How to Convert OneNote to JPG Files in Bulk?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this blog, we will show you the best and finest solutions to convert OneNote to JPG.
As we know, Microsoft OneNote is a suite of software applications that allows for the collection of free-form material as well as the interaction of many users. The file extension for a OneNote document is “*.one.”

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group’s standard) is a highly compressed reduction technique for photography image files that are widely used. The image format “*.JPG,” as well as other image files like Bitmap and GIF, is represented by the file extension “*.JPG.”

our and your time is valuable, let us get right to it and start discussing the subject…

Automatic Solution to Export OneNote to JPG

Get a perfect OneNote One Converter that is one of the most popular and best options to convert OneNote to JPG format. Several .one and .onpkg files may be converted into a variety of file formats with the onepkg to JPG converter. It also offers some incredible and advanced features.


Capabilities of OneNote Notebook to JPG Converter

  • Export and Convert all OneNote files

    The onepkg to JPG converter is skillful at converting .onepkg and .one to JPG files, which contains several .one file (equivalent to the various notebooks), and converting all multimedia material into a file.

  • Bulk Conversion of OneNote Notebook to JPG

    This software is suitable to convert OneNote to JPG in bulk without causing any difficulties. When using the software, users have two options: “choose files” to pick individual files and “select folder” to select multiple .onepkg files at the same time.

  • Convert Selective Data

    Users may convert specific data from OneNote to JPG according to their needs using the OneNote to JPG converter. Users will be able to export specific folders and subfolders with this tool. Additionally, users can preview all data on the software’s panel before the conversion starts.

  • Safest and Quickest Tool to Convert

    Because the software is offline, users may convert OneNote .onepkg to JPG files without uploading them on the server. It is useful for security reasons. Compared to online OneNote Notebook to JPEG Converters, this application converts files the quickest.

  • Preserve the Integrity of OneNote’s Data

    After the converting procedure is complete, OneNote to JPG Converter ensures that the data integrity is maintained. This software preserves text formatting, headers, bullets, tables, images, files, stickers, drawings, notes, sections, pages, and anything else.

How to Use Microsoft Office OneNote to JPG Converter

  1. Download and install the utility by click on the download icon.
  2. Now press and next icon and select the choice between “Select Files” and “Select Folder”.

    select the option between “select files” and “select folders”

  3. Now all the selected data will show on the software panel and verify the files and folders that you want to export.

    Verify the files and folders from the tools panel

  4. Next, click on “Select Saving Option” and choose “JPG” from the drop-down list.

    press on “select saving option” and choose “JPG” file format

  5. And browse the destination path where you want to save the converted data.
  6. And then click on the “Convert” icon to complete the procedure.
  7. When the procedure will complete, you will get a confirmation message.

Important Note: In my research, I discovered that many people were looking to convert OneNote to JPG online free, Microsoft office OneNote to JPG converter online. Consequently, I shall notify them that this is not a secure environment for you or your information. Because you have no way of knowing who is abusing your data without your consent or where it is being used. As a result, you should avoid converting the OneNote notebook to jpeg online.

Product Reviews by Customers

“It is quite user-friendly, and another feature that I particularly like is batch conversion, that enables me to convert OneNote to JPG in mass without losing any data since it saves me time.”

– Li Yu, China

“The OneNote to JPG converter is a fantastic software that works extremely well and saves a significant amount of time and effort.”

– Michael, Australian

“I had a large number of OneNote notebooks that I needed to export all notebooks into JPG format. I was able to complete the convert effectively thanks to the assistance of the OneNote to JPG converter. It truly does work, and I appreciate your help.”

– Eleanor, London

“We, as beginner users, are very grateful to the product’s assistance executives and programmers for creating such a fantastic software for us.”

– Ferdinand, Brazil

Final Words

In conclusion, as you can see from the list above, we discussed the onepkg to JPG converter with features. This tool offers incredible features without any limitations and restrictions, as we have mentioned above. There is also no need to install any third-party software or the Microsoft OneNote tool. Many people are looking for manual ways, however, I will inform them that there are no manual methods to convert OneNote to JPG files for their information. So go ahead and download the tool right now and start converting.

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