Know How to Export Evernote to Gmail & Google Workspace Accounts?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
You are definitely on the right platform if you are using Evernote and looking solution for export Evernote to Gmail. Since this platform will solve this problem by offering you the precise solution, so be prepared to export Evernote to Gmail.
By exporting Evernote to Gmail, users can easily add – on their saved important emails and easily share all the notes via email — all from one place. Here, in this blog, we will discuss how to export Evernote to google workspace in brief. Let’s get started now.

Evernote is one of the most popular notetaking services available right now. User can save a note with Evernote, also, user can even save web pages, clips, videos, and much more. With support for almost all the devices and platforms, it makes it really easy to get the notes synchronized and saved on the devices.

There are many users who want to export Evernote to Gmail. They might think that if users will move to G Suite, then they will not be able to access all the previous emails, contacts, etc.

Let me clear to you that it is not a problem at all. Users can now easily export Evernote to google workspace using the application, which is a Windows-based utility.

For accomplishing this task of Export Evernote to Gmail first we have to

Export Evernote Note to document i.e., Adobe / Word documents. After completing this, then users have to import resultant PDF documents into Google Drive which can be easily operable using Gmail accounts.

A perfect way to Export Evernote to google workspace

The solution that can make this tedious and problematic task one of the easiest is the Evernote Converter Utility. This may be the user’s first time viewing the solution, but we have to tell users that this application is the most reliable and has been solving the user’s problem very smoothly for a long time. This process of export Evernote to Gmail can be fulfilled by using the best professional solution. Novice users can easily use this application without having knowledge of any technical skills. There is a batch mode option available to export multiple email account attachments in single processing.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

It is an easy-to-use software that can be easily operable by both professional and home users. Without compromising on any sort of security or quality users can complete this process.

High speed and smooth user experience are also featuring of this program. This tool helps to protect sensitive data from various threat exposure as well as from data breaches.

How to export Evernote to Gmail – Step-by-step

For exporting Evernote to Gmail first we have to convert Evernote to PDF file format.

Users have to follow some simple steps to accomplish this task without facing any hassle:

  1. First, download and install recommended software on your Windows Operating System and read all the instructions carefully.
    recommended software
  2. After that, the tool will provide two options to select Evernote notes from the option select files or select folders.
    select Evernote notes
  3. Then, check Evernote Notebook files from the software window and hit on the Next button to continue the process.
    check Evernote Notebook files
  4. Thereafter, select PDF saving format from the given drop list of saving formats.saving format
  5. Thereafter, confirm default or browse a different destination path from your computer and click on the Convert button to proceed further.
    Convert button 
  6. Export Evernote to Gmail is running, users have to wait for few seconds for the completion of the task.
  7. After completion of export Evernote to Gmail, the utility will automatically open the destination path. Now, user can see their output data.
    output data

Note: If a user wants to test the application, then first go with the free trial version of the application. It will help users in completing the task and testing the tool. After having satisfaction user can purchase the licensed version of the program for unlimited conversion.

After completing this process now users have to import resultant documents in Google Drive.

Import documents in Google Drive

Now users have to follow the below instructions to import documents in Google Drive.

  1. Login to your Gmail account and choose Drive from available Google programs.
    choose Drive
  2. Thereafter, click on the New button to continue.
    New button
  3. Now choose Folder upload option and browse whole folder having all resultant documents.
    Folder upload
  4. Uploading documents in Google drive so please wait. Now the task to export Evernote to Gmail has been completed successfully.

Final Verdict

Whenever users need to export Evernote to Gmail for whatever reason, users can easily use the above-mentioned application. This application is reliable and requires very little effort for completion of the task. Just a few clicks and the user’s job will be done. So, it is highly recommended to try this amazing program and experience it. This is full of features that users can use for various purposes and is easy to use as well.

We hope after reading this blog users will not have to face any issues in this task. If still user is having some doubt, then they can go with the trial version of the application.