How to Export Google Keep Notes to MBOX Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you have Google Notes on your Android phone or computer? But for security reasons, you may want to convert it to a reliable file format for future use. If yes, then continue reading this blog to export Google Keep Notes in MBOX format.

In this technological time, we use a smart way to record any important information. We all have smartphones and computers. Suddenly, we need to write something, so we use it to keep notes. Let us learn about Keep Notes.

Keep Notes: Google Keep is a free web-based note-taking service provided by Google. Google Keep is available on mobile apps for Android and iOS. This app is a bundle of tools, including text, links, images, and audio. Google Keep Notes is a simple and text-free tool for writing down and storing important information.

But of course, we can’t forget that it’s all over the web. Therefore, sometimes situations arise when Google Keep Notes are exported in MBOX format. It is a good decision to convert all the notes to the most common MBOX format. But the question is how? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the easiest way to export Google Keep Notes to MBOX in bulk.

“Hello, I have Google Keep notes in my Google account, and the data is huge. That’s why Google Notes takes some time to open. So I decided to convert to the MBOX format. Because currently I am using the Apple Mail application and MBOX files are supported by Apple Mail. But I don’t know how to export Google Notes to MBOX format. Please suggest me a time-saving solution. “

Export Google Keep Notes to MBOX – Point to be Remember

Before using the tool, you must have downloaded the Google Notes from your account by using Google Takeout.

Google Takeout is in-built feature provided by Google to export your Google account data. Our next section will guide you every single step to download Google keep notes and watch the live video to convert Google Takeout data to MBOX format.

Steps to Download Google Keep Notes

  1. First, log into your Google Account and go to Profile >> Manage your Google account.
  2. Click on Data & Privacy option >> Download your data option.
  3. Click the “Deselect All” option and select only the “Keep” option.
  4. Hit the Create Export option and complete all the steps.

Lastly, after completing all the steps, your Google Keep notes are in HTML and JSON file format. Now follow the professional solution to export Google Keep to MBOX format.

Unique Solution to Convert Google Keep to MBOX in Bulk

BitRecover launched a new and demandable software called the Keep Converter tool. This solution is able to export Google Notes into MBOX file format in bulk. With this tool you can convert selected Notes items to MBOX format without the help of any other application.

The best thing about this tool is that it works offline. Internet connectivity is not required to work with this tool. It works very fast, in the blink of an eye.

Download for Windows

How to Convert Google Keep Notes to MBOX Format

  1. Firstly, download and install the software on your computer.
  2. Secondly, add the Google Takeout exported file by using the Select Files or Select Folders option.
    upload Google Keep Notes
  3. Choose the file from your local computer where you saved it.
    select Google Keep Notes file
  4. Then choose the MBOX format from the multiple saving lists and hit the Convert button.
    choose MBOX file to export Google Keep Notes to MBOX
  5. Choose the destination location to save the resultant data as per your preference.
    select destination location to convert Google Notes to MBOX
  6. After completing the Google Keep to MBOX conversion, the software will show you a confirmation pop-up message.
    Google Keep Notes to MBOX conversion complete
  7. The software will automatically open the converted file at the specified location.
    Export Google notes to MBOX resultant file

Eyes Catching Points of the Software

  1. The software gives you twin option of uploading single or multiple Google Keep notes at a time. On the other hand, the manual way is exporting one note at a time.
  2. A user can convert bulk Google notes into MBOX format without any size restriction, while the manual method does not support bulk conversion.
  3. The manual method exports all data in HTML and JSON format, but this tool gives you multiple 8 common saving file formats.
  4. During the conversion process, it will maintain all the attributes and formatting like hyperlinks, images, font size, text, etc.
  5. The interface of this tool is totally simple and a cost-effective tool for all home and business users.

Keep in Mind: After the conversion process, you will get an MBOX file, but to open an MBOX file, you will need a supported email application. The MBOX file format is supported by multiple email applications like Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. Many free applications are available on the market. You can use our trusted MBOX viewer to view MBOX files.


1. I am using the Thunderbird application. Can I import MBOX files into Thunderbird? How?

Yes, you can easily import MBOX files into Thunderbird via the built-in Import/Export option.

2. Does this software convert images that are in Google Keep Notes?

Yes, this tool converts all the objects, including images, links, text, voice, and links, which are included in Google Notes within the original format.

3. Does this utility offer a free demo version? And how many files will it convert?

Yes, this tool gives you a free demo version. It allows you to convert up to 25 Google Keep notes to MBOX format. If you want to do bulk conversions, upgrade your license.

Final Verdict

Finally, we give explicit information on how to convert Google Keep notes to MBOX format. If you are seeking a manual technique to convert Google Keep to MBOX, I am sorry to inform you that there is none. Use the free demo version to learn more about the software. If you have any problems, please contact our technical support staff, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.