DeskNow Mail Server Migration Procedure using Professional Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

DeskNow Mail Server Migration is not an easy task as the process requires much technical knowledge. Many computer administrators are looking for a professional technique to migrate DeskNow Mail to Office 365 and DeskNow Mail to Google Workspace (Gmail) accounts.

A lot of DeskNow Mail users want to replace it with the most trending email services i.e., Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. But they don’t want to lose any old crucial data. Nowadays, users are preferring to use O365 or Google Workspace professional email services because of simple GUI with advanced features.


Reasons to Migrate DeskNow Mail to Office 365 / Google Workspace

I am using DeskNow Mail and Collaboration Server for a few past previous years in my organization. But recently, I am not feeling comfortable with it because of its working graphical user interface. Actually, newly hired employees take some time to understand its features while Office 365 is easy to use professional email service. Please suggest me solution for DeskNow Mail to Office 365 migration.

– Vincent, San Jose

Google Workspace is my favorite cloud-based email service to handle and complete business requirements. But I am currently using DeskNow Mail Server for sending and receiving email messages. As I had configured it for my corporate needs because of its effective cost. Do you know a quick technique to migrate DeskNow Mail to Google Workspace?

– Carlos, Memphis

Expert Solution to Migrate DeskNow Mail Server Emails

Batch EML Converter by BitRecover is a perfect utility for DeskNow Mail Server migration. Actually, DeskNow Mail and Collaboration Server store its email messages in the *.eml file extension. Using this mentioned software users can easily import EML files to Gmail, Google Workspace, and Office 365 accounts directly.

This suggested software is also known as DeskNow Mail Server Migration Tool as it allows to migrate DeskNow Mail emails into multiple desktop clients, cloud-based email services, and email servers. This tool offers multiple advanced features but we will discuss its features later.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Migrate DeskNow Mail to Google Workspace & Office 365

Now see how to migrate DeskNow Mail to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 within two steps.

Step 1 – Export DeskNow Mail Server Emails in EML

DeskNow Mail Server is mainly installed in –  C:\desknowdata\ folder and its emails are stored in C:\desknowdata\usermail\ folder. Therefore, go to the mentioned destination path and copy all stored emails at a safe location.

After copying emails from C:\desknowdata\usermail\ folders. You can see all subfolders under main profiles i.e., Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, Sent Items, and Spam. If you open any email folder then you will see .eml files.

desknow mail server profile data

Step 2 – Import Files in Google Workspace

  1. Start DeskNow Mail Server Migration Tool and choose one option from Select Files and Select Folders. It will allow to upload DeskNow Mail Server data in the software GUI.
    desknow mail server migration tool
  2. DeskNow Mail Server profile data has been uploaded successfully in the software panel. Select required folders and click on the Next button.
    select required folders
  3. Choose G Suite (Google Workspace) as saving option.
    migrate desknow mail to google workspace
  4. Thereafter, enter Google Workspace login details and press Next.
    enter login details
  5. DeskNow Mail to G Suite migration process is running.
    desknow mail to g suite migration
  6. DeskNow Mail Server to Google Workspace migration process completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  7. Login to your Google Workspace account and preview imported emails with original folder hierarchy.
    login to g suite

DeskNow Mail to Microsoft 365 Migration Process

For completing the DeskNow Mail Server to Office 365 migration process. You can choose Office 365 as saving option. After that fill O365 login details in specific fields and press Next button to start migration process. The software automatically preserves original folder hierarchy without applying any special setting after completion of the task.

Actually, this utility has a separate option to import EML files to Office 365 directly. First, get DeskNow Mail Server EML files from default storage location. After that, you can import email files accordingly.
migrate desknow mail to office 365

DeskNow Mail Server Migration Tool Features

  • All in one software to migrate DeskNow Mail to G Suite, Gmail, Microsoft 365,, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, and all.
  • This application keeps all email items and header information such as attachments, to, cc, bcc, from, subject, signature, date, time, year, and all.
  • Users can check or uncheck required DeskNow Mail Server folders to migrate them into Google Apps, and Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • This is fully automatic software for Windows and Mac OS users which asks only Google Workspace and Office 365 credentials.
  • DeskNow Mail Migration Software is capable to migrate unlimited emails with complete information from DeskNow Mail Server to O365 and G Suite accounts at once.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q 1 – I am trying to migrate DeskNow Mail Server to Google Workspace but it is showing login issue. Please suggest me the reason?

A –First generate Gmail App password then use App password to complete this task.

Q 2 – Is it possible to convert DeskNow Mail Server emails to PDF format for printing related needs?

A – Yes, software is able to export DeskNow Mail emails to PDF documents for printing.

Q 3 – Does your software allow to migrate DeskNow Mail to Gmail freeware account?

A – Yes, DeskNow Mail to Gmail migration process can be easily completed using this DeskNow Mail Server migration tool.

End for You

Now your trouble about DeskNow Mail Server migration got resolved successfully. The process required only two steps to migrate DeskNow Mail to Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365, etc. In first step, users can get DeskNow Mail Server emails into EML file extension and in the second step software permits to import EML files into required email services.