How to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX Format? Windows and Mac

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Nothing else, but if you want to convert EMLX files to MBOX, you need an automated approach. Because no manual process is capable of accomplishing such a task, and even we have to say that there is no manual approach to it. Therefore, only an EMLX to MBOX Converter can help you in your task and we will be happy to suggest one of the best converters for you.

However, EMLX files are a great platform to keep the email in, but when they contain mountains of EMLX files it becomes very difficult for you to manage. On the other hand, the accessibility of EMLX is more of a problem, as you need a compatible app for it.

So, if you can access EMLX files through one account, it will be easier for you to review them anytime. MBOX can help you with this as it is also supported by my many email services and if you have an account compatible with it this is the perfect option for you. Hence, for the accomplishment of your task, let us give you the EMLX to MBOX Wizard Mac & Windows OS.

Get the Best EMLX to MBOX Converter for Your Task

BitRecover EMLX Converter Wizard is the best converter for your job. This utility is specially designed to convert EMLX files to MBOX and other file extensions, so it is one of the most suitable for EMLX files as it only focuses on that.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This tool is reliable, and automated, and takes very little time and effort to convert EMLX to MBOX. Other than that, the process is one of the best qualities this tool has. Yes, there is no lengthy process to follow to convert EMLX files to MBOX, just a few steps, and you are done with your task. So, we suggest you take a look at this.

How to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX?

  • First, download the tool on your device and then install it accepting the terms and conditions.
  • After running the EMLX to MBOX Wizard for Windows & Mac OS, you need to click Next to go to the next screen.
  • Now click Choose Folder or Choose Folder, now browse through all the required EMLX files and then load them into the tool. After loading, click the Next tab.
    EMLX to MBOX Converter
  • Click on all of the folders visible in the left pane of the tool and click on the Next tab again.
    Convert EMLX to MBOX
  • Now, browse the saving option as MBOX from the various options specify the location for the resulting files, and then finally hit the Convert button.
    Select MBOX

Your EMLX files will now be converted to MBOX in just a few moments. Once the process is complete, the tool will let you know. Congratulations, your task is finished.

Well, your job is done, but we’re not done yet. We have something else to say to you, which is of course in your interest. We recommend you go through some of the key features of the tool. See, this will help you get more comfortable with the tool. So, let’s see.

Get to Know Some Functions of the Software

Batch Conversion: Do you have EMLX files that you can even easily count? Do you want to convert them all together? Well, don’t worry, you are allowed to do this. EMLX to MBOX Converter can do this very easily. You can batch-convert EMLX files to MBOX without a single limitation.

Previewing EMLX: We don’t want you to convert EMLX to MBOX without checking your files first. You need to preview all emails and attachments to see what information your files contain. Does it make sense to convert or not? Hence, you can use this tool to preview EMLX as well.

Convert with Complete Properties: Well, your EMLX files not only contain emails but also many other things like attachments, contacts, and other important information. Hence, this app supports converting them all. You can also convert attachments associated with the emails.

File Naming: One of the best things about this software is that it makes things convenient for you wherever possible. You can name your files during conversion so that you can easily identify them by their file name after conversion.

Standalone App: This is completely independent and can do the job itself. You don’t need to download any other setup to configure this app. It can perform and accomplish your task on its own.

These are some functions that are only intended to provide a better understanding between you and the tool. However, this is only the beginning, and once you run the tool you will find a sea of its most advanced features.

Also, Read About the Additional Benefits of the Tool

This application comes with a demo edition so that you can get to know it first. Yes, the Trial version allows you to go through the app so you can use it, and see its processes, its efficiency, and also its effectiveness. The trial version allows you to convert some EMLX files. Once you are satisfied with the tool, you can move on to purchasing the license key.

In Conclusion

EMLX to MBOX Converter is one of the best ways to do your job. This tool is fully automated which only takes a few clicks from you. It offers you just a few steps to convert EMLX files to MBOX and tons of features. So, if you want to take an amazing journey to accomplish your job, then you must definitely try this tool.