How to Download Email Attachments? Get Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This blog provides methods to download email attachments along with steps and all necessary information. If you do not know how to extract attachments from email then try the techniques described here. is a well known email service which is often used to create personal accounts. Users can easily access accounts using IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Means, users does not need webmail interface to connect their account with other email programs. Through this setup, emails can be easily viewed using Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

However, due to many reasons, we need to download email attachments. Understanding the importance of this purpose, we have introduced you to the easiest solution to extract attachments from email account. Find them below!

How to Download Email Attachments?

Extracting attachments from email accounts can be a challenging task especially when you are having a large number of emails. However, you can not achieve it manually as does not provide that feature.

To save email attachments in a hassle-free manner, download BitRecover Email Attachment Downloader Tool. It will be surprising for you that this application is specially for downloading attachments from Outlook Office 365, Exchange server and 90+ webmail cloud services. Means no matter which email account you are having, you can get all your email attachments at desired place in seconds.

Prioritizing user’s data security, this ultimate tool can effortlessly extract attachments from email accounts all at once wherever you want. The software is to use as you can see below.

Steps to Extract Attachments from Email

In the following, we have defined the steps to download email attachments in bulk along with the images for your convenience.

  1. First of all click the download button and then install the attachment downloader on your computer to begin the process.
  2. On the software’s interface, you will find the email source option from where you have to select and then enter email address and password in the given email source
  3. Software has so many options to ease a user’s task. Users can check the “Use Batch Mode” option if they have to download attachments from multiple email accounts.
  4. Now the tool will load all your email folders available in Webmail account and then show it to you on its interface. From here you can check the boxes to specify which folder you want to download attachment.
    select items
  5. The attachment downloader will select the destination path by default. If you do not find it satisfying then you can select the desired path by clicking on the Change button.Browse a location
  6. Checkout the Filter option provided by the tool to make it easier for you to download email attachments as per your need. attachment extractor
  7. Once you are done with above steps, Tap Start button and extract attachments from email account in bulk while saving time.
    extract attachments
  8. Finally, the process will take only a few seconds, after this you can view the attachments from the chosen path.

Top Feature of Attachment Downloader

  • Keeps the attachments in its original form even after extraction.
  • One-stop solution that can independently download email attachments without taking help of any other platform.
  • Supports to download multiple webmail attachment files to the computer folder according to the user’s choice.
  • The software comes with batch mode, enabling users to upload CSV files containing login details for many webmail accounts.
  • Moreover, it also allows users to download selective attachments from the mailbox emails without any loss.
  • The attachment downloader offers a variety of detailed filter settings for saving attachments from selected email. You can apply these settings based on dates, to, from, selected extensions, etc.
  • Users can easily download and run in all the versions of Windows and Mac devices to download email attachments.

Try Out Free Trial of the Software

The tool is available for all the users, even if they want to test it before trusting it to download. Even with the trial version of the software, users can easily download maximum 20 email attachments from each folder. Once you find it satisfying, you can download it on your PC to avail all its benefits.


We hope that you found the above article helpful for you to download email attachments. We introduced the solution that is known as the best to extract attachments from email account and multiple other email platforms. You just need to follow a few simple steps that would only take 1-2 minutes to save all the email attachments on your computer as per your requirements.