How to Erase Archive Files Permanently?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

If you do not need to use waste, archive files, and want to erase archive files permanently. So, stay with this blog.

Ever noticed that your computer’s performance has slowed? Consider checking the file properties, and the size of your files is too large. You might be shocked to know how bloated it is.

Why do we need to Erase the Archived folder?

Whatever you store on your computer is a backup of your data. You create a backup of your Gmail account in MBOX format on your PC for further security. This file is a backup of an archive. However, after a while, you no longer use this Backup file and want to remove the archive backup file from the storage device.

To free up your storage device, and want to your computer work smoothly. So, you need to Delete unwanted files and archive files.

Archiving may not cure all email maladies. Any emails stored on your local computer will not appear online—archiving them means they are no longer.

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What are the causes to Delete Archive files Manually?

We all are aware that deleting files from your system does not actually remove them from hard drives. These files are stored in recycle bin folders. They all files are archive files, you may want to delete archived data permanently.

Manual ways are available on the internet. But no one guides you correctly. All the manual ways delete the archive files only on your Desktop, not on the hard drive. Smart and intelligent users can recover your data via Data recovery software and harm you by gaining access to your data.

Pro Solution to Erase Archive Files Forever from Hard Drive

Bitwipe data wipe solution to completely remove your data by shredding method. This software is 100% safe and secure to delete entire data from the computer. Its more effective features, and capabilities to delete archive files by using several wiping techniques.

Download for Windows

Let’s see the steps to Erase Archive files

  1. Firstly, download the software on your PC.
  2. Secondly, select files / select Folders option to delete specific archive files or “select drive” option to delete the whole drive.delete archive files
  3. Next, the software automatically uploads the files which you want to delete, checks the files to delete archive files
  4. After clicking the Filter Option, use the advance setting for filter wiping (Date Range, Files mask, Overwrite Data text).click filter option
  5. Then, choose the wiping method from the drop-down to erase archive files forever from the wiping method to erase archive files
  6. Before wiping the data, the software appears a warning message, and click yes to clear all data.warning message appear

Entices features of the tool to Delete Archive Folder

  • This software is capable to delete archive files from all types of storage devices i.e. Pen Drive, Hard Drive, Memory Card, etc.
  • It allows selecting specific files/folders or a complete drive according to users’ choices.
  • Provides you with multiple wiping methods to erase data beyond recovery from archive files, choose a method according to your needs.
  • It securely overwrites data from any digital storage device with zero and ones across all sectors of the device.
  • This tool automatically starts shredding the whole disk.


  1. Can I delete specific archive data to end data?

    Yes, you can delete particular archive data via the Date range option.

  2. Is it possible to delete Zip and TGZ archive files?

    Yes, this software allows erasing .zip and .tgz files without any size restriction.

  3. Is this software work on Windows 11?

    Yes, it supports all versions of Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows Server.

  4. Can I back a wiping process that has already been completed?

    No, there is no way to roll back wiping data.

Final Words

We mentioned the simplest way to erase archived data permanently. Using a professional way, you can completely remove archive files. Any other person cannot restore your data.