How to Convert XML to XPS (Microsoft XML Paper Specification)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you want to convert XML to XPS format due to personal and business needs? If your response is yes then don’t worry, here we are introducing you to an excellent XML to XPS Converter. This software is suitable to export XML to XPS (Microsoft XML Paper Specification) format.

Several home and business users have the desire to convert XML to XPS format because they want to take benefits of XML Paper Specification. XPS which is a fixed-page document format has multiple advantages.

Reasons to Export XML to XPS Format

XML (Extensible Markup Language) format is a simple text-based file extension that is used to represent structured information. Business users also use it to store information automatically but it is not best for reading the text because it shows scripts. While XPS (XML Paper Specification) is a fixed-page document format that is best for human reading.

Microsoft XPS documents are more secure than XML documents, as they are not as vulnerable to being altered. This makes them ideal for sharing sensitive information, as they are more difficult to modify without permission.

XPS documents are more widely compatible with different operating systems and devices than their XML counterparts. XPS documents use compression so they seem lightweight. This makes them an ideal choice for sharing documents between parties on different platforms.

XPS documents are less likely to become corrupt compared to XML documents, as they are more resilient to changes in formatting or structure. This makes them a safer choice for long-term storage.

Microsoft developed the XPS format to store text and media information. XML Paper Specification (XPS) is similar to PDF documents so this is best for printing needs. So, if you want to print XML documents then first convert them into XPS format and proceed with printing.

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Free Download XML to XPS Converter

XML Converter Software developed by BitRecover is a well-suitable tool to export XML files to XPS files. This is an on-premise software that can be installed on your own computer so you can easily convert your documents with 100% security.

Like online XML to XPS Converters, this software does not upload your confidential information on the server. So, there is no chance for data loss and breaching, even this utility can work without internet connectivity.

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How to Convert XML to XPS Format?

  1. Start XML to XPS Converter, read the software’s working steps, and click the Next button.
    xml to xps converter
  2. Choose Select Files or Select Folders button for adding XML files in GUI.
    add xml files
  3. Select the required XML files/ folders and hit the Next button to continue.
    choose xml folders
  4. Thereafter, use filter options for the selective conversion.
    filter options
  5. Choose XPS as a saving option from the dropdown.
    select xps format
  6. Select the file naming option and browse the destination location to store the output.
    browse destination path
  7. Afterward, press the Next button to start the process to convert XML to XPS format.
    convert xml to xps
  8. XML to XPS conversion process has been completed successfully, see a completion message.
    export xml to xps
  9. The tool automatically generates and opens a log report file about converted data.
    log report file
  10. Lastly, it will automatically open the destination path so that you can instantly get output data.
    resultant xps files

Know Some Software Benefits

  • Two options for adding XML documents in the software panel i.e., Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Batch convert XML to XPS documents together with all associated data and information.
  • Useful filter options to export XML to XPS by date range, subject, and email address.
  • Select only specific required XML files from the software window for conversion.
  • Provides the freedom to choose a preferred destination folder to store resultant data.
  • Creates a log report file that has information about converted data and conversion status.
  • It maintains the real folder and subfolder structure with associated files.
  • 10+ file naming options allow for renaming resultant XPS XML Paper Specification documents.

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Quick Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: XML to XPS converter online or offline; which is the best software?

A: Offline XML to XPS Converter is much better compared to online tools. Professional users do not prefer to use online tools because of security reasons.

Q 2: Can I convert XML files to XPS files between a specific date range?

A: Yes, the tool comes with several filter options and it has an isolated option to set a specific date range for conversion.

Q 3: Can I count XML documents available under folders and subfolders?

A: Yes, just add XML files in the software panel and see how many XML files are available in each folder.

Q 4: Does your software allow to the storage of converted XPS files on a pen drive?

A: Yes, first connect your pen drive to your computer and then browse the pen drive to store output data.

Just Try It Now!

We have explained the complete steps to convert XML to XPS files and used real-time screenshots so you can easily understand the whole process. Just download XML to XPS Converter on your windows machine and install it. This freeware version allows exporting 25 XML pages to XPS format so that anyone can easily test its working process. After getting full satisfaction, upgrade it to a professional version and avoid the limitations according to the license variants.

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