4 Steps to Download all Emails from SquirrelMail

Mark Regan | June 23rd, 2021 | Data Backup

When we talk about data security of Webmail emails, backup is the first word that comes in mind. As creating a data backup makes easy for the users to manage their data if any misshaping happens.

But the question comes up how to create backup of SquirrelMail emails. The question seems somehow tricky as it not easy to download all emails from SquirrelMail Webmail. Isn’t it? I found it quite interesting as well as challenging to execute SquirrelMail export process.

I had a large number of emails saved within my SquirrelMail, most sorted into separate folders. I had only been utilizing webmail account and never used anything like Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc.  However, I was also scared that what if I lost all my emails on SquirrelMail.  Therefore, I decided to export all my emails for use in some other programs by taking the proper backup of my SquirrelMail mailbox.

I started exploring madly for some direct solution to have the data backup of all my mails folders of SquirrelMail. Then, one day I was reading the various forums to get the best solution. Luckily, I got Email Backup Wizard. It gave me a sound of relief.

Then, I directly contacted at their support, to understand in detail about the solution. I found one more advance on this tool that it also gives an option to save all data directly to cloud-application. It makes me feel wow that with just 4 steps I can export all my SquirrelMail emails to desired email data file.

Let’s check out the 4 step solution in complete detail to execute SquirrelMail email backup.

  1. Install and Login to SquirrelMail

These days, it is important to perform email management to be secure in this Cyberworld. Therefore, I also planned to backup all my SquirrelMail email account. For this, follow the given steps to migrate SquirrelMail emails.

  • Download and install SquirrelMail Webmail emails on your system.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Choose IMAP option from the given list of email sources.
  • Enter the credentials of your SquirrelMail mailbox to begin the process >> click on the login button.


Tool is an easy-to-use utility that can be simply operable on any Windows version. The software is programmed in such a way that it gives a direct option to backup all SquirrelMail emails. Tool only needs the credentials only to execute the email backup process of Webmail account.

  1. Select Desired Email Data File and Advance Option

Choosing the desired email data files according to the need as the application gives a wide range of options to save the emails. The application provides various options to save emails of Squirrel Mail.

  • Tool will list all the SquirrelMail folders on the left-panel with its message count.
  • Select any of the desired email data file format to save your SquirrelMail emails. Just like we choose MBOX.
  • You can change the destination path in a way to save the data at desired location after migration.
  • To implement particular email backup, check option “Use Advance Settings for selective Migration”.


The software is an all-in-one application to execute the data migration process. A fully featured SquirrelMail Migrator application for exporting all the emails of SquirrelMail into desired email data format. The application to export emails files is simple, handy, as well as trustworthy to execute. It is an advanced utility to execute backup by keeping email formatting, folder hierarchy, data structure, etc. The utility covers up plethora of unforeseen features that are significant while executing the procedure.

  1. Select Cloud-based Application and Advance Option

Software also gives an option to backup all the emails directly to any cloud-based application. As the software comes with a wide-range of options to backup and export all SquirrelMail emails.

  • Check preferred folder, which tool has scheduled with message count of every folder.
  • Choose option of Office 365 from file saving options.
  • Software provides you an option to store data at the default folder by checking “Save messages in default folders.”
  • One can also change language according to your Office 365 by clicking on “Change Language” option.
  • Enter the credentials of your MS Office 365 account to implement the procedure.
  • To execute selective email conversion, click on the “Use Advance Settings for selective Migration” option.

The software plays an important role in IT business field as it executes the selective data backup and users can simply utilize their SquirrelMail emails in their desired format. The best thing about the application is that it is accessible on all Windows based OS to execute the process of data backup. The tool is the best way to implement SquirrelMail email backup in hassle-free way by simply downloading it.

  1. Start migration Process

After entering all required details, you can go to last step as mentioned below:

  • Click on Backup button to begin the process to backup SquirrelMail emails.
  • After process completion, you get a message of procedure, you get a completion on your screen.

The procedure adopted by software to implement data backup from SquirreMail Account is the best one. Few features of software like marvellous speed, simple, and user-friendly UI, user-friendliness with all Windows OS, etc. makes SquirrelMail Backup Wizard the most valuable tool in online domain.

After testing and executing the whole process makes it worthy to purchase. Even I purchased the application after using its free of cost demo version to backup SquirrelMail mailbox.