Top 5 Methods to Backup Zimbra Emails Immediately

Mark Regan ~ July 4th, 2022 ~ Backup

Today, the majority of communications are only conducted via email, and therefore, mail services like Zimbra Cloud / Desktop become an important source for such people. To manage their emails for different purposes some users want to backup Zimbra emails from all types of editions i.e., Desktop, Cloud, and Server.

If we talk about open-source platforms, then the Zimbra mail server and ZCS (Zimbra Collaboration Suite) are widely adopted by users. However, due to safety and data corruption issues, individuals tend to backup Zimbra user account data in various standard file extensions according to the need.

If you are one of those who is looking forward to backup Zimbra mail server cloud emails to other platforms, then you have reached the right place. Here, we are explaining the top 5 ways to download Zimbra Server emails without making any additional changes to the database structure.

User Need to Backup Zimbra Emails

Hi, BitRecover team! My new organization has configured a Zimbra mail server for business communication. During the installation of Open Source ZCS, my college friend lost the entire mail database. So, now we can’t afford to lose our precious data. That’s why we are looking for a reliable solution that can help us to get our Zimbra mail server data back. Luckily, we have taken the backup Zimbra emails and so we have taken a decision to put the complete database in PDF format. In this way, we can put a password on the file for better security. Can you please help us to backup Zimbra mail server cloud emails? We would really appreciate your advice.

Backup Solutions for Zimbra Cloud & Desktop Variants

BitRecover experts successfully explored several methods to backup Zimbra mail server data. We have available complete backup solutions for Zimbra desktop, cloud, and server editions. Even, here, you will also get freeware manual methods to backup Zimbra open-source email messages.

#1 Manual Method: Freeware Solution

  1. Sign in to the Zimbra Cloud account using your login details.
    login to zimbra cloud
  2. Select a folder for taking Zimbra email backup. Right-click on the folder and choose the Export option.
    select export option
  3. Zimbra mail backup downloaded successfully.
    zimbra emails downloaded
  4. Go to the download folder and see the downloaded Zimbra backup in Zipped TGZ format.
    exported tgz
  5. Thereafter, right-click on the zipped TGZ file and choose the Extract Here option.
    extract tgz data
  6. Now you can get the Zimbra cloud email folder.
    zimbra email backup folder
  7. Open the folder and see Zimbra emails successfully downloaded into EML files with separate meta files.
    backup zimbra email

Benefits and Limitations

However, this mentioned method is capable of backup Zimbra mail server emails free of cost. But it comes with some limitations i.e., this technique allows to backup Zimbra user account data in standard EML files while some users may want to download Zimbra emails in other file extensions. This is also a time-consuming method that allows to backup Zimbra folder one by one.

#2 Automatic Method: Zimbra Backup Tool

Download BitRecover Email Backup Wizard for your Windows & Mac OS computer. The tool has a separate option to backup Zimbra cloud emails into various file extensions. Therefore, it is also known as Zimbra Backup Tool.

There are plethora of users who asks us frequently about how to backup Zimbra mail server emails. You can use the free demo version of this software to take backup Zimbra mail server emails. This will help you understand the tool’s functionality and its amazing features. Once you are completely satisfied with the application, then purchase the license keys.

This Zimbra mail server cloud email backup solution will help you during data corruption issues. Whenever you are unable to reach to your mail server user account. Then, you can easily backup Zimbra mail server using mentioned application.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

  1. Run the Zimbra backup tool and choose Zimbra Cloud as an email source. Enter Zimbra cloud credentials and press Login.
    zimbra backup tool
  2. After that, select required or all email folders from the software GUI according to your need.
    select folders
  3. Zimbra cloud backup software comes with 30+ saving options, users can feel free to choose any saving option.
    select format
  4. Thereafter, select the file naming option to manage resultant email messages in different standards.
    file naming option
  5. The tool automatically chooses the Desktop as the destination path. But if you want to select another destination path then click on the Change button.
  6. Use advance filter options to backup Zimbra open-source emails between a specific date range, email address, and email subject.
    backup zimbra open source emails
  7. Now click on the Backup button to start the Zimbra email backup process.
    backup zimbra emails
  8. Zimbra emails downloaded successfully, you can see the popup message of completion.
    downloaded successfully
  9. Lastly, the software will automatically open the destination path. Get resultant data in the selected format.

Zimbra Mail Server Backup Software – Top Benefits

The application holds many benefits for the users. You can go through them one by one in this section of the blog:

  • Get data on the new server – The software provides a direct option to backup Zimbra to another server. You can move your Zimbra mail account to Office 365, G Suite, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange Server, Rediffmail,, etc.
  • Download as document format – Take the help of tool to save all emails to document formats. With this tool, you can backup Zimbra mail server cloud emails to DOC, RTF, MHT, PDF, HTML, and many more.
  • Save data from Zimbra mail server to local storage – You can avail of maximum benefits from this application as it enables users to download multiple Zimbra mail server databases to a hard drive. The tool provides email clients saving options such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Simple and consistent interface – The software has an easy-to-understand interface. Any technical or novice user can access it to backup Zimbra mail server emails, and file formats.
  • Avail Advance filter options – A user can also selectively take a backup of Zimbra mail server cloud emails with the advance filter options. With these options, you can sort out your mail server database as per date range, email address, subject, To, From, etc.

#3 Manual Method: Free Solution

  1. Start Zimbra desktop email client and choose Preferences.
  2. After that select the Import / Export option.
  3. Select the Export option and choose a folder that you want to backup.
  4. Check Advanced settings to backup Zimbra mail, calendar, address book, task, and briefcase.
  5. Thereafter, click on the Export button and then press the Ok button to continue.
  6. Browse the destination path and hit on the Save button.
  7. After that, Zimbra emails will be downloaded in TGZ file format.
  8. Extract zipped TGZ file data in EML files.

Benefits and Limitations

This is a 100% freeware method to backup Zimbra desktop emails. But this technique allows for backup Zimbra desktop data into EML file extension only. Therefore, if you want to download Zimbra desktop mailboxes in other formats then it is not possible.

#4 Professional Method for Desktop Zimbra Email Backup

Here are the steps you will need to take backup from Zimbra account to computer hard drive. But, before moving toward the steps, please download the free demo version of Zimbra TGZ Converter. It permits to backup Zimbra emails to PC with some file limitations. For unlimited backup, buy the license keys. The tool is compatible with Zimbra exported zipped TGZ files.

Download for Windows

  1. First of all, launch it on any Windows machine and read the full guidelines given in the tool.
    launch it
  2. Now, choose either of ‘Select Folder’ or ‘Select files’ option to upload Zimbra emails into GUI.
    upload zimbra data
  3. Then, enable desired Zimbra desktop email folders for which you wish to take Zimbra email backup.
    backup zimbra user account
  4. Thereafter, pick any file-saving option from the software.
    zimbra backup option
  5. Lastly, specify a required desired destination location to which you want to take Zimbra mailbox backup.
    select location
  6. Setup file naming options for managing the email data. Hit on the Next tab to start to backup Zimbra mail backup on local PC.
    file naming option
  7. Now, the process to backup Zimbra desktop emails is running in the software. It will take some time to get finished. Once it is done, the application will give a completion message.
    backup Zimbra desktop emails
  8. Lastly, Zimbra mail backup tool will open the destination path. Now get Zimbra email backup data in the selected file extension.

Zimbra Mail Backup Tool Features

Zimbra backup tool is here to help with your Zimbra mailbox needs. One can use this software to backup Zimbra desktop emails to multiple file formats. It is programmed in such a manner that you can backup multiple Zimbra email databases to webmail like Office 365 and email clients such as Thunderbird. Take the help of this wizard to backup bulk Zimbra emails to different platforms as per your needs.

Have a glance at some important features of the software –

  • Gives a facility to backup single or multiple Zimbra desktop local folders to the computer.
  • You can selectively backup Zimbra mailbox to the local storage.
  • Access this software on any Windows OS without any difficulty.
  • Free demo version for evaluation purposes.
  • No external installation of any other application for the backup process.
  • Take a backup of Zimbra email account in batch to save time and effort.

#5 Backup Zimbra Desktop without Exporting TGZ

Download Zimbra ZDB Converter which is specially designed to backup Zimbra desktop client data without exporting TGZ files. As we all know Zimbra desktop stores its database in ZDB (Zimbra Database) at the default storage location. Therefore, you can directly use this software to backup Zimbra mailbox data. This is the most beneficial software if your Zimbra desktop client got crashed and is unable to start. Then you can proudly use this mentioned software to backup Zimbra emails into multiple generic file formats.

Download for Windows

How Does It Work?

Guide Explained

In this article, we have explained a step-by-step workaround to backup Zimbra emails. In addition, three different automated Zimbra Mail Backup Tools allow you to take backup of Zimbra mail server without any bugs or errors.

Also, if you are looking to backup Zimbra mail server, this utility is very beneficial for you. Plus, the free demo version will give you the ability to analyze the tool’s functions efficiently. So, what you are waiting for? Quickly download the recommended Zimbra server backup solution now!