How to Remove Sensitive Data? Simple and Effective Method

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: Delve into the article to know how to remove sensitive data securely via most effective and secure method. We will discuss what is sensitive data, importance of removing it with procedure. Keep reading to get multiple secure methods and easily delete sensitive data before getting troubled.

What do you understand by sensitive data?

Sensitive data basically refers to any information which must be protected from unauthorized access. Sensitive data can be stored anywhere, on your computer, hard drive, pen drive, or any file. These data includes the information like password details, credit card information, bank details, research data, images, videos, documents, important PDFs and so on.

We would never want to fall  these information in anyone’s hand. Whether you are selling your device, donating it to someone else, providing it to some for a limited time period, or you are afraid of hackers.

For a plethora of reasons, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove sensitive data for safeguarding privacy and security of personal or organization’s data. Today our intent is to provide you with the best possible solution which should be easy to implement for you to delete sensitive data without taking time.

Importance to Remove Sensitive Data

No one would ever delete sensitive data until it’s urgent. Sometimes we get stuck in the situation, where it becomes the only solution. In the following points we have discussed the importance to wipe sensitive data:

  • Prevent identity and personal information from being misused by cybercriminals.
  • Saves users from unauthorized access of their private and important data.
  • Reduce the risk of data breach of potential sensitive data.
  • Protects users critical data from cyberattacks and fraud.
  • Increases system’s performance by wiping large amounts of data.
  • Maintains privacy and security of personal data.

Note: There are a few thing that you need to keep in mind before you remove sensitive data:

  • Backup all the personal and important data and store them at a safe place so you don’t face data loss issues in future.
  • Choose the right solution to wipe sensitive data which can not get recovered using any Data Recovery Software by anyone.

Best Solution to Delete Sensitive Data

Bitwipe Data Sanitizing Wizard is the software that you can trust to remove sensitive data without worrying about the security. This powerful software removes each and every information completely and does let anyone access your private data. The tool provides user’s peace of mind by protecting their sensitive data and personal information while wiping them permanently

Once you delete sensitive data using this tool, no one can ever recover or misuse them. Moreover, the tool is expert in wiping sensitive data effectively but still it has a very easy to use interface which is suitable for all levels of users.

Understand how the sensitive data remover software works through the simple steps.

How to Remove Sensitive Data Using Advanced Tool?

  1. Firstly download and run the software on your PC to begin the process.
  2. Select and click on the option from where you want to delete sensitive data.remove sensitive data
  3. If you select a file or folder, the tool will show you all the folders from where you can sanitize specific file. However you select another option, then view and choose an appropriate wiping files to wipe sensitive data
  4. Now click on the Filter tab option, here you will get some advanced options like “Data Range” for deleting specific data by date to date, “File mask” to remove sensitive filter option
  5. Choose the wipe method from the multiple wiping options and click the Wipe wipe option to remove curcial data
  6. Now you will receive a warning message. click yes confirm permanent deletion of sensitive data.
    warning message to remove sensitive data

Entices Features of the Software to Remove Sensitive Data

  • Easy to use software to delete sensitive data securely at once.
  • Eliminate the possibility of recovery to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Multiple options to remove sensitive data from folders, files, logical drives, and physical drives.
  • Advanced setting to wipe sensitive data as per user’s requirements.
  • User’s can efficiently wipe data from computer, laptop, USB, flash drive, log files, etc.
  • Software offers more than 10 sensitive data wiping methods for all sectors of storage devices.
  • Ensure a complete and permanent removal of sensitive data from the desired area.

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If you are looking for the most suitable, reliable and secure method to remove sensitive data then you can try the solution introduced in the article. Simply you need to download the software and follow the steps described in above to avail all its advantages. The software provides everything you need to delete sensitive data whether you are concerned about security or recovery. This easy to use software will offer you several different methods that you can try to ease sensitive data wiping methods.