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Published: December 26th, 2022 • 4 Min Read

export emails from proofpoint

Searching around on the internet to get the appropriate solution on how to export archive emails from Proofpoint email archiver, then stop and read this details blog post to get the perfect solution to export archive data from Proofpoint.

In past years, organizations have used archiving exclusively to resolve the storage issue, and it is their top priority. Most of the on-premises email servers, like Exchange and Domino, are easily enlarged as email traffic increases. And this causes a degrading in performance and wreaks the storage planning.

Suppose users didn’t reduce the size of their mailboxes to address the bloat, either by deleting emails or by moving emails to offline files. The performance degradation will not be overcome.

But nowadays the use case of email archiving is changing and involved way beyond the storage option. Because most organizations moving from on-premise to the cloud and data prevention and privacy is very important.

Now, we know why organizations choose email archiving services but why they want to export the archive data from their email archiver solutions.

Reason to Export Emails From Proofpoint Email Archiver

Internat Investigation – All organizations, large and small do the internal regulatory enquiries and internal investigation, and for this purpose, they need all the old email data.

Move Data Locally – Due to storage issues some organization move their archived data to a local storage facility. So, that they can reduce the archiving size.

Recovery or Restore – If an organization or enterprise facing a data loss situation due to any reasons then, archive data is first priority for them in order to restore deleted data.

Legacy Emails – Companies are always dynamic because they experience acquisitions and divestitures, and in both cases, they have to export the archive email of the company so that they can standardize the legacy emails to a single archiving solution.

After knowing all the details about the Proofpoint Email Archive it working and why users want to export archive data from Proofpoint. Now, it’s time to let’s get into the steps part to know how one can download archive emails from Proofpoint.

Steps to Export Archive Emails From Proofpoint Email Archiver

The export process from Proofpoint is divided into two parts. In the first step, we show you how to search the data and in the second part we will show you the steps of exporting searched data. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Step 1: Performing A Search

1. Open the sidebar and click on the Search option.

2. Now, enter the phrase or keyword in the search field.

3. To search phrases across all fields click on the Search button or if you want to search data in just one file, then click on the field name.

4. Choose the date and time field to find the specific archived data

5. After all this click on the Search button to perform the search for archive data.

6. Once the search process is done click on the Save icon to save the search result.

Searchable Fields

Step 2: Saving A Search Result

Note: Keep remembering that the search results can be only exported by discovery users only. And rest of the users can only view their own messages. The discovery users are assigned by admins.

1. Once all the done click on the Export icon above from the search result table.

2. After clicking on the Export button a pop opens and enter the name of the search.

3. You can enter the password to the file (This step is optional)

4. Once all is done click on the Export button to export archive emails from Proofpoint email archiver.

Note: The exported data is added to an export job (.zip). And this ZIP file contains EML file formats. One thing more through a simple search you can only export 100K messages. If the data is more than 100K then you have to use additional search parameters.

Different Import Options For Proofpoint Archived Email Data

Looking for a guide that teaches you the way to migrate Proofpoint archived emails to other email applications and services, then we hope that the below-listed guide will help you a lot in wonder to the same.

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Guide Cessation

It is time to wind up the blog post, here we have discussed all about the Proofpoint Email Archiver solution. Including this, we have also elaborated how to export archive emails from Proofpoint email archiver.