How to Convert OneNote to HTML in Few Steps?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

It is not a child’s play to convert OneNote to HTML thus, to make your task easier we have come up with this blog.

So, this article is for all users who are willing to export OneNote to HTML. In this blog, we have come up with a convenient and easiest way that helps to export OneNote notebook to HTML.

Hypertext Markup Language is abbreviated as HTML. It’s a markup language that’s used to build online apps and websites. The World Wide Web is built on HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. Its components provide the basis of HTML pages. It also serves as the basis for any web page’s design. It is more suited to the standard approach of opening email messages when creating documents with various fonts, colours, sequences, and an unordered list.

Now, let’s take a look at the best way to export the OneNote page to HTML….

# Smart Solution to convert OneNote Notebook to HTML

It is preferable to utilize a tool that offers the best answer rather than wasting your time. We recommend that you utilize OneNote File Converter is the perfect solution. The tool has been specifically designed with some exceptional and sophisticated capabilities that enable users to continue with numerous tasks and operations for various reasons. OneNote to HTML converter also enables you to export your OneNote notebook to HTML. However, the important point is that you may move several Pages without losing any data.

Download for Windows

Step-by-Step process to Export HTML Format

The Software gives you a free trial version to convert .onepkg to HTML format. Users can export a maximum 5 .onepkg or .one files into selective file formats. Once you feel it is beneficial for you then continue with the licensed version.

  1. After installing the software, Tool gives you a dual option to Select Files / Select Folders to one to HTML files.load OneNote .onepkg or .one files
  2. Next, loading the OneNote files check the box that you want to convert *.onepkg to HTML format, and click the next tab.

    check OneNote notebook to HTML

  3. Select HTML format from the drop-down HTML
  4. Then, click on the Browse option and choose a location where you are saved OneNote file.
  5. View the live process running in the software panel.
  6. Once the process is done, it will display the final notification.

Why do users Choose HTML over OneNote?

  1. In HTML language you can easily modify the content.
  2. You can view the HTML file in any web browser like Firefox, Opera, and so on.
  3. No need for additional software to view the HTML content.

Fruitful Points of OneNote to HTML tool

  1. OneNote Notebook to HTML converter is capable to export batch OneNote files into HTML format.
  2. It provides you to save converted data at any location of your Desktop.
  3. OneNote to HTML converter maintains the original hierarchy of all the folders, such as text formatting, headings, bullets, tables, and so on.
  4. This software is a standalone tool that allows to export of .onepkg or .one file to multiple file formats without the installation of MS Office and Adobe.

What do our clients say?

“BitRecover OneNote to HTML software is one of the best and finest solutions which allows safe conversion of your data. This tool can easily work in every area where users need to export the ONEPKG files to HTML. Excellent tool guys!”

– Audrina, Indonesia

Frequently Asked Queries

Yes, you can convert .onepkg or .one files to HTML without reducing the quality.
Yes, it supports every edition of Windows OS including 10 and Windows Server 2019.
Yes, it is possible that users can export multiple OneNote files at once.

The Final Words

Finally, we’ve explained to you the easiest way to convert OneNote to HTML file format. The attractive feature of this software is that it offers users to export batch .onepkg files to HTML without any size limit. On the other hand, non-technical users can easily use this software.

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