How to Export Contacts from Outlook Web App (

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 20th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Nowadays various users want to export contacts from Outlook Web App (OWA) accounts to local computers. If you are one of them then you can end your search here! This blog post explores 2 tried and tested methods to export OWA contacts so stay tuned.

You can use manual as well as automatic solutions to export contacts from Outlook Web Access. In this blog post, we have explained both techniques with complete instructions using actual screenshots.

There are multiple reasons available due to them users prefer to export contacts, so let’s discuss them.

What Is the Motive to Export Contacts?

  • Backup: Exporting contacts from Outlook Web App for creating a backup is helpful to avoid data loss and accidental deletion scenarios.
  • Migration: Sometimes users want to migrate contacts to different platforms, hence, they export Outlook Web contacts.
  • Integration: In some situations, users may have a desire to integrate contacts with other platforms like CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Sharing: Exporting contacts enables users to share them with colleagues, friends, or family members who may need access to the contact information.
  • Offline Access: As we know is a web-based email application that requires an internet connection to access data. But after getting OWA contacts, you can access them offline.

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Outlook Web App

  1. Login to your and choose People.
  2. Select Manage Contacts from the top right corner.
    Manage contacts
  3. After that, choose Export Contacts from dropdown.
    Export contacts option
  4. Select a contact folder to export available contacts.
    Select contacts
  5. Click Export to export contacts.
    Export contacts from Outlook Web App
  6. Get exported contacts in CSV from the Downloads folder.
    Exported contacts

Note That: You can use CSV to vCard Converter to convert OWA exported CSV files.

Manual Method Drawbacks

  • The manual way is only suitable to export OWA contacts to CSV format.
  • You can export Outlook Web contacts from a single folder at once.
  • You need to repeat the same steps to export contacts from another folder.
  • This is a time-consuming process, so this is not recommended for professionals.

Important Note: If you are using desktop Outlook 2010-2021 edition, read these articles:

Automated Method to Export OWA Contacts in Bulk

Outlook Web App Backup Tool is an excellent software for Windows and Mac OS users. This utility is specifically developed to export contacts from Outlook Web App to various standard formats.

This software permits to export OWA contacts from all available folders at once, so our respective clients can save valuable time. Just download the freeware edition of this software and check its working process immediately.

How to Export Contact List from Outlook Web App?

  1. Launch the software, enter credentials, and click Login.
    Outlook live credentials
  2. Select the contact folders that you want to export.
    Select OWA contact folders
  3. After that, select a saving option according to your choice.
    Select saving option
  4. Browse specific destination folder using the Change button.
    Destination path
  5. Click the Backup button to export contacts from Outlook Web App.
    Export contacts
  6. Exporting contacts, please wait for a while.
    Export OWA contacts
  7. Lastly, get exported contacts from selected location.
    Resultant contacts

What Is Special in Software?

  • Export contacts from Outlook Web App in several standard formats i.e. *.csv, *.vcf, *.pst, *.msg, and many more.
  • The best way to export contacts from all folders at once and save them at the preferred destination path.
  • This is a fully automated solution that asks only your OWA account credentials i.e. Email Address and Password.
  • Before exporting contacts from Outlook online, you can see how many contacts are available in folders.
  • Permits to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive in several commonly used file extensions.

Some Regularly Asked Questions

Que 1: How do I extract email addresses from Outlook 365?

Manually this is a time-consuming task so you can refer to this blog post to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 which is a part of Microsoft 365 subscription-based productivity suite.

Que 2: Is there a way to download all email addresses from Outlook 2021 desktop version?

Yes, the Outlook email address extractor is available with a free demo version. You can use this software to collect email addresses.

Q 3: Which is the best way to export contacts from Outlook Web App?

Above mentioned both are tried and tested ways to export emails from Outlook Online.


Above we have disclosed manual and professional methods to export contacts from Outlook Web App (OWA) accounts. If you are a home user and want to export OWA contacts to CSV format, then use the manual method. If you are a business professional and have a desire to export contacts in several formats, then go to an automated solution.