How to Convert Rocketmail to Gmail, G Suite Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Hello there! I am a former RocketMail user and have an ID running with Since it’s an old email domain, I am now thinking to leave this account but don’t want to lose my important messages, old invoices which I have accumulated over the years. How do I access RocketMail emails in Google Mail? Do you have a software package that can convert RocketMail to Gmail in bulk (including their attachments)?
-Abby, Philippines

Toward the start of the email communication time (way before Gmail came), RocketMail was the go-to email provider. Indeed, it was one of the primary free email providers for everyone around the globe.

At a certain point in time, Hotmail and RocketMail were combating for the number one spot among the free email providers.

In 1997, Yahoo obtained Four11, the organization that owned the RocketMail. On 8 October, Yahoo declared that it will start to offer free email to its clients once the procurement is finished.

After Yahoo mail takes over RocketMail, it was denied for any new user registration with RocketMail email ID. In a sudden move in June 2008, Yahoo! Came up with two email address alternatives for new clients. It was and Following 9 years, new clients were again ready to make an email under the domain.

Now, the capability to create any new RocketMail email ID is finished, but the old or existing RocketMail accounts are not disturbed.

An Effective and Fast Way to Export Emails to Gmail

Are you a RocketMail user and trying to move all RocketMail emails to Gmail account then you can use the BitRecover IMAP Mail Backup Tool. This powerful tool has the ability to bulk convert RocketMail to Gmail, G Suite account within few seconds. All you need to do is to set up the correct IMAP incoming mail server and email credentials of the RocketMail account. Everything which you need to execute for RocketMail to Google mail conversion is explained below.

But before that, download this software on your Windows or Mac machine for a free trial.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

How to Convert RocketMail to Gmail ?

  1. Run RocketMail to Gmail backup tool.
  2. Enter RocketMail email login credentials.
  3. Choose desired mailboxes for conversion.
  4. Select Gmail and enter its login details.
  5. Start to convert RocketMail emails to Gmail.

Detailed Methodology to Migrate RocketMail Emails to Gmail with Attachments

Firstly, download and launch RocketMail to Gmail tool on your Windows or Mac machine.

Now, enter the RocketMail email ID, password. Also, fill RocketMail IMAP incoming mail server as and port number as 993. Tap on the Login button so that the software can fetch all emails from your account.


The software starts to load all email folders from the Rocketmail account into the software panel.


Then, enable required RocketMail folders whose data you want to move into Google mail account.

Next, navigate to the saving options list and choose Gmail from it.


Thereafter, enter the email address and password of your Gmail account to begin the process.


If you want to convert RocketMail to G Suite then select G Suite as the saving option.


Lastly, hit on the backup button. Immediately the process to convert RocketMail to Gmail starts on your software screen.


Now, just sit and relax. Within a couple of seconds, all your emails, tasks, notes, from the account will be transferred to Gmail.

RocketMail to Google Mail Converter – One Software, Multiple Benefits!

This software is perfect for those people who have decided to leave email address. Or, even those individuals who can’t handle this account due to some reason and just want to switch to Gmail. Obviously, Gmail is one of the topmost choices among users for communication.

Look at the various features and benefits of this toolkit:

Move Complete Data: Since an email has various components, thus this RocketMail to Gmail converter tool facilitates to export of all emails along with attachments, images, hyperlinks, signature, internet header, etc.

Migrate Mailbox in Batch: There is no need to transfer data one by one because this application supports batch migration as well. You can select multiple RocketMail account emails at once and can easily convert RocketMail to Gmail.

Exclude Unwanted Email Items: If you have mistakenly selected the wrong files or want to add more, then you can quickly go through the preview list. Here, select or de-select the data for the conversion of RocketMail to Gmail.

Advanced Settings for Filter Backup: Even you can export selective RocketMail emails into Gmail with this tool. The various filter options enables to convert RocketMail mailbox to Gmail by particular date range, email address, subject, etc.

Free Demo to Check Working: If you want to test the functionalities of this utility before investing your money on it so you try the free demo edition. The free version enables conversion of only 25 RocketMail email items to Gmail.

Download on All Windows and Mac OS: You can launch the to Gmail tool on any edition of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Also, it is compatible to run on Mac OS as well.

That’s all for today

Through this blog, you learned how to convert RocketMail to Gmail. The entire export of RocketMail mailboxes to Google Mail is very easy with the suggested software. We recommend you to follow this guide because the manual solution available for such conversion and only a reliable solution can help you to achieve the same. Please consult our technical support team if you have any queries.