfully described the 3 best methods to transfer Mac Mail to Windows machine but every time exported data format was different so non-technical or home users always be in confusion to think about which is perfect software to convert exported Mac Mail data because it is saved in different formats so most of applications are failed to migrate data to other formats.

Recommended Solution to Migrate All Methods Exported Data

We recommend Mac Mail Converter application because it is lab tested software that successfully migrate all types of exported Mac Mail data to Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and many other formats with 100% accuracy. It is only software in all over the World that can’t fail to migrate Mac Mail data and it has been developed after many years of research so there is no chance to fail the conversion process.

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