How to Download Attachments?

Mark Regan | June 21st, 2021 | Extract Attachments

Download Email Attachments

Many times the user faces trouble downloading attachments from their emails. It can be due to numerous reasons such as file sizes, email client doesn’t support the file extension, and many other. Do you want to free yourself to download attachments? Wondering about powerful software to do the task for you?

If the answer to both the question is YES, this guide is for you!

It will introduce a professional solution that can extract attachments from webmail without restricting file extension and size. We will also share the complete process to download and use the solution. It is also available for free use.

So, let’s get started! cannot download email attachment queries is a webmail application used to send and receive emails with attachments. This service is mainly used to create a personal account. However, many users complain that after creating a personal profile, they get emails and other data from fake profiles, stolen data, low-quality content, and more. However the company has worked on these cases, but it cannot sustain its user trust.

This is one of the most significant reasons that users are looking for a solution to download attachment files from their accounts.

Our BitRecover support team has received a lot of requests for extracting attachments from their webmail account.

A few of them are mentioned below:

“I am distraught with the low security of my account with I have decided to delete the account and save my data on a computer. Can someone tell me the workable way to download attachments from account?”


“ I wanted to save all old attachments from account to a desktop folder. How can I do this? Please help!”

– Mike

Looking at the above scenario, this is pretty much clear that webmail doesn’t provide a practical option to download attachments. Also, there is no better manual way to do the process.

Try out the Automatic & Proven solution to download all attachments

Download and lunch the Email attachment downloader on the Windows laptop/ computer. It allows extracting attachments from webmail account easily and quickly. It supports saving mail attachments without the restriction on file size and extension. After the extraction process, the user can share the attachments to a USB Drive or any other account. With the help of the software, the user has the freedom to save attachments from to the desired location on the computer/Hard Drive.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Step-by-step working of Attachment Extractor 

Here are the complete instructions and screenshots to use the best attachment downloader software.

Take a Trial of the FREE edition.

If you want to try the free demo edition, tap on the Download Now button and launch the free edition on your Windows system.

Please open it and extract ten attachments from account after providing login credentials. It is a safe and straightforward method. When using the free trial edition, the software doesn’t ask for any payment details. After that, switch to Pro edition and save mail attachments without any limits.

Ready to download multiple attachments from webmail account? Check out the below steps:

  1. Open the attachment downloader software.
  2. Select email source from the list and then enter the credentials to log in. email source
  3. Check the batch mode option to extract attachments from multiple webmail account.
  4. Now, the toolkit starts loading mailbox folder. Please select items to download attachments.
    select items
  5. Browse a location to save the resulting file item and click the Change button to change the default destination.
    Browse a location
  6. Users can also apply various advanced filter settings to download attachments from a particular mailbox. attachment extractor
  7. Now, click on the backup button to start the attachment extraction process. The toolkit displays a live preview of the entire process.
    extract attachments
  8. At last, get the resultant attachment file from the default destination.

Top Feature of Attachment Extractor

  • This utility protects the original properties of attachment during the extraction process.
  • The software supports downloading all types of attachment files. It also allows downloading attachments from a particular file format in emails.
  • Users can download multiple webmail attachment files to the computer folder.
  • The software comes with a batch mode, enabling users to upload CSV files containing the login details for many webmail accounts.
  • It also allows users to download selective attachments from the mailbox emails without any loss.
  • The toolkit offers a variety of detailed filter settings for saving attachments from select email. These settings can be applied based on dates, to, from, selected extensions, etc.
  • The attachment extractor is a total Windows OS Compatible solution and downloads all the available versions.

The Conclusion 

The above blog post provides a helpful solution to extract attachments from webmail account. It shows an ideal solution to download email attachment files from local folder. The mentioned solution is the best toolkit for saving attachments without requiring advanced technical knowledge.