How to Backup Outlook OST Data file from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013

Mark Regan | June 23rd, 2021 | Data Backup

I work in an organization where we use Exchange Server & Outlook to manage our email data. But a few days back, our Exchange Server was not working properly due to some technical errors. It affects a lot on my workflow.  As I had already managed my mailbox on Microsoft Outlook. Due to which, I had all my Exchange mailbox data in a .ost file. Then, I decided to take the default or configured OST files backup to avoid any worst situation. But How? was the biggest question for me as I was not aware with the way to backup my OST files. Then, started exploring on the internet for the solution. After exploring more, I got various user’s queries like:

  • How to backup OST file in Outlook 2019?
  • How can I backup .ost files from Exchange Outlook?
  • How to backup OST files in Office 365 mailbox directly?

After reading these user’s issues, I got the confidence that there are various other users like me who are searching for the solution that how to backup OST files. By exploring more on the Internet, I got a direct solution to backup OST files locally or on cloud email applications. In the following segment, I have discussed a complete solution after using it by my own to backup OST files to multiple formats.

Steps to Backup Outlook OST files Directly

Follow the given steps to backup Outlook Offline data files (.ost) to desired email data file or move to the cloud-based application directly.

Note: Outlook should be installed on the same machine to perform OST email backup.

To Backup OST files in Desired Email File Format

Download BitRecover OST Converter software on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Check the first option to upload OST data files on tool’s panel, i.e. convert configured Outlook mailbox data.

Upload OST data files

The tool will automatically pick the default location of configured OST files and load it on software’s panel.

  • Now, check the desired folder from the listed folders and click on Next button.

Check the desired folder

  • Choose the desired file saving option in which you want to backup OST file accordingly like if you want to backup OST to PST, EML, MBOX, OLM, etc.

Saving option

  • If you choose PST format, the tool gives an option to create a separate file per user or can split PST file accordingly. Browse the desired location on your machine to save the converted data files on your machine.

Choose PST format

  • You can also choose the option of Use Outlook Mode to save converted files.

Outlook Mode

  • Click on Convert button to start the data backup process.

Backup process

  • Once the process is completed, the tool will give the completion message.

Completion message

To Backup OST Files on Cloud-Based Applications

  • Install and run BitRecover OST Backup Software on your system.
  • Check the first option to load OST data files on application’s panel, i.e. convert configured Outlook mailbox data.

Load OST data files

The utility will pick the default location of configured .ost files and simply upload it on tool’s panel automatically.

  • Now, check the desired folder from listed folders >> click on Next button.

Click on Next button

  • Select the desired saving options to backup OST files on cloud-based applications accordingly, i.e. if you want to backup OST to Office 365, OST to Google Gmail, OST to, etc.

Saving options

  • If you choose Office 365 then, the tool gives you an option to enter credentials of Office 365 mailbox to backup OST to cloud-based applications directly.

Enter credentials

  • After entering the credentials, click on the Convert button to start the data backup procedure.

OST backup procedure

  • After completion, you will get the completion message on the screen.


If you do not have Outlook Configured

OST backup software gives an option to upload OST files by selecting the desired option, i.e. Select Files or Select Folders from application’s panel. After that proceed in a similar way as steps discussed above.

Quick Glance on OST Backup Software

OST Backup Software is programmed in such a way that it backup multiple OST files at once. The tool is designed by using advanced algorithms that make it possible to backup the data from default or configured OST files directly. The application gives plenty of options to save the downloaded data in multiple formats.  Not only this, but the application also gives an option to backup OST files directly to cloud-based applications like Office 365, Work Mail,, etc.

OST backup tool maintains the integrity of data after backup of data to desired email file format. the technical level of this software, there are no bounds because the software has been instilled with the finest range of software solutions that offer the best process of recovery as well as conversion. No external application is required to execute the process.

The Pluses of OST Backup Tool – An Unmatchable List

  • Perform recovery and conversion of corrupted data files.
  • Entire components of Exchange operated Outlook are backed up into the desktop based or cloud-based applications.
  • The original formatting of the OST file is maintained.
  • Operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit edition.
  • Time-saving wizard as it migrates multiple OST files at once.

In Summation

I understand the importance of data backup to maintain the working flow. Therefore, I have discussed a complete solution to perform default or configured OST files Backup on the desired email file format or cloud application. I used the above process by my own then, I shared with you all as I know that from which situation you are going with to perform data backup. If you still get stuck at any point then, do not hesitate feel free to contact us.