How to Convert Squirrelmail to Outlook?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


Squirrelmail portray itself as a “webmail for nuts”. It was created and kept up by an open source venture that after some time step by step loses its developers. The latest update by Squirrelmail ws on May 30, 2013 and the latest release was on July 12, 2011. Be that as it may, webmail clients currently expect a superior user experience, rather than giving an unbound and unmanaged application. Therefore, cPanel has decided to erase Squirrelmail and this is the foremost reason why the users are in need to convert Squirrelmail to Outlook as it utilizes end-to-end encryption to secure business email and different databases.

Users have experienced terrible problems related to “Squirrelmail to Outlook conversion” – read the one given below:

Last week, we have gotten a lot of documents that were legitimately replicated from a SquirrrelMail server. We don’t utilize Squirrelmail application in our association and furthermore wouldn’t like to attempt or set up another server only for controlling these files. These information files appear to be basic HTML webmail data that can be put into Firefox and open. But some other customer who projects this, is need to import Squirrelmail account to Outlook application. Is there any direct solution to convert emails from Squirrelmail to Outlook?

You can deal with such problems by yourself too, and that’s how you can handle efficiently using the Email Backup Wizard. The software is skilled to be used to add Squirrelmail to Outlook PST format, export contacts from Squirrelmail to Outlook. With this direct conversion, you can export Squirrelmail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and prior versions.

How to Convert Squirrelmail to Outlook Quickly?

For converting Squirrelmail account to Outlook, users need to go through these 5-steps. Initially, download the Sqirrelmail to Outlook PST converter software from the given button and launch it properly on your Windows OS.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • You will see 80+ email sources list in GUI. Choose the Squirrelmail webmail option to convert Squirrelmail data to Outlook.


  • Specify the login details like email address and password of your Squirrelmail account and hit on login tab.


  • All the data from the Squirrelmail account will be uploaded in the software panel. Check on the desired emails folders which you want to move into Outlook.


  • From these saving options, pick the PST option so as to export Squirrelmail messages to Outlook.


  • Enter a desired file saving location to save the resultant Squirrelmail to PST converted messages into the GUI.


  • For enabling the advance settings for conversion, check on this option “Use advance settings for selective backup”.


  • Time to start the conversion of Squirrelmail account to Outlook. Once all the process finishes, the tool will display a pop-up message of completion.

We are sure, you will do the above steps easily as it won’t require much efforts. You have your Squirrelmail emails in .pst format. Now, it’s time to move these data files into your Outlook application.

Import Squirrelmail Emails into MS Outlook

Open your Outlook application and go to file>> Open & Export>> Import/Export.


From this Import/Export option, go to “Import from another program or file” option then lastly Next.

Here, choose PST option and done!

You have clearly observed that within few simple steps, you can import Squirrelmail account to Outlook.

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Have You Thought Why Users Want to Do Squirrelmail to Outlook Conversion ? (Reasons discovered)

Why converting Squirrelmail emails to Outlook is so difficult without any perfect automated solution? Also, why do users are willing to jump from Squirrelmail to Outlook. Here are some logics behind this:

  1. Squirrelmail aims to offer both a web-based email client and a proxy server for a IMAP account. Users are required to sign in with hosted website to get into the Squirrelmail webmail. On the other hand, with Outlook you can access your emails in any situation easily.
  2. There are no direct option available in Squirrelmail to switch into Outlook. Hence, users need to transfer Squirrelmail emails to Outlook.
  3. MS Outlook has a rich and proficient advanced feature GUI which can manage your mailbox data that is ofcourse unavailable in Squirrelmail.

Are you Lost in the Manual Solutions for Email Conversions? – # Here is the Solution Which Stand Out

Try the demo version of Squirrelmail to Outlook converter. It is available free of cost, but it has certain limitations. It allows to convert only top 25 data items from Squirrelmail to Outlook. If you want to do more conversion, or wish to avail multiple benefits from the software then – upgrade the license keys. We highly recommend to use this software as you then you don’t need to look out for the time-taking manual solutions which takes efforts and requires heroic patience to understand the technology behind the working. So, go for it and enjoy a smooth Squirrelmail to Outlook PST conversion.

Surprising Facts and Features of Squirrelmail to Outlook Converter Which You Can’t Miss

A rich-featured and proficient utility

You may face complications whilst the conversion if the supported utility is not have an interactive interface. The developers of this conversion software have made it keeping in mind user’s point of view. It has a simple yet smart interface which makes it very rapid to do migration of Squirrelmail emails to Outlook. Whether you are a technical person or simply a non-professional computer user, still there will no problem to save Squirrelmail data to Outlook, export contacts from Squirrelmail to Outlook.

No further external application installation

What would you do if you don’t have Outlook installed on your desktop, but still intend to transfer your emails from Squirrelmail to Outlook? Well, you can’t deny that mostly solutions which are available on the web requires some external application installation for email conversions. But, that’s not so a case with the BitRecover Squirrelmail to PST converter. It can convert Squirrelmail to PST even without having Outlook on your computer.

Sound’s great? Read further, to get more insights of this software! But, before that if you want to dig into further with this tool, have a look at this YouTube tutorial – It will give you a concise description to download emails from cloud-based services like the Squirrelmail.

Uncountable saving options other than Outlook

If you have decided to convert Squirrelmail to Outlook. Well and good, the above solution is the perfect fit for you! But, wondering if you have email clients other than Outlook on your computer? Still, with this application, within a couple of clicks you can export Squirrelmail to Thunderbird, Apple Mail or webmails like Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo, etc.

Commonly Asked Queries with Expert’s Replies

Q1: What can I do if I don’t have Outlook 2019 but want to do conversion of data from Squirrelmail to Outlook?

A: The given solution will help you to convert Squirrelmail to PST without Outlook installation.

Q2: Does the software works on Windows 10 platform for Squirrelmail account to Outlook conversion?

A: Yes, it works on all Windows platform including Windows 10 too.

To Sum Up

Taking all things into consideration, we can say that how to convert Squirrelmail to Outlook is definitely an easy-going process with this software. It can help you to batch export Squirrelmail emails to Outlook with corresponding attachments.

Please share your queries regarding the software with the technical support team.